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Q1SP: Beyond Belief In 1 Map
Anyone fancy a nostalgia fix? Based on a joke comment made during Matthias Worch's recent retrospective streams (the context was new engines/tools and his map sources), and partially inspired by something necros did with the id sources, I made a little map experiment:

All of Beyond Belief merged into a single level; the maps arranged and connected to one another allowing a continuous playthrough from start to finish.

No sophisticated or visible visual tweaks, but a couple of new features, like coop shortcuts and BB/ID1 compatibility. Perhaps this is of some interest to those who were already considering giving BB another spin some time.

The map requires an engine port with increased limits and BSP2 support, e.g. Quakespasm 0.90.0 or Darkplaces 14-May-2014+.

Screenshot | Download
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The day negke listened to otp
Recompile with AO! :P 
I Believe It 
Sweet, Will Check This Out 
I don't think I ever played the original beyond belief.

negke, was it troublesome to get this under the QS 0.90.0 limits? saw your post earlier where you hit the leafs limit. 
Ho Boy 
This is going to be an interesting experience. 
Recompile With AO! :P 
Did it. ~40 min on a POS 10 year old PC.

light -extra4 -light 12 -dirty -dirtmode 1 -dirtscale 2.1 -dirtgain 0.7 bbin1.bsp</p>

It looked... sharper I guess would be the word, even with the -extra4. I did rename it to bbin1d to look at the differences and they are noticeable. 
completed it for the first time tonight, not too shabby. 
AO Version Where? 
Recompiled with AO version where? :) 
Recompile It Yourself Using: 
light -extra4 -light 12 -dirty -dirtmode 1 -dirtscale 2.1 -dirtgain 0.7 bbin1.bsp

Or whatever you want. It is a bit longer than most maps due to its size (I hit a bit over 800 seconds on some of id's original .bsp's and this was closer to 2400).

Remember that you can ALWAYS re-light any .bsp as long as the changes are made in the light.exe's command line. You can't change the in game lights themselves as far as individual brightness or anything else but only the world as a whole. 
Just Beat This 
First time playing bbelief, enjoyed an hour of oldskool goodness! thanks for the merging negke, and for the original maps of course, MWorch :-) 
Sounds Tasty... 
The map requires an engine port with increased limits and BSP2 support, e.g. Quakespasm 0.90.0 or Darkplaces 14-May-2014+.

Any other engine that supports bsp2 support ? FitzQuake ? AguirRe's GLQuake ? Others ? 
I Thought Fitz Mark V Did 
Fitz crashes for me, stalls at the beginning of map 1 
Any Reason This Is BSP2 Only? 
I just checked the size of the map and it quite easily fits in the bounds of a bsp1 file. Hell because it's all pretty much on one plane it could probably fit inside the boundaries of a bsp1 file about 6 times. 
probably exceeds some other limit like leafs, faces, marksurfaces, vertices, etc. 
and the boundaries are exactly the same in bsp1/2 - those are an engine limitation. 
Oh ok, I thought one of the main things of BSP2 was that you could go beyond the 8000 unit or so limitation. 
BSP2 is just for the lazybums who don't wanna optimise their maps ;)

/runs away 
the 8192^3 boundary is actually caused by the network protocol, not the bsp format. 
The map exceeds several of the extended limits by so much that even a proper optimization pass likely couldn't make it work in BSP1. My initial hope was that it just fit, in the same way that necros's E1 merger did, but the BB maps must be more detailed or something. Marksurfaces alone is at 87k - it would have to be lowered by 22-23k which seems impossible.

Fifth: the map does work in MarkV. Have you tried the October build?

ericw: There's some odd behavior in QS. Four or five brush entities are always rendered and visible (to the engine) throughout the whole map regardless of vis information. It doesn't occur in MarkV, DP, or FTE apparently. 
negke: maybe that's the new bugfix where brush entities that touch too many leafs default to being visible instead of flickering. 
I'll have to look around for that build, I used quakespasm anyway (not really my engine of choice but meh). 
Yup, looks like what metl said, a plat and a couple of doors are visible from over 32 leafs, so the flickering bugfix makes them always visible. 
ther is a slight change: in bb5 part there is a part where you could originaly fall through the bars (check the run on sda) and on the new map you cant.

T0 bad else i could pretty easily but the marathon demo through whole bb, by getting a silver key in bb1 part and using it later 
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