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Your Worst Nightmares Come True. Retro Jam 4: Episode 4!
4 days to create a spooky halloween episode 4 map.

But what constitutes an "episode 4" map?

- Dark and creepy!
- Traps!
- Cool map names!
- The player outside their comfort zone!
- Spawns everywhere!
- Powerups everywhere!

None of the above is required, so if you want to make something completely different, then shame on you, but go ahead! The below, however, is a requirement:

- at least one exit
- original BSP limits
- original detail level

A recommended but not obligatory wad: Duh!

I will be accepting your finished maps at retrojam4()gmail()com until October 31st.
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Wanna Try DLC 
so the DLC deadline would be November 20?

I too vote for a delay; I have a scrap I'd like to fix up for this but the next couple weeks are very busy. 
I'd vote for November 22, or some other Sunday; this gives us a full weekend to finish working on it, and then the pack can be released on the next Monday.

I'm currently finishing the server side of the Retroquad protocol, and then I've got the client side to work on. Not sure how long that'll take, but I'm putting all my efforts into it; I've got to get this thing finished properly to ensure it's bug-free, unlike the translucent BSP entity support that I've left unfinished for months and then it took years for me to fix. 
I Vote 29 
to otp 
And I Also Vote For 
Not allowing unvised, barely relevant maps from years ago. 
Rethinking My Unnecessarily Harsh Post 
Tronyn: if you feel that your scrap would be fitting within the jam 'theme' then I believe you are most welcome to finish and submit it. Any excuse to finish a scrap is good.

I'm curious, though, would you be finishing it had it not been for the jam? 
29 Is Alright By Me. 
would I want to contribute something outside the theme? (well, I asked this regarding the zer jam, and was approved for inclusion). I'm disappointed though that you didn't consider "Illusions" relevant to jam666. Perhaps you'll give it another chance when the properly finished/fullvised version comes out (FYI the previously created sections there were the lava atrium and the crane, say 20% of the map tops; the crane wasn't needed for the map and the atrium was not from years ago).

I'm not trying to sabotage your jam DLC (lol although it would be awesome if I was). I probably won't have time to do anything anyway. But yes, of course; this just provided a reason to bump it up the list. 
Tronyn does Episode 4... it's surprising you didn't contribute in the first place! 
Rethinking OTP's Unnecessarily Harsh Post. 
Made me LOL, but on the other hand. Tronyn's diabolical creations are very welcome in these jams, they might not be the purest expositions of the theme in the pack and have the obligatory r_speeds and texture combination issues, but they hit the mark well enough and provide an exciting and epic experience. More importantly, they allow us to enjoy Tronyn's demented sense of grandeur without the fucking Drake mod. For that alone, he's in. 
What's wrong with drake?

Tronyn is getting some unnecessary heat in this thread! 
Sucks my balls.

Just replayed Jam6_EricwTronyn, it is bonkers and brilliant and yes it is definitely fire and brimstone. 
"Demented sense of grandeur"; awesome.

Actually, if you have specific issues with Drake, it would be very welcome to have a Seinfeld-style airing of grievances (lol) before the final version of the mod is released. Early next year I expect to have some time to work on and finally finish it, hopefully in time for the 20 year anniversary. 
Sorry For The Double Post But In Other Words 
do you have any suggestions for detaching Drake from your balls?

I'll make a thread in December or January for community feedback. 
Replayed Jam2_Tronyn and it is still magnificent. It actually seems quite restrained compared to Jam3 and Jam6, lol. 
Sorry But... 
... who is drake ?? 
it's PM/Tronyn's mod, the one used in "something wicked", unforgiven, etc. 
Where Are Your Screenshots 
retrojam4dlc people? 
I'll Start On Saturday. 
Not much to look at,
and it may not the time to finish,
but at least it's a start! 
Just to make a double post 8-)

I am indeed full of hyyp for an E4 Hrimfaxi map. 
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