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Map Jam 1 - "Honey" Theme Pack Released
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a two week period using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about. Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 29th June 2014
Theme - Honey inspired map with plenty of platform / train setups Guidelines for Map JamTexture WAD files

UPDATE July 7th: Pack is released!

FINAL Honey Jam Map Pack - Download, Readme, Screenshots, 12 Authors - Arrrcee, digs, doomer, ericw, fifth, ionous/mfx, mechtech, otp, rickyt23, scampie, skacky, sock
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Great Set Of Maps 
I had a lot of fun playing these maps. Also, noclipping/walking around afterwards was interesting to, lots of neat stuff.

I was gonna review everyone's map individually, but that's already been done over and over and they pretty much reflect my thoughts, especially negke's.

Great job guys, I look forward to playing the next one! 
Had A Bit Of A Quakeathon Today And Finally Played This 
short comments follow.

Arrrcee - quite liked the style, crudeness and all, would like to see a full map in this theme.

digs - repetitive texturing and simple brushwork, but it had good atmosphere and nice gameplay.

doomer - bit too plain and crude for my liking.

ericw - some nice vibes going on, although it runs quite slow, but its over just as one is getting into it.

fifth - not bad, a bit unpolished and speedmappy but a decent entry.

ionous/mfx - hides its small layout well with good interconnecting routes and tight, cramped gameplay (the underwater stuff was a surprise). Looks wise I loved it. One of the best in the pack.

mechtech - sorry not my cup of tea.

otp - whatever the reasons I actually liked the black fog, created great atmosphere (can only imagine a metal map with the same fog: evil). Cant say the same about the rest of the map though.

rickyt23 - totally felt like a speedmap. I would have preferred smalled more focused layout with more details and less random gameplay.

scampie - IMHO, this was the best in the pack. Loved the look of this, very very nicely pulled off and the gameplay was an absolute blast.

skacky - I think the fog colour actually detracted from an otherwise cool looking map. The colour is just too sickly IMHO. As for gameplay, I found it a bit of a grind like the last skacky full release map. Too many mid-high enemies with the player being given low-mid weapons.

sock - typical sock quality map, not his best but probably the second or third best in the pack. Lacks wow factor moments but once again, gameplay is an absolute blast. Sock seems to know the quake enemies inside out. 
Here's A Bunch Of Demos 
digs,doomer,5th - i believe they're first runs
scampie,skacky,sock - second/third etc runs
the "s" maps are truly winners 
Shit Forgot To Paste The Link

ionous map and scampie map
with intermission/interruption
property my cat, sorry guys

gonna compile the new honeypak for myself
czg msps with additional help from scampie,skacky,sock,ionous,fifth 
3) Whatta Fuck Is Goin On? 
that sunglasses guy named ����puple finally maped , and you ignored it ? 
No BSP No Commentry 
The Last Bunch Of Demos 
arrrcee, otp and ricky

i like arrrcee's map and would like to see an expanded version

otp - i like the idea and not like the penises ^) an expanded version would have been good too

ricky is just ricky

overall the great pak with some good ideas and executions
congrats on the release guys

i suck at playing quake, the lots of deaths 
Today was a shity day in Lisbon

No beach = Quake :0)

Had great time playing your maps guys, like ones more then others but love then all.

My favorits were skacky, scampie, digs and sock not in particulary order.

First demos for all... 
WTF Is Protocol 3504 

3502 DARKPLACES5 darkplaces LH: "uses EntityFrame5 entity snapshot encoder/decoder which is based on a Tribes networking article at [1]" 
Skacky did u load the demo? 
Yeah I saw it. Thing is DarkPlaces has huge lightmap issues in this map (and my jam2 map) so you should've played with another engine like QS. The demo was pretty cool though (not too sure what's going on with the monsters and the fact you can jump higher). You're one of the few people who actually found the Megahealth secret. :p 
That's QS? There I can download this engine? 
actually you need darkplaces, which is slow on some maps.

@mfx: thank for engines
@Trinca: thank for demo 
What Others Said 
Finally found some time to play the pack (holidays helped)
Really good set of maps, with a lot of architectural details, and good ambience. Needless to say I had a lot of fun playing all these 
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