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#Q1RetroJam2 Released
The Quake 1 Retro Jam 1 pack has been released. The mapping theme was "fantasy brick cities in the skies" with inspiration images here. Mappers involved were RickyT23, Skacky and Sock. As always demos are welcome.

Screenshot / Download
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From Left To Right 
Earth Magic, Hell Magic, Elder Magic.

My demos 
Approximately 0 Out Of 3 Of Those Can Be Called "retro" BTW 
Cool Maps! 
demos :

Ricky : Liked the epic scale. Fiend fight at the start was cool. Some annoying stuff to get stuck on in the floor (mostly spike gate holders). Overall encounters needed a bit more tlc I think. Stuff like enemies not aggroing when you are in an arena situation (guilty of this also in my jam map!) or enemies not aggroing due to range.

Skacky : hawt! Loved some of the combat encounters in this level. Some of them were properly brutal but still very fair. Looks gorgeous of course. Really didn't see anything major that I didn't like.

Sock : w00t! Sexy as hell map with the trademark Sock gameplay. Lots of ledges to explore and chasms to fall down :) Somehow I didn't fall to my death on this one. Gameplay was fun with some nice encounters towards the end of the level. Always well thought out and with some excellent monster placement.

I have to agree with otp that there isn't really anything retro about these levels :) Not that I particularly care as they were all fun! 
Wow ! 
Ricky's map is the only one which I could call "retro".
And honestly, I don't like this map.

Skacky and Sock maps are really awesome, and certainly not "retro".

Guys, you should add a proper small start map with difficulty settings. 
Awesome Pack 
with a cool theme. really enjoyed all 3 maps.

demos, skill 2: 
Screenshot Is Sick. 
About the screenshots, you guys need antialiasing (FSAA). The jaggies are reaaaaally horrible ! 
First Playthrus 
Very enjoyable and gorgeous maps again. Had fun playing.

I uploaded my first playthroughs to Quaketastic:

I managed to die twice in the initial arena of Retrojam2_RickyT23. These demos are included for completeness's sake :)

Otherwise, I survived some hairy situations, and thought the ammo balance was pretty good on all maps playing Hard skill. I did really poorly with secrets this time. (Not that I ever find many on my first play.)

Thanks to all three mappers! 
Great Jam. 
Only 3 maps but what a selection. Ricky's was pretty cool and good fun, Sock's and Skacky's were magical. Sock had me on edge with all the secret pathway rails, Skacky had me drooling over the architecture. All of them were some of the least retro use of Id textures and monsters, and all the more exciting for it.

Spot On 
On the non-retro use of id textures.

That city + copper combination in Sock's is simple, yet so very evocative. 
Twitter Jam 2 
Not retro, but cool maps nonetheless.

Ricky's has basic design but pretty much in a good way, except I found the gameplay a little bit dull - could have used more monster and/or weapon variety or something.

Skacky's looks great and it's fun to play, though it kind of felt like a sock map - for some reason I felt this was somewhat unfortunate, even though it's pretty much a compliment, I guess.

Sock's is very much in line with the theme and has a nice vibe/style with all the broken or deranged architecture - of course, jumping and balancing on small ledges (over death pit) is a bit of a showstopper in Quake, though it does make sense in a map like this.

What did look funky to me in all maps was the colored and/or min lighting. They seemed kind of blurred to me - or maybe my eyes are just rekt today...

Retrojam2: The Jammining 
Three worthwhile maps.

I enjoyed Ricky's. It felt the most 'retro', with its large scale, simple architecture. The beginning was inspired, with the slow-fall directly into the fiend arena.

Skacky, as a rule, makes me wish I was better at this whole mapping thing. It all seems so effortless: the intricate architecture, the unique details, the seamless layout. There was even a part where I thought I had found a secret and jumped through a window, only to find myself back in one of the first rooms.

Sock, how did you do so much with so little? It seems like, by only using two textures (the grey brick and the copper) you managed to finagle one of the most unique, atmospheric maps I've seen. It all looked so alien, so removed from the more conventional architecute found in Quake. Bravo. The only strange thing I found was the end, where the last two shamblers didn't trigger. I can't imagine this was intentional...

Oh, and demos: 
Nothing says retro like a 21.3meg zip for 3 maps! (Bluff Eversmoking was 10 megs itself.)

You want something retro? Give me 3 months uninterrupted. I'll craft DOZENS of brushes for you guys.

Okay, trying it now. 
RickyT23: I liked the sense of size, humor, and progression. Didn't get full kills though because a fiend jumped off the top and landed near the beginning. Didn't bother to get him. Missed a secret.

