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Board Games Thread
Because YOU demanded it! (if you're Mezmorki)

Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught Two kickstarter kicked off today
Before I ruined my life with vidya games, I used to play Advanced Heroquest with my brother. But he would only play it if he was allowed to bring a horde of like twenty dwarves (instead of the usual 4 heroes), and each dwarf would have whatever stats he chose (instead of the stats being decided by rolling dice). 
I Played The Original 
And ended up writing loads of quests for it in repurposed school blotter books.

Did you play Space Crusade? 
Just The WH Fantasy Based Stuff 
For me, the original Heroquest was of course the gateway drug to the harder stuff. 
SC was what later became 40K - it was even the first place that introduced the Necrons I believe.

Later on there was the advanced version which had Tyrannids etc.

Gateway games D: 
With some Dwarves, that were well painted, but both they, and I, were rubbish. 
Oh And 
My brother gave all his dwarves really original names like "Gimli" and "Thorin", and I forgot but he also took a non-dwarf with the party, a sort of 80s hair-metal human hero type with a codpiece, and he was named MANGORN 
More like BORED games, amirite? 
No You Are Wrong 
I updated my Stygian page for the latest cards:!stygian/c1y3k

Progress continues :) 
I loved hero quest. It was my gateway into D&D.

On a side note, why the hell hasn't someone made a turn based quake isometric "boardgame" game? 
MTG Anyone? 
I just recently got back into magic after many years. Surprisingly, I was able to get my wife into it as well. So that's neat.

The new block is pretty fun, I suppose. Looking forward to OGW release in jan. 
Turn Based Quake 
That's a cool idea, maybe with some 3d printed monsters to really get the Heroquest / Space Crusade theme going.

The nice thing those games had was the simple but effective rules being tied to cards, like the spells and stuff.

Quad powerup card anyone?

For my game I want to eventually make a premium "In Full 3D!" (to make it really 90's) version with everything 3D printed. 
Board Doom (3) Was Very Fun 
I enjoyed playing as monsters against marines most of all. And those "level design" element were nice. It had a very smart dice weapon range/damage system.

This could work for turn based quake as well. 
Yeah I was tempted to get that a few times, still might.

The dice look a lot like those in space crusade - light and heavy dice with varying pips on each face depending on their type.

I see it's got a lot of expansions, both official and fan, which is a good indicator. 
Maybe there'd have to be a vertical element to it, to make it Quake.

Something like they had in Necromunda maybe: 
Stygian Rule Book 
If anyone is interested, I uploaded a WIP version of my rule book here:!blank-1/qd3t3

Any criticism is appreciated. 
It's a lot of images, so probably not a good idea to view on mobile. 
Lovecraft MTG 
Today marks the beginning of spoilers for the latest set in MTG, which is Lovecraft inspired. Here's the poster boy:

Emrakul, the Promised End

Also, the previous set of the same block:

Shadows over Innistrad 
Twilight Struggle 
Played it today and it's a really awesome duel board game where you play as US and USSR trying to get world influence during the cold war. Highly recommended.

There's a steam version of it as well: 
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