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Vermintide (Warhammer L4D-style) #func Coop Roll Call.

T-10 days...

It's basically Left 4 Dead (ace) with a full Warhammer setting (great) and melee emphasis (good) - the premise is obvious, Totalbiscuit likes it. Hopes are high and if it works as planned, we should get some #func_fusion games on the go, yes?

Bagsy I the fire witch. Bal, ur ass is mine, francais flambe´┐Ż all the way, tra-la-la....
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I fucking wish. 
Woot Woot. 
Finally completed the game. Big up to Negke for being the backbone of this week's session and getting me back into it, and to Fifth, Zwiffle, TD[CustomDazper] for joining in the carnage. It was worth the effort in the end! Hard skill beckons....gulp. 
Congrats, that last mission is a bitch! 
And We Did It Drunk! 
Or at least I was. Anyway it was fun! 
Inspired By The Recent Ruckus... 
Nice one shambler! 
Is it wrong that my initial reaction is to set it on fire?

Looks good though! 
Yes. But doing a charged attack and hoping you get a Hammer Decapitation is totally fine ;). 
Will still be dabbling in this for some coop fun so feel free to shout me up on Steam in the evenings. 
2x Free Hats

Join the vermintide group and then boot up the game and you'll get 2 new random hats. I got one for my dwarf! Well chuffed! 
New Patch, Maps And Gameplay Mode Announced 
Fucking Shambler probably already uninstalled though! 
Played It Today 
Not bad. I tried to get some peeps on IRC to play but no-one was around so I played it in a PUG. 
Free to play this weekend. 
We need to arrange a session, I bought the DLC because the free play ended. Only 1 person needs the DLC for everyone to play. 
you have my axe or firey wizard staff or whatever 
Is this game fun on solo playthrough too? 
Not Really 
Unless you enjoyed playing the L4D series solo. In which case you might enjoy this solo as well! 
bought it yesterday. tried to find someone via matchmaking. it feels like there's no players online, at least on low level. 
Add Me 
Cool. I could join in on the weekend. 
This looks like fun. Might buy it tonight as it's pretty cheap too. I actually enjoyed L4D solo, but it was about 100 million times better coop when you had good people to play with. Hopefully I will be able to hop on with you guys, but I'm a bit worried about lag, as I usually have trouble on Euro/US servers. 
L4D2 solo was great as it was. Vermintide solo is pretty unfeasible due to being much harder and bots being less useful. 
I'm Tempted As Well 
Just played a bit of L4D recently.

My ping would be the worst though, and not sure I need the additional distraction.

So I'll probably crack sooner or later. 
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