Skacky: Hectic and beautiful, felt a bit consistently underpowered so I almost played it like a speedrunner, just trying to get through to the next area. Found 1 secret, missed a lot of monsters (largely intentionally).

sock: Thanks for bringing back my fear of heights you jerk! No seriously, this was wonderful. My toes actually ache from how they were grabbing onto the carpet as I inched around the level. Full kills, reached the exit with 0 secrets, backtracked and found 4. I also found a lot of items that other maps would have called secrets... I love the fact that the level still holds mystery for me, after crawling around it for 20 minutes. Died to the final shambler (he landed on my head while throwing lightning!) but I had quicksaved before the final arena. Ending third was a bit tough but reasonable.

Here is a rare criticism for a map though - the cd track didn't jive with the map at all. It is one of my favorites from Quake, but it has a few motifs (the muffling, the knocking) that imply certain architectural features which this map theme does not possess, so it felt a bit odd at times. Still, a lovely map. I want to find those other secrets... 
go away for 2 weeks and there's 2 jams to come back to. Good work you guys! 
Great maps, thank you guys! 
ricky - most retro map, but gameplay and looks not to my liking. Sorry.

skacky - exceptional stuff. Beautiful visuals and nice tight fights.

sock - awe inspiring atmosphere!! When you break it down, texturing and architecture are quite simply but if ever there was a map that was more than the sum of its parts, this is it!

Also, tremendous lighting + fog combo. 
RickyT23 - definitely felt the most "retro" of the maps. Pretty plain in looks, could use some more variation in textures or brushwork to break up the flat walls. Many of the areas also felt too spacious, although that's not necessarily negative. I did kinda enjoy it anyhow. Also looking towards the tower in the distance at the start reminded me of one of the floating sky castle maps from Super Mario 64 for some reason. demo

Skacky - maybe my favorite map from the pack - I love the visual design and the lighting, although the amount of yellow was maybe a little too strong. Also the ending was very abrupt and as a result the map felt too short, but I still really enjoyed playing through it. demo

Sock - also a great map with a unique visual theme and color scheme, at least it's something I've not seen much of in Quake before. Almost got sweaty palms in the beginning traversing the tiny pillars above the void, definitely captured the sense of vertigo one would assume from the theme most effectively in my opinion. Along with Skacky's map it's not very retro (not that it really matters) and the ending felt too abrupt, but still a great map. I recorded a demo and ended up dying when dropping down on a ledge to look for secrets (too many tempting surfaces below to jump on...) and with nothing there and no way to get back up, I ended up dying. I thought I started a new recording when loading my quicksave but I guess I didn't somehow, so my demo ends with me dying at that point. demo

And as with the first retrojam (still yet to play any of the other jams, shame on me), I'm amazed with what you guys manage to pull off in such a short time. Really astonishing. 
..this Pack 
..looks promising but I don't know when I'll be going to play it because still have to play all past Quake releases from 1996 to now !?!gulp#!#

All these years I was busy with getting all the maps and put on dvd but haven't touched any of them yet ! 
I've played the other maps.

Skacky and Sock's maps both have excellent brushwork. I found the gameplay was quite challenging. Died on both of my firstruns. Socks map seems to be about controlling your movement in confined spaces. Loads of things sticking out of walls to get stuck on. One of the essential jumps foiled my non-Quake-fanatic friend multiple times. I enjoyed traversing the edges of the map to find hidden ammo etc. Need to replay them both to find the exits (!).

I had great fun, and both maps felt totally pr0.

I will post my demos when I get round to it, hopefully with some complete runs too :)

Cheers guys! 
Well Done Gentlemen ! 
Very good pack overall,

RickyT23: Nice work, maybe too long distance shots used (over the 1st bridge), interesting map in anyway. I do believe that with more time you could have add more details that would have made this map awesome

Skacky: Interesting detailed architecture, it's been a long time I didn't see wind tunnels in a map: good :) Lightning and architecture are top notch. Gameplay is so far the best of all three maps

Sock: My favorite map (architecturally speaking) to be honest. The concept for the doors is great, and the use of blue fog is giving a really good ambience. Only complain is about the final melee... too much monsters for my miserable playing skill / I had to godmode (bohohoho I know) to safely exit the map :/

I want to see more maps like those !!!

Great job ;) 
Mapjam2 Felt Unattended

skacky is the worst, 2 ogres screw up their task so often , they should be fired.
its possible to lure socks shamblers with a thrown grenade to, was trying that first but that grenade failed so often i learned to keep more health as i played it more, but coming in with 100/100 was still pretty rare
Ricky: even though i dont complete all your challenges,i think this run is worthy! 
Awesome Sauce 
O_O - I'd say so... 
Lovely control on Ricky's run and the finishing move. 
Man that's amazing. 
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