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Your Worst Nightmares Come True. Retro Jam 4: Episode 4!
4 days to create a spooky halloween episode 4 map.

But what constitutes an "episode 4" map?

- Dark and creepy!
- Traps!
- Cool map names!
- The player outside their comfort zone!
- Spawns everywhere!
- Powerups everywhere!

None of the above is required, so if you want to make something completely different, then shame on you, but go ahead! The below, however, is a requirement:

- at least one exit
- original BSP limits
- original detail level

A recommended but not obligatory wad: Duh!

I will be accepting your finished maps at retrojam4()gmail()com until October 31st.
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So, it's a remake. Looks richer, nice update. And those structures look like coffins or sarcophagus.


Is it grass on the ceiling? Whatever you're using, I want some. 
I agree with Warren, looks egyptian! 
Cool Stuff, Pulsar! 
I had to give up on the dirtmapping for these lights to work properly:

Dirtmapping doesn't work well with intricate geometry. Another lesson learned. 
Holy shit yessss 
Yesssss selectah. 
nice lighting there mankrip. 
Love It Pulsar 
Well, I tried, have nice prefabs and ideas, but life got in the way. It wasn't very E4 anyway. Waiting to play Pulsar and mankrip's now. 
I've been experimenting with the lighting options, and things are progressing.

The map will be way smaller than I planned, but it should be polished. 
It's a temple, just put a lot of vores, powerups and voil´┐Ż. And nice sunlight! 
Is This Still On? 
I sent my map to Skacky, but he didn't respond yet. 
Sorry, been busy with other stuff. Will check it out! 
Checked It Out! 
Alright, I have DeeDoubleU's map so far.

I also forgot to give my address. Please send your maps to ykcaks[at]gmail[dot]com, this includes bsp, lit (if colored lighting is used) and map files.

I also have a yahoo address but I don't use it very often (which is also one of the reasons why I didn't see DeeDoubleU's mail!). 
I'm Pretty Sure 
..that I won't finish my map in time.
Too much work, almost no time for mapping. I'll release the expanded version of my retrojam4 map sooner anyway. It will be the second dlc then. 
I want to make a room on top of a floating rock.

May I go wild like this, or does it screw the "retro" character? 
I haven't even bothered to get a map done for this, but good job to everyone who worked on making a map for this DLC. I might attempt a small speedmap for this, who knows? 
I don't think it screws the retro character as long as you make it like episode 4. 
Wake up call: who's in? Anyone wanting an extension to finish their maps? (like a week) 
Yes Please 
I haven't had the time to even start. 
I'm In 
It's worth a shot. 
Alright then, new deadline set to the 7th of December. Sounds good? 
I recently started working on something as well, there's no way I'd be able to get it done by tomorrow so the new deadline is good news. Should probably have something done by then, as long as I avoid the usual procrastination, that is... 
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