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Map Jam 1 - "Honey" Theme Pack Released
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a two week period using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about. Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 29th June 2014
Theme - Honey inspired map with plenty of platform / train setups Guidelines for Map JamTexture WAD files

UPDATE July 7th: Pack is released!

FINAL Honey Jam Map Pack - Download, Readme, Screenshots, 12 Authors - Arrrcee, digs, doomer, ericw, fifth, ionous/mfx, mechtech, otp, rickyt23, scampie, skacky, sock
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Why Not... 
add in your custom textures from backstein? they would fit beautifully with this theme! :) 
How Much.... 
....flouncing will this involve? Bonus points for anyone who withdraws their otherwise excellent map at the last minute :P

P.S. Great idea, good luck all, looking forward to seeing any maps that come out of this. 
I Already Crossed The Rubicon 
sorry Sock, would have loved to participate.
That�s one of my favorite themes actually and obviously:)

..but i�m full of joy, thinking of another mappack!!

Good luck! 
@Fifth, yeah why not, just go ahead and use the wad pack from backstein, it should be compatible.

@Shambler, this time will be different, I am in charge of the final pack!

@mfx, your lose man! The first ever Quake Map Jam and you are missing out! Rubicon, blah that is sooooo last year! ;)

If anyone is interested please post, the more the merrier and there is no limit (well within reason) to how many (small or large) maps you want to submit. This is about creating content and having fun! 
I'll Make A Map 
I'm Interested! 
Cool idea. the timeframe is a bit daunting because I haven't finished a map in a long time, but this will be motivation to (even if it's a small map)! 
Messing With Brushes. 
Here's what I have thus far. I would love to do some linked chains but I have a feeling that I wont be able to do them as nicely as CZG due to having to force integers. 
Looks Great! 
How to call a map? jm1_digs? 
I Don't Suppose It Matters 
I think Sock is going to make a start map so he'll probably rename the file when he puts it in a .pak 
Great Idea! 
Can Be Interesting 
A big number of restrictions in proper releases can draw more imagination than something almost completely free-thinking in an smaller map like in a speedmapping event. 
@scampie, good to hear you creating another mini map! :)

@ericw, treat this as a speed mapping session if your time is short, the maps don't need to be over detailed. Also you can check out the source maps in honey if you want some inspiration or prefabs.

@fifth, nice, don't get too lost on the room details, try to block out the game play route first.

@digs, I will rename all the maps at the end to fit in with the start map, so no one has to worry about remembering names to type in at the console. 
Up to my midriff in Rubicon as well, but this looks like it'll be something very special.

I can donate some chain .mdls, but you'd need a custom progs to spawn them in level. 
Why Not The Honey Progs? 
One of the first things that often plagues mappers when opening the editor with a blank map is wondering what to make and deciding what details to fill the rooms with.

The reason this map jam has a theme is so that you can forget about which texture to use or what style of arch you need to create, you just need to think about fun game play setups instead. Don't get worried about trying to find the right textures or filling rooms with that special detail when the theme is there to help you.

Play the original maps in the Honey pack and use the same textures. Most of the architecture in the honey maps are freeform shapes painted with seamless bricks! You can even open the source maps to see how CZG created stuff if you are stuck for prefabs or visual ideas.

Remember don't get stuck with visuals, use the theme (textures/shapes) and simply have fun with the monsters, items and weapons setups. 
I've tried to make maps in that way but it doesn't suit me.

The way I map is by making a bunch of prefabricated shapes. Then I make a test room (which is what I have done above) to see how the shapes fit. Once I've got the test room looking as close to what I want I then make the map.

Usually I will go for a walk or have an "inspiration nap". Once I wake up I make the map proper. It's a weird process but I prefer it to doing rough blocking out, I've tried doing rough blocking but I usually end up getting bored and abandon the map.
I have a really great memory for shapes and geometry, the map is planned out in my head far in advance of me starting the map.

For making Honey I think the trick will be having as much verticality as possible. I forgot how good the maps were until I played it yesterday. 
Always Interesting 
To hear someone else's process. 
Textured Curves. 
I decided to use proper trim textures on the arches. I hope CZG is cool with me taking these from his map source, I doubt I would have been able to make these in trenchbroom myself. 
You can make such curves in TB. The clipper is your friend, use with care..
Shot looks good! 
I only took the one huge arch. I made all the others using the clipper and doing some vertex editing.

If you can make these types of things in TB I haven't figured it out yet. I wouldn't mind having a full set of geometric shapes (like pipes and arched/curved corridors).

I wish it was as simple as the 2d shape builder in Unreal Ed 2. You can make some amazing shapes in no time with that thing. 
I'm Actually Making A Map! 
As Prompted By The Above Gentleman

Trivia: this screenshot made affine break the laws of time just so he could comment! 
Just Replayed Honey 
And it reminded me why CZG is my favourite mapper.

Not my favourite pack of yours tho... time to replay Terra! 
Somebody should Finish Terra, give that map pack a final map and a boss fight. 
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