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Your Worst Nightmares Come True. Retro Jam 4: Episode 4!
4 days to create a spooky halloween episode 4 map.

But what constitutes an "episode 4" map?

- Dark and creepy!
- Traps!
- Cool map names!
- The player outside their comfort zone!
- Spawns everywhere!
- Powerups everywhere!

None of the above is required, so if you want to make something completely different, then shame on you, but go ahead! The below, however, is a requirement:

- at least one exit
- original BSP limits
- original detail level

A recommended but not obligatory wad: Duh!

I will be accepting your finished maps at retrojam4()gmail()com until October 31st.
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extension sounds good 
I'm Back In, Then. 
DLC Gets More Time Than The Actual Pack ... 
That is missing both the Azure, and the Agony. But it looks cool. 
Will Be 
assuming I'll ever finish it. 
Finish It 
because I want to jump down that waterfall. 
Deadline Is Tomorrow 
And I still haven't received anything except DeeDoubleU's map. 
I had too much life issues this week and got back to my map only today. I'll work on it tonight but I'm not sure if finish it in time. I still think it's gonna be a second dlc. 
First DLC, next microtransactions? 
So far I have a blueprint and some parts that don't make a level yet. I really wanted to contribute, but at this point it will not happen. Sorry :( 
Where's Tronyn? 
Where's Tronyn?

I can only guess that he created a level so grotesquely arse-shatteringly huge that his computer collapsed into a singularity and devoured him.

In related news, we are shortly all going to be rendered into chunky strands of meat-ribbon as we and the rest of the planet are devoured by an ever-expanding black hole. Have a nice day :) 
Shortly, in universal time scale ... so I imagine we've got a few billion years, give or take. Should be enough time to get a few more levels VISed... 
It's probably all true, because he was working on an episode. I mean, several maps like those. 
Maybe the DLC thing isn't working. (good, it was a bum name anyway.)

Here's the new rule: Last one to finish and release his map, individually, is a rotten egg. That way there's no deadline for you all to miss, other than how much time the rest of you are putting in. If it leads to no maps coming out, then collectively you guys weren't going to get them done anyway and it's fine, and the one guy who does get one done doesn't feel like he wasted his time. 
Yeah, I think if you couldn't hit the original deadline and will now miss the DLC deadline, it's safe to say that you have other priorities. And that's fine.

But no sense dragging this thing out into infinity. Just release your map when you have something... 
I think the original limit of four days for the jam was plenty for an id quality map. Maybe give the dlc the same timescale. I always work better under tight deadlines 
I ended up having no time at all, alas. Looks like I wasn't the only one. However my situation will get better in a while.

Lol Kinn that would be awesome; a meta-Q1SP map sounds like... 
Yeah loks like it really was one of a kind. Received only one map. 
Lucky Me 
was supposed to be my first jam.
What now? Deadline is moved to the last-map-submission-date or should I just release map as ~standalone? 
I'd say go ahead and release it. 
Skacky, what about your map? 
Didn't have time to make one as I was doing a speedbuild exercise for Thief 2. 
Ok, I finished the extended version of my retrojam4 map that contains at least one room from each episode4 map. Now I need some feedback for polishing it.

Email me, if you want to playtest it and are not scared of spawns and ambushes. 
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