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Quake Map Jam 666 : Fire And Brimstone
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and/or texture set. Check the readme file in the zip below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Theme - Fire and Brimstone
Deadline - 16th August 2015

Texture Wad - There are texture wads for this jam that include many theme related textures. It is not required to use these textures in your level, they are provided for inspiration and convenience only! Check this texture repository
for more wads :

Compile Tools - It is recommended that you use EricW's updated Quake compiler suite as they add much new functionality to lighting and visibility. Texture lighting in particular should be very useful for this jam!
Download EricW's tools :
Download worldcraft / Jackhammer fgd for these tools> :

Make it for Fitzquake / Quakespasm, bitches. You know the score.

Theme reference images:

It is a good idea to find reference images that you like so you can follow them and avoid staring at a blank editor wondering what to make!

Download the Map Jam 666 zip :

Also, a reminder : Water Alpha will be set to "1" for this jam! (Not transparent) because lava. Keep this in mind when building your maps!

Feel free to post wip images of your level in this thread! Good luck and GO MAP!

And finally, a list of designers that are streaming their level designs : (Ionous) (Daz)

Post below if you are streaming and I can get the list updated!
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Getting Sick Of Errors 
Mixed face contents in leafnode

I need to start from scratch I think, I decided it would be easier to make an entire lava ocean, then clip my rock brushes out of that. The rationale was I won't have to do any crazy alignments if I just clip from the same material and change the texture on the brushes I want to be rock.

Apparently I can't do that. 
You don't even need to do that. Just make your lava ocean and stick the rocks into it. Intersecting brushes are fine. 
Mixed Face Contents 
you have a skybrush and/or water brush touching/intersecting your lava brush.

or you have a skybrush touching a water brush (sky is actually a type of liquid as far as the compiler is concerned). 
teleporter textures count as water too...... 
is there a recomended skybox for this? 
Here is what happens if I clip the lava through my rock brushes. 
Ignore That... 
found the culprit brush.... off by .0001 or something... 
Going To Start Broadcasting Soon... 
Go for maybe 2-3 hours. 
Mid-Week Roll Call! 
Wednesday evening (GMT) is ROLLCALL time! Post your wip map screenshots in this thread and leave feedback for other designers wip maps!

I recommend for an image host if you were wondering where to upload. 
I recommend Quaketastic for an image host if you want your screenshots to not be recompressed and in loving hands of our community. 
oh yeah 
Still Going, Nothing Broken Yet... 
Yesterday got tons done

Today just had time to do a small bit... here's some in-game stuff. I love the new dirt mapping and debugdirt mode. So awesome for quick lighting checks. 
that fucking rocks 
Having To Update My Knowledge Of Quake Mapping 
I was trying to get into this Jam, but real life has gotten me down. I have had to relearn this stuff after... what? Almost 16 years? I always spend a few weeks a year catching up with the community and playing what Quake has to offer, but I haven't mapped since I made multiplayer maps for my friends at lan parties.

I might not make this Jam's deadline, but still having fun messing around with the editors and playing around with Quake again. My stuff is currently rubbish and I am trying to figure out a decent way to work efficiently with what I want to get out of these tools.

I am loving Necros' efforts and might consider using OBJ-2-Map myself as I can do far more good in Blender than in TranchBroom or JackHammer. 
Rocks Are Rocking. 
Awesome Necros! 
those rocks rock 
I'm Rock Hard 
Necros - Try Sealing It 
When I gooned around with that sort of bojangles I gave up because it became unsealable, and mine was a lot less complex than that. 
Damn Necros 
that looks great. 
Jam666 Winner... 

If Doom 4 was a Doom 3 sequel, that would look promising! 
Going To Start Broadcasting Soon... 
Stack it on brimstone, surround it by fire. 
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