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Map Jam 5 : The Qonquer Map Jam
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

UPDATE: Deadline extended to WEDNESDAY 8TH APRIL

Theme - Prisons of the underworld
Texture Wad - No texture wad this time. Interpret the theme however you wish! Browse the Quaddicted texture repository for wads :

Note: Your entries have to be made for the Qonquer mod. This mod turns Quake into a survival arena with escalating waves of enemies. Download Qonquer from the link below. The Qonquer mod includes some new entities that enhance the arena design, please see the link below for details on these new entities. Due to the nature of arena designs, this map jam may be of particular interest to people with busy schedules or otherwise limited time due to the smaller scope.

Your arena must contain an interesting or unique twist. Use your own discretion as to what this could be.

Guidelines for Map Jam 5:
Download Qonquer
( )
Qonquer editing guide
( )
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I literally made a level that was giant floating pyramids... when did Quake have to make sense? ;) 
It's a prison of the underworld. It does what it wants. 
THat Block In The Sky. 
Best bit out of a generally cool shot :) 
You forgot to call it a "cube" despite very obviously not being a cube. 
Also scampie : go map. 
You're all fucking cubes. 
I have an idea for a map... But I currently have too many projects right now. I'll have to see. 
loving the look of this level Warren.

Others working on levels, feel free to post wip shots etc :)))) 
I have something in the works, but want to get more done before I show anything.

That looks cool though! 
Ouch 6 And A Bit Degrees 
I'm in. I need to clear my head. 
Wow Willem 
what a cool idea; why would a free-floating void structure need to hold itself together using conventional architecture; if all its parts are floating, it could just be held together by chains! 
What I'm Getting Out Of It 
Is that the brick and mortar bits did not necessarily originate in the void, but that's where they were chained together.

OMG jam5 = an allegory to mapping itself??? 
Warren Wins The Interwebz. 
Cheating With His Model Converter! 
Looks great, kind of reminds me of Papo&Yo. Shame it's little more than an elaborate 3D skybox for a simple Qonquer arena. 
You're a simple Qonquer arena. 
Looks great @WarrenM! Makes me think of Kowloon a bit:

Ended up with a lot of grey as well for the theme, seems appropriate: 
I'm Working 
It's just not looking very nice and has no unique gimmick. 
@ijed You nailed it, having the exact same problem ;) 
I think I've found the look now - green and blue dungeon.

I stopped working on an earlier version because I didn't like the gimmick.

I'll post a shot once I compile it.

themes are the only real prison! 
and if you want proof of how lazily I've worked on all the rocks this past week...

That's day 1 where I made the layout and didn't share the pics with anyone except negke and Lunaran. Since then I've only poked here and there each night because I fucking hate making rocks. 
Looking Good So Far, Scampie 
The gameplay can be seen on those screenshots.

I see that you used the idea i had for lighting in sm176 too.

Also be careful to not make the central spot a too safe place against ogres and demons. It would make the map blander.

By the way, which textures are you using for rocks and vines? 
Now go map rocks.

Hypnos urs is looking good too. 
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