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New Q1SP: The Isolation
The map contains several locations differ from each other in color. Locations are related to each other a lot of teleports. The buildings are sites that look open from other places. But direct their visit they overlap bars, not allowing the player to get out. Map is completed by the fact that the player has finally goes beyond this isolation.



Thanks for the testers: Barnak, DeeDoubleU, AAS, SimonOC
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(sorry, Didn't Record) 
Felt like a submachine game. Loved it. The secrets, I barely found two (and one was by accident), really hard! loved that. I'm going to replay soon and see if I can find more. 
I Feel Isolated 
Holy cow what a level!

Skill 2 - 4/10 secrets

The start is a bit rough with the overpopulation of enemies just standing around but the level quickly delves into this otherworldly complex that just makes you feel...isolated!

Hard was pretty challenging with just the right amount of ammo and I never felt things were unfair or too easy. I felt a bit overwhelmed with all of the teleporters but with the signage and overall direction I made it through. I think the first gold key gate could confuse people since you have to go through both sides.

Just when I thought I was out, there is the final portion of the map which just ups the difficulty and then some! You will see in the demo that I almost take the cake at the very final fight! I tried to get cocky with an attempted infight and that backfired! Was exhilarating to say the least. Secrets were marked well, I just couldn't find the other 6 haha.

I loved what you did with the silver keys and the four button puzzle.

Excellent job done digs! 
Could you please post a demo with all secrets revealed? That quad secret in green room drives me crazy ): 
A little bit later :) 
this was a fun map, I loved the architecture and lighting even though I think you used every texture in id.wad :P

Couple of little critiques,
-some of the centreprints felt a little heavy-handed
-not sure about placing every enemy with their back facing you, seemed weird

have demo! 
My only critique is about the crude "surealistic" trees at the exterior. In my opinion, they should be replaced with some kind of nasty metal/rock sculptures.

Trees are a problem in Quake1. 
"Not A Door" 
It felt good to see an id1 theme, or in this case every single theme rolled into one. Gameplay was good, challenging but fair. I barely survived the final encounter. My only gripe is, I got lost very easily, so half the demo is just me running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I'm also sad to say, I sort of cheated, grenade jumped my way to an area that I couldn't find a legitimate path to. But no actual cheat codes were used.

First run, hard skill. 3 secrets, 1 death. Protocol 666. Shout out to sir Cortex. 
Thank You Tovarisch Digs 
Congrats on the release
here's the demo
of me wandering around aimlessly

218/218 4/10 
Firstrun Demo By The Way 
digs is god of mapping. 
great map in all aspects: exploration, gameplay and all. every time i thought i'm stuck i found the exit. though, only in the end i was seriously stuck after killing 3 blers and failing to find exit, thanks negke for the hint ;)

thanks for the level, digs! 
Mind Your Rivets 
I enjoyed this map. Has a typical Digs vibe, though not quite as prone to confusion as some of your other maps.

It's somewhat peculiar - while it all seems like a single giant fortress, all areas are disconnected, only accessible by teleporters, which makes navigation more of a trial-and-error thing than actual orientation and spacial awareness as one might expect when looking at the courtyard outside area. Although the color coding on the teleporters is clever, while playing this I didn't realize it hints at the texture theme of the areas. I think corresponding textures on the teleporters would have been good, either very distinctive runes (the present ones don't stand out much, and/or aren't used in a consistent way) or even bits of the target areas, e.g. a couple of colored bricks. Also helps if playing in source port without support for colored lighting.

I didn't feel lost, always ended up in the right place eventually, sometimes I even backtracked intentionally searching for supplies I had left behind, though I can imagine some people getting a little bit frustated if they keep running in circles. What might have helped orientation is opening up even more areas to the courtyard vista. For example, the red area has windows on both sides, but the player doesn't realize he's now inside that particular building he saw from elsewhere. With 'open' windows or balconies, it's more easily noticed how the areas are connected or located and where the teleporters go.

