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Map Jam 5 : The Qonquer Map Jam
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

UPDATE: Deadline extended to WEDNESDAY 8TH APRIL

Theme - Prisons of the underworld
Texture Wad - No texture wad this time. Interpret the theme however you wish! Browse the Quaddicted texture repository for wads :

Note: Your entries have to be made for the Qonquer mod. This mod turns Quake into a survival arena with escalating waves of enemies. Download Qonquer from the link below. The Qonquer mod includes some new entities that enhance the arena design, please see the link below for details on these new entities. Due to the nature of arena designs, this map jam may be of particular interest to people with busy schedules or otherwise limited time due to the smaller scope.

Your arena must contain an interesting or unique twist. Use your own discretion as to what this could be.

Guidelines for Map Jam 5:
Download Qonquer
( )
Qonquer editing guide
( )
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Sorry For Bothering But... 
...Any references for the Prisons of the Underworld? 
How About Piranesi? 
Impel Down 
Once piece prison with 6 level of Hell sounds a good reference as well :)

I am not advocating to make a manga-like map, but rather to reuse the Hell-like leveled prison: that would make a good map IMHO.. :) 
Piranesi Had Clearly Never Heard Of R_speeds 
I don't have time to map for this but here's a free map name: "Live Fire Exorcism"

Non-shit Fgd 
hey... so that fgd i uploaded was actually shit.

here's one that actually works and also has all the other entities you need (eg: the stock quake ents): (actually just the same url...) 
Lol Kinn 
imagine if our brains slowed down when we looked at architecture that was too complex (actually, in that case, natural scenery like forests, the ocean etc, would be the worst).

I've always wanted to make a Piranesi-style Quake map (though The Living End or Honey arguably move in this direction already), but I can't map for this - too busy and need to finish old stuff before starting new. 
Question For Willem (or Anyone Who Knows) 
How does the mod choose the amount of monsters to spawn during a wave?

I see that you set up lots of monster spawn 'factory' entities as the spawn locations for all the enemies, and choose a range of waves for each factory to be active. And then the mod chooses the frequency to spawn new monsters from it's available pool of factories each wave.

Does the mod simply iterate through the list of active factories and spawn a monster at each factory until it's spawned all the monsters for that wave? Or does it do some form of smart choosing of factories based on the strength of the monsters it spawns?

The first arena of Qonquer is a good example: the Vore that spawns in later waves... Does it only spawn infrequently because there is only 1 spawn point and many more Enforcer and Grunt spawn points? or because the mod knows not to spam Vores constantly in earlier waves?

I assume it's just iterating through the list, but I wanted to be clear. 
Wave Control 
You can set a spawnwavestart and spawnwaveend key on a monster to prevent it spawning in early/late waves. No guarantee it will spawn once you reach valid waves though... 
What preach said. Someone read the source code! 
"How does the mod choose the amount of monsters to spawn during a wave?"

From what I recall, it's automatic. It starts small and just escalates. 
Also, try to have a decent selection of spawn points as well ... the mod attempts to pick ones you can't see so the spawning is super obvious. It also tries to avoid telefragging and when the action gets intense, that can be difficult with an arena full of monsters. 
Ok, so it's a semi-smart spawning system, with the chance of a specific monster being spawn tied how many factories for it are active that wave? 
Hmm ... If I remember correctly, what it does is it tries to keep a set number of monsters alive. When it need to spawn one, it gathers up all the valid spawn locations and picks one randomly.

So there's really no control over how many X of Y will spawn ... you can only set up what mix you want and qonquer does what it can to provide.

I wish it was more controllable now, but ... 
Qonquer 2.0 Ahoy! 
With user-specifiable round start/end sounds! 
How high of a wave did you expect players to get to in the default arenas?

Seems that it was at wave 15 you wouldn't add or change any spawners, and just let the mod do it's thing with ramping up frequency for increases of difficulty from there? 
No real design intention there, just ... they were samples so they'd showed enough to give people the idea of what to do. 
So are you going to share your penis prefabs? 
I Have The Same Question 
but without the word "prefabs" 
That block in the sky, in real life, wouldn't be able to float like that. You should consider creating some architecture to support it.

Otherwise it looks cool! 
(also, This Is Map Jam 5, Not 4) 
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