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Q1SP: Manhattan's Left-Overs
Second subission of the day, this time of a recently finished map, firstly intended for Mapjam 6.

Indeed, at first I underestimated the time it took to fix what is broken after finishing the complete brushwork/entity placement, and I had a lot of trouble compiling the whole thing (At first VIS wouldn't work because too many brushes, I had to use func_detail on all the destroyed buildings and other brushes, and even with that it took 37 hours to render. But after knowing that each compile erases the previous copiling works, I had to do it again, this time on my desktop PC. Even on that it took 30 hours. And after that there was a walltorch hanging in the air I forgot to delete, but after all that trouble I don't want to compile this ever again.

Now, the map is a destroyed city into a hellish cave. I wish I could've done more but that would've made the whole situation worse.


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This Is A Very Cool Map 
Very Doom-ish. 
Very Productive You Are, Sir! 
I applaud for your contribution to the community!

But how come at the screenshot page I saw the tag "CZG is gay"? Any story behind it? :P 
wow, it looks more duke3d with the urban skyscrapers offset by hellish lava. very cool and i love how there's all these protruding bars and such, nice parallax going on. 
You can add tags to images in tinypics, someone probably added it :p 
Awesome map! I jost love it, such a fresh breath in all these gothic themed levels 
It's a little American-McGee's-Alice crazy too. Much appreciated :)
Somehow i never saw the key and left it behind. Gah 
Negke Is Going To Have A Heart Attack 
When he sees this...

I liked this map a lot, not just its theme but its great sense of exploration throughout. I really felt immersed, escaping from a collapsing city caved in by the earth. Visuals were very pleasing, and gameplay was balanced, at least up until the very end where I got demolished by the shamblers. I probably missed an important armor somewhere that would have kept me alive.

A very nice job, I'd love to see more maps in a similar theme. 
Nice Map, Shitty Platforming... (because I Suck In Jumping) 
Final part is ridiculously hard imo (Skill 3 - don't know if it matters).
Here is my "walkthrough": (Fun starts at 33:00) 
Looks Cool 
congrats on the release! 
Looks Cool 
congrats on the release! 
Looks Cool 
congrats on the release! 
Nice Map, Shitty Platforming... (because That Bit Sucks) 
Yeah very interesting stuff. first 3/4 of the map is very cool, really interesting style to it. Build quality is a bit mixed but the theme makes up for it. Oh and the general exploration vibe too. The bit where you go through the tele and there there's 20,000 jumps to do with ogres and deathknights and lava, I gave up and godmoded, then I gave up again and godmoded and flymoded. If anyone had tested this bit it would have helped. But the rest of it....yeah cool stuff, could be used and revamped into something slicker. 
Very nice take on the lava theme, kind of dodgy execution. The ruined buildings/skeletons look cool, very 3D and something one rarely sees in Quake - not least because it puts heavy strain on the engine. This shows in the fact how much the visleafs limit is exceeded and how long it took to vis the map. Reminded me of the DC ruins in Fallout 3.
The jumping parts got a bit tedious after a while; exit battle wasn't fun on hard.
Floating torch gtfo!

It feels like this theme could be expanded upon. Something a little more technically refined and with more details (while there's some nice chunky geometry, overall it still feels bland somehow), and better visblocking, less cramped, possibly nonlinear exploration gameplay...

I talked with Daz_ about the vis of the map, and it's kind of my fault because:

1. I didn't put enough func_detail to make it vis faster, though at the time I thought putting too much func_detail would just be as bad/worse than an unvised map. But now I know that every brush that doesn't contribute on sealing the map should be func_detail-ed.

2. I didn't knew how to make arches properly, so I just made a single brush with the texture and did a lot of cut, which resulted in a LOT of brushes. Again, now thanks to Daz_ I know the proper process now. 
Negke Summed It Up Well As Well. 
"ruined buildings/skeletons look cool, very 3D and something one rarely sees in Quake"

Despite the various issues, this is an outstanding feature and concept. Keep at this shizzle Daya, you'll go far.

BTW it would have been rad as part of the pak too, good version of the theme. 
Those screenshots ...

Tags: shambler auto-fellatio porn

I believe you achieved some things ShoTro wanted with his map: it feels complex, has a sense of quest and shows many ideas. Like Ten's map, it's a bold move, very unique and atmospheric. The broken building makes an impressive sight. Like DaZ's pending dildo, the floating torch is like your signature. Definately part of jam6 pack. Hope people get hyped for that DLC... 
I Could Move The Torch Away 
But because VIS took too much time I decided to leave it there. My signature would most likely be the secret John Carmack rooms.

And I thank you guys a lot for your kind comments, after all the hell I went through this one.

And here is the location of the secrets, for those interested:
Speaking of which, Ever since my first map I had people complain about my secrets being too vague or random, and I kind of agree. Could someone give me tips to make good secrets? 
From my humble player's point of view, I think it's like mistery movies: something was in your face all the time and you didn't notice. Something that rewards the player for paying attention and use logic.

Footprints that end in front of a wall are unlikely to be footprints of a ghost, right?

Something you see from one side, but not from the other, like Quoth's e1m1 quad secret.

Things that demand the player to look up. 
Have you considered making his room some kind of gag, like John Romero's head in Doom 2 end? 
It Has Been A Personnal Joke Since Gravelpit, So Yeah 
I Really Liked This 
very fresh theme in quake and pulled off reasonably well despite a number of technical and gameplay faults. 
Silver Key? 
There's no need for the silver key really, and you can skip most of the map! A grenade is enough, at least in today's non-framerate-limited engines.

Demo (666) from savegame: 
Ha, I Was Sure Someone Would've Done That 
But still, I didn't think the grenade would push the player that far, felt the jump was close though.

Now, try speed runnin on Hard/Nightmare! 
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