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Retro Jam 1 Pack Released!
That stealthy sock organised a Twitter-exclusive map jam this weekend. Whether it was to restrict the number of participants or clamp down on excessive JAM HYPE, who knows...

What we do know is that the theme implies some sort of old skool Quake homage, and it's been released right here:

With screenshots here:

And the mappers are rumoured to be:

Go play it!
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A Screenshot 
because apparently no one can be arsed with them any more :D

Looking forward to playing! 
Nice ! 
Geez ! That pack was highly unexpected !

Small maps, but nice and fun.

Sock, there's a scrag close to the exit that I can hear, but can't see. He was the last bad guy I missed somehow. I think it's stuck inside a wall or something.

Thanks a lot for the nice pack guys !

2014 is pretty close to be the greatest Quake1 year ever. 
Mmm yeah, wood and brick Quake! 
ericw: Nice and sweet. Gameplay was cool, aesthetics were pretty retro. I liked the sheer verticality of it!

mfx: Cool map but, man, it is impossible on skill 3. It really is, even with the secrets. There's just not enough ammo and health and/or too many unforgiving situations (silver key and slime pit). I like the style and the skybox is great. The sinking crates were a nice touch!

Scampie: The most retro of them all. I love the lighting. Gameplay was on the easy side even though I did manage to get blasted by the Vore.

sock: Fantastic! The layout is very good, the secrets are clever and the situations are all pretty neat. The aesthetics reminded me of a mix between Zendar and Shadow Over Innsmouth. I love that open-ended exploration gameplay and I love how you funnel monsters in.

That jam was really cool overall, both mapping and playing.
Skill 3 demos: 
I Was Watching Skacky's Stream Of Him Making A Map For This. 
Now I'm becoming more and more intrested in mapping for this. 
Its Over But Map Nevertheless! 
Holy Wtf 
I haven't even downloaded THTC yet! 
Screens Look Awesome 
Well I Wont Be Playing This 
l33tist c@nt$ 
Ricky May Be Overreacting 
But on principle, I agree. 
My First Plays 
I played the maps and enjoyed myself. I regret not finishing mfx's map after two attempts, because I ran out of ammo both times. I'll try again some other day.

I hope Skacky is amused by my multiple attempts, last of which is actually good enough to complete the map. (There's a little bit of silver key - silver door confusion there at the end too.) 
I Found Out Why My Map Doesn't Load Saves 
Don't use brackets in your worldspawn message keyvalue kids. 
Great Stuff. 
Really nice little jam.

Eric - nice map, good progression, quite easy but fun.

MFX - like the evil brother of Eric, some neat ideas but some horrible gameplay moments. The secrets were cool.

Scampie - very small but nice style, love the orange glow.

Skacky - brilliant, what great fun packed into one courtyard, love the hectic gameplay and all the details too.

Sock - great too, kinda like a scaled down Skacky with good detailing and hub-based combat. Great secrets.

Both those last two are good shorter maps in themselves, let alone in a 2 day jam.

Demos: (mostly second runs in the end lolz) 
A Demo

Fun run, but my lack of route finding talent is well documented in several archives. 
shambler died. 
Got Some O'em Bugs! 
Enthusiast Map Maker 
So what software would one need to use to make these maps? Is it specific to Quake? 
mmp - Trenchbroom or Jackhammer. Anything else is uncivilized. 
Such Comments Are Shite 
to be polite and civilized. 
Great route, nice run :) 
Another Jam Another Fix. 
I can give a fixed version of my map if anyone wants it though given its small size I doubt not being able to load a save is that much of a deal.

In the meantime I'm transforming my map into something bigger and meaner. You'll see it on December 18th hopefully. 
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