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Terrafusion International Picnic.
Terrafusion has been a huge part of my life as it has for most of you. I've been in and out again since 2000 and all the same people are still around. It's great. I think we should organize some sort of get together sometime, somewhere. I have posted about in a few times to channel and have received positive feedback.

What do you think?
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I'm In The UK 
In the far north west mountains of England! So I'm about as likely to travel to central London as you are to travel to Penrith. :D Pint costs about �3.00 - �3.50 max. 
Which Is Still Ludicrously Expensive IMO 
I Propose To Meet In Switzerland 
... it is a neutral country.... 
There's a great meatball restaurant a block from my condo. Let's meet there. Who's in? 
There's something worth visiting in Raleigh, NC?? 
Hah! Raleigh is incredible, I love living here... 
I Kid. 
I'd be up for some meetup next summer though. 
That's Great To Know Though 
I was under the impression that not a lot of game devs were willing to relocate there. Perhaps it wasn't Raleigh's fault! 
Actually, Raleigh is consistently at the top of those "best places to live" articles that pop up every few months. It's really not a hard sell anymore. 
I got free UE4 access on the account of being a student. I guess I know where I'm going after hitting up Epic Games Poland! 
I Think.... should obviously be held in the country that has got the highest proportion of #funcers in the smallest overall area. 
ohh ohh, can we do that thing with the map and the flags on it that show where everyone is???? 
The Flag / Location Thing 
Would be very useful when one of us travels. We could see which places to avoid ;-). Seriously though, it would be cool to be able to see who I can meet up with when I'm traveling. 
I'm glad this is at lease a thought that's kicking around everybody's head. I'm willing to travel. 
I Am In Shanghai Next Week.. 
.. who want to meet here ? 
Europe or the US? 
I Am In Japan Next Month... 
.. still not interested ? 
I Just Moved... 
... to Vegas and I don't want to meet any of you freaks.

Seriously, San Francisco was killing me money-wise. It's my home town and I love it but I got priced out. Fucking Google hipsters. 
I wanted to suggest the little flags, but thought you cool people would call it lame. 
This Is Fun

According to this, metlslime is spread all over Deutscheland. His location is of a Heisenberg electron. 
you mean campaign flags? what a great idea! 
Yeah func_ is where all the cool kids hang out. 
its almost spring! just checking on the status of this. whos in? 
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