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The Sacreligious Rapage Of Classic Game Series.
Inspired by Skacky talking about Fallout4... Talking about fairly different sequels or reboots of clearly classic original games (so not pointless cash cow conveyor belt series like COD, BF, FC etc etc).

Doom - classic game, turned from a fast paced horde-ish shooter into a slow semi-horror plod.

Quake - classic game, turned into an irrelevant franchise with a mixture of esports and on-rails shooters.

Unreal / Tournament - classic games and now....L,O, and indeed, L.

Deus Ex - classic game, dumbed down for the masses with homogenous ammo, boss-fights, and the dullest main protagonist in the history of gaming.

Thief - classic game, rebooted with something people moaned about a lot. Easier and less properly stealth-based.

Fallout - classic game, turned into a Skyrim mod/clone that apparently loses both the character and RPG-depth of the originals.


XCom - rebooted rather brilliantly AFAIK?

Tomb Raider - rebooted pretty well despite not being quite in the raiding spirit of the originals.


IS there ANY real hope for series based on classic games? Or reboots of classic games?

Is it possible for people - especially fans of the originals - to take these reboots/sequels on their own merits?

Are there any reboots in the pipeline that people are psyched for or are really likely to be good?
I hear that the giana sisters reboot was pretty good =P 
Don't Forget Shadow Warrior. 
Sonic The Hedgehog 
How can you mess up something as simple as that? A small child can understand and articulate what made Sonic's game design work, so why has it eluded every team that's attempted it since the Megadrive days? 
Who Gives A Shit You Gamer Scum 
Kinn, Because 
Games on rails that resemble a racing game in their layout and gameplay are easier to think of, harder to fail at them and harder for the player to get even into some gameplay problem. Also if i remember correctly it was a matter of that they couldn't get proper 3D gameplay done, after the failure with overambitious Sonic X-Treme and the experiment with Sonic
World so went for the easier way (not that it worked well, given the amount of bugs the first one had (Sonic 2006)). And with the fanbase for the new ones they have now, would be silly to go back.

Kinn, if you want that kind of Sonic gameplay, go for games that go out of SAGE's or out of Sonic Hacking Contest's. There is some very good ones out of there. Fun fact is that one of the games that out out of there was done in a Doom engine (Doom Legacy), and if i remember well was quite good in my eyes, at least in adapting Sonic's gameplay into full3D and layout wise.

An example of fangame of that kind.

And here and here the one made on a Doom engine. 
A very timely discussion, considering the latest news on System Shock:

Personally I'd just like them to fix online co-op in the most recent re-release and then put the series to bed if they can't get any more of the original devs on board. Even then I'd be worried, considering Bioshock was supposed to be some sort of spiritual successor (and it sucked).

Another series that went down the shitter was Age of Empires. III was dull as ditch water and the 3D engine limited its scope far too much. Age Online got some things right, but it was scuppered from the outset by its MMO-ness. Thank god they've gone back to making brand new content for II. 
Of Course The Team Knows. 
People who build video games tend to be intelligent and passionate about what they do. Ability, style and experience vary greatly of course, but not knowing 'how' another game works is something you quickly learn your way out of.

The problem is the other people. 
The new Unreal Tournament is shaping up to be a real UT title, and to be honest the series was always at least decent (2003/2004 is the one I like the least but it's still somewhat fun).
I also feel DX:HR was pretty damn great despite a couple serious flaws. It wasn't as good as the original DX, but it was certainly way better than IW. Let's hope Mankind Divided will be at least as good as HR.

Two other series I can think of that got thoroughly smashed: Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Beloved PS1 titles with solid games up until the 3rd title, and then all went to shit (even if CTR and Crash Bash are pretty cool spin-off titles).

Shadow Warrior on the other hand... I thoroughly enjoyed the reboot, but it's definitely not the same game at all. I like the fact that they took it in a different formula and made a GOOD game out of it, and I wish to emphasize this: the game was good. The other sequels/reboots of franchises are not good games. 
Oh boy did that series get crap and dumbed down. And it was pretty dumbed down to begin with (but at least good fun). 
That was another thing I was considering. I know SS/2 are very well reputed, I've always liked the idea of those games but I'm too much of a gfx whore these days for that sort of game, I find the immersion is lacking with such old skool graphics. Sorry b2b not sorry at all. The idea of a new SS reboot with modern tech sounds very cool indeed - SS with Soma-quality graphics / graphical design could be great (Soma being an example of a game where the gfx and the sound worked wonders with the atmosphere). I hope it does get made and does live up to it's potential. Then again, if it betrays the SS creed, it will probably have someone like skacky crying until he actually needs an eyeball transplant, but still could be a decent game in it's own right (esp. to someone like me who never played the original).

I do agree with the skackmeister that DX:HR was pretty damn good and made up for the IW farce that I swerved immediately after the demo.

I forgot about Shadow Warrior, I get the same impression as what people posted, quite a decent game overall? Style didn't appeal to me personally.

Syndicate, that was another one? What was the FPS version? Sank like one of my post-curry logs in the toilet bowl. 
Who Gives A Shit 
People Who Are Vaguely Interested In Games. 
Now, fuck off. 
who cares?

We are bought and sold in any way imaginable.. 
Are you scared of him or something? FFS, log in... 
I was gonna play SystemShock2 these hols, but brought a f-ing PS2 mouse instead of a USB for my Pro *&$@(.

I saw the Shadow Warrior reboot. Meh... couldnt get into it myself, but i guess it could easily have been worse.

Beatles are crap. 
Has negke finally lost it? 
Well they couldn't remake quake or doom exactly how they were back in the day. The media and console gamers would rip them apart for just being dumb shooters that get boring after 2 hours. They'd flop. I'd love them, and many other gamers that grew up gaming in the 90s. But younger gamers wouldn't appreciate them.

Shambler that's the exact problem for me with old games as well. Now that I've been spoiled with great graphics, I can't go back and play older stuff without it just feeling like I'm playing a game. The immersion is ruined. It was okay back when they were released because that was the standard. 
Quake remake that you have to pay for lightning gun DLC! 
Lightning Gun 
I remember my first time on q3dm12 Dredwerkz and somebody jumped into the water with a lightning gun. Oh crap! he fires and the gun doesn't discharge. Wut? That's been nerfed! 
I can't go back and play older stuff

Just keep playing. The immersion comes back short after. 
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