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Vermintide (Warhammer L4D-style) #func Coop Roll Call.

T-10 days...

It's basically Left 4 Dead (ace) with a full Warhammer setting (great) and melee emphasis (good) - the premise is obvious, Totalbiscuit likes it. Hopes are high and if it works as planned, we should get some #func_fusion games on the go, yes?

Bagsy I the fire witch. Bal, ur ass is mine, francais flambe� all the way, tra-la-la....
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I will be buying this for sure. 
I Bought It 
Looks cool. Not in the EU so my ping would probably be shite tho :( 
Pretty sure we had Scampie and you on the L4D crew? 
I think I only played L4D once or twice with #tfers 
What technology does it use? Is it Source based? UE? 
Count Me In 
Bastards. Just picked this up, downloading now.

Got it for �15 on with code GMGMID-SEASON-25PERC if anyone wanted to grab it cheap! 
Awesome mate, �15 for vermintide sounds like a bloody bargain. 
Many Skaven Will Die This Month 
I just got it. 
Going Cheaps On CD Keys -

Even cheaper than I got it for and that was a fucking bargain. 
...You really shouldn't use 'cheap cdkey' sites. Might as well just steal the fucking game instead of giving your money to thieves and shifty mofos. 
I thought it was a legit site, never had a problem from there before. 
None of the cd key sites are 'legit'; no publisher or developer sells their keys to those sites. Just because you got the game and your credit card wasn't stolen doesn't make it 'legit'.

It's all grey market keys... you're likely just buying keys the developer intended for Russian/etc markets (where the price needs to be lower to even make a sale), or had been intended to given away or as review copies.

So you're not giving your money to the devs, just to scummy motherfuckers. And if you're not going to give your money to the people who made the game, why give your money to someone else? 
I bought mine through greenman gaming which afaik is a legit site.

From my understanding cd keys is also a legit site. They're clearly operating on a high volume and low profit margin policy. This is nothing new, companies like walmart do this all the time.
I used to work in a game shop and I remember one year that asda (walmart company) was selling COD for �25 on launch day, it was costing us �38 to buy it from our distributor. It got so bad that we were buying the game from them and selling it in our own shop rather than getting from our supplier.

It was perfectly legal for us to do this and the developer still got their money. 
Got it to work after a 20GB download, servers being down, restarts, and multiple crashes whilst rebinding keys. I do wish they'd used a post-Y2K engine for it and made the control feel vaguely responsive but it will do I suppose.

Any pro-tips from people who have been beta-ing it up? Just tried the fire bitch cos I like her style but not so keen on the lag before attacks.... 
Shambler, come join me n daz in festivities - 
No-one from here is playing.

I tried playing with bots, can't get through the first mission on Normal.

Tried playing with online randoms - fairly well behaved ones, did the rescuing shit and all, still couldn't get through the first mission, and for that matter couldn't take any time to appreciate what is going on.

It's too hectic and messy in combat, too hard to pick out enemy, the skaven hordes make L4D's seem comprehensible and easy to work out, the sporadic healing makes it too easy to get disadvantaged and slowly grind to a frustrated halt.

I give up. A pity because the idea seems great but the execution lacks any fun. 
I bought a headset specifically for playing with the func dudes... I haven't had much time to play because of work 
....if there is a revival (negke too maybe?) I will reinstall it. 
It was the first thing I installed when I did my reformat a week ago. Followed closely by fallout 4.
I reckon a revival will occur when the DLC drops on 3rd December, it's supposed to fix the loot system. 
JusT play ISaac !1!!! 
Vermintide Comp...

You can get a hat. 
Is This The Hat... 
...that fixes the broken fucking special spawns on the last mission in so-called "Normal" skill??????????????? 
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