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Is complete. It features maps by myself, MFX and Hrimfaxi. It's based off Rubicon2 and includes a few new enemies and features.

Download links: quaddicted / dropbox

Here's the link to the required engine (quakespasm svn r980):
I'm sure more engines will support this pack with time.

UPDATE 1: Devkit is now available here

UPDATE 2: Patch (bsp + lit):

Full Patched Download:

Fixed Bugs:
HOMS through walkways at odd angles
Zfighting inside door frames
Unmarked / broken secrets
Crash on easy skill
Items falling out of level

New Stuff:
Added coop starts (untested)
Added dirtmapping
Added brushes to better divide the visleafs (performance)
Added some dynamic helper signs to aid navigation
Various miscellaneous tweaks and gameplay fixes
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Worry not, proper download link is here:

It's a standard zip btw. 
I Erased The Beta Folder And It Said "666 Elements Deleted" 
Wow, that's quite impressive! I finished Hrimfaxi's map on skill 3 and died 5 times. Hunters are really brutal!

Gonna post demos later for all the maps. 
is there something wrong with your map ijed, or is the player being halfway lowered into the ground right from the start intentional? 
Intentionally, save a lot, don't bother about demo recording and enjoy the ride! 
Rdy 2 Rmbl X_x 
Ijed: holy fucking crap, that's all I can say. Not too keen on the first part of the level but the rest... wow, what a ride! 
Now available in the Quake Injector!

Quaddicted has a bit of trouble at the moment, sorry. If the person who is currently mirroring lots of it is reading this, please stop and send me a mail. We can find a better way. ;) 
Oh Shit, Son. 
MFX: Damn, that was very very good as well! Best architecture of the pack, hands down. It never felt repetitive and some rooms are really really impressive! I found some other secrets off-camera including the credits map.

Boring skill 3 demo pack:

Overall this pack was great. Definitely felt like Warpspasm 2 in some aspects. :-)
Some areas were really nail-bitingly hard on skill 3 and I died many times! 
Thanks For The Demos! 
And glad you liked it :) 
I'm currently playing a second map (mfx, I think), and everything are simply FUCKING AWESOME !

Dammit, how many maps are there in this pack ?!?

The atmosphere is so strong, geez, Quake1 still beats all the "modern" games I tried up to now (especially Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands).

You guys are Gods and I'm a shit fly ! 
Where's The Nightmare Button/slipgate ? 
And WTF with the telefrag map !? I'm always at the floor level like a dwarf ! 
Your legs were ripped off by the teleporter, hence telefragged :D

You have to avoid enemies until you can find a way to get your legs back. 
No Legs !? 
This game style sucks !

And where's the fuckin' nightmare button in the start map ? 
Legs Healing 
I've found the legs healing, but geez this is un-quake (but ok, maybe it is, I don't know since I'm just a shit fly).

So, is there a nightmare button in the start map or not !? 
Yes. It's located in the cave area. 
The Telefrag Destruction Sequence 
This is very "Aliens" like. But how the hell do you escape this base !?

This level is truely madness. 
Nightmare Level... 
I've found the god'dammit nightmare button, but I had to use noclip to find it.

How the hell are we supposed to find this, since the first step to locate it is in a pitch black place !? Then you escalate that long scale just to find a secret plateform, and you still need to find the secret cave which hides the button.

I shoulnd't have to use noclip to find this.

I think this is unreasonably difficult. But then what do I know, as a shit fly !? 
Is traditionally hard to find, otherwise it'd be called 'easy' L:

In other news, there are so many little bugs scattered throughout the pack, especially in my map, its not even funny. Worse, almost all are things I already fixed multiple times...

About telefragging: again, I make no apologies for chopping your legs off. 
Still Playing... 
I found the nightmare button without cheating, FWIW.

Also: i'm only halfway through the first map (120 monsters out of 256 or something!!!)

Architecture and detail is pretty great, but in that one room with 10000 wpolys, my computer finally shows its age, and i only get ~11fps. I guess i'll have to start playing doom maps now that my computer is no longer fast enough to play quake :( 
Random Tips 
"gl_texture_anisotropy 16" looks nice, reduces blurriness on distant grates and floors.

mfx's and hrim's maps have cd tracks set. I'm assuming these are meant to go with the quake soundtrack installed in id1. 
11 fps on Quake1 !? Dude, what kind of crappy old hardware are you using ?

I play Quake1 on an "old" cheap Mac : late 2009 Mac mini with just 4 GB ram and a stupid video card (Apple), OS X Snow Leopard (old Mac OS). And yet, Quake1 + these huge levels are running at full 60 FPS without any troubles.

I'll probably buy a new Mac mini once Apple update its mini line (they are way overdue ! C'mon Apple !!). 
I have pentium 4 2.4 Ghz with 1GB of RAM, and a Geforce FX 5900XT video card with 128 MB of RAM. It's about 12 years old at this point. 
Oh Boy ! 
Ok, this then make sene...

You're beating me : a long time ago, I was using an old Mac IIci for 11 years, before I upgraded to a G4 (lasted 4 years), then a G5 (4.5 years), then the current mini (now since 4.5 years).

I guess we are all a bunch of old farts here. 
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