Visually, the interiors were fine overall; however, the courtyard area could have used just a tad more refinement and details. The Minecraft-like bits are good, kind of cute, but the outside walls of the buildings neither reflect the style of the terrain/trees, nor are they pretty enough to work as a good contrast to that.
I also found that you seem to not rotate riveted textures on angled faces - something I also noticed in some of your other maps - and sometimes not align the rivets to be in the center of the face. Sloppy, sir!

Gameplay was largely fun. Ran low on ammo early on, because I had missed the grenade launcher, but worked out fine. Even found a couple of secrets.

I was slightly disappointed I didn't get to explore the outside area and do a meet&greet with the campers - the level ends so abuptly at the exit. Maybe a little event would have been nice.

Here's a demo.
I also played some of your other maps on stream yesterday until it crapped out during Anomaly 2 (which wasn't bad since I ended up wandering around aimlessly not finding the last button and/or the gold door anyway). 
Thank you all for the comments and the demo. And for something that just played.

Special thanks to those who have tested it. This allowed us to better map.

Golden Key. The first version was a one teleport. I made two teleport, hoping that the two inputs will become more noticeable. However, not everyone understood it.

When I started to do the map, I had planned that the central courtyard will be made in the form of the landscape, and even wanted to make a small stream. But I have a little experience in the landscape, so I chose the one that you see. And so as the style was chosen in the end, the facades of the buildings do not meet him.

Rivets ... Yes, it's my fault. I did this place for a long time, so now I do not remember. Most likely I forgot to make the slope of the textures 
Going To Be Playing This In Twelve Hours Or So..

I've not read any comments, as I want to go into this blind, but a new Digs map is always a cause for celebration. 
By the way, I noticed that none of your maps have a CD track set. Shame, since playing with the soundtrack adds to the levels - much better than silence. Something to keep in mind for next time. 
The fact that I do not have tracks for the game. I tried a couple of times to listen, but did not find anything interesting among them. I used to play the game without music. Maybe I'll try to listen to the tracks again, and will add the music setting in the future to map 
I usually play Quake with the music off also. I just set every map I make to use track 10 for those who play with it on. 
Hi lad,

great map, as ususal when it has digs in the name.
Loved the twisted layout, kept me busy, but also confused. I expect that with your maps, so thats fine.

Found the overall brush execution quite blocky, not a drawback, but some alignments could be improved(as negk pointed out).

Saturation of your colored light was a bit over the top in aesthetic viewpoint, helped with navigation in the end.

Derped hard on the final shambler ballet, should be fun to watch(or not..).

Solid easter egg, 5 / 5 would dance again.

Go map!

Quaketastic has hickups, so here are my demos from a googledrive account. 
Nice to see another Digs map. Not particularly challenging, but still fun, I liked that one could acquire most of the weaponry quite early. Got a bit lost a couple of times, especially as I didn't realize the gold key teleporter had two separate entrances. Also I think I might have entered the exit a bit early by rocketjumping? Though I had already killed every enemy so I guess I can't have missed much.

Although I enjoyed the map, I'd personally also like to see some more smaller maps in the future. digs04 is still my favorite maps of yours, although it's fairly large as well, it's more like three smaller maps than a single huge one. Just feels less exhausting to play when it's more condensed, and more likely to be replayed (imo). Of course, you create whatever you enjoy to create, but this also seems to be the direction recently released maps have been heading in general - huge maps with hundreds of enemies. Sometimes less is more I think.

Okay, enough ranting. Skill 3, 218/218 kills, 6/10 secrets demo 
I enjoyed this map a lot. Ihmo such layouts feel a lot more quakey than most of modern releases. Abstract interconnected structures that don't pretend they can be real world location but just are weird places of other realm. That's cool.

Gameplay was fun and visuals were nice. As someone mentioned above, this map was confusing enough, but not that much confusing as some of your previous ones.

Gonna play it again on higher skill and look for more secrets.

So far skill 1 demo: 
Thank you, mfx!
Thank you, kaffikopp! You're very smart :)
Thank you, PuLSar! 

2nd attempt. First attempt I got even more lost.

In the end I found all the dicking around quite fun. The crucial hidden button to open the SK the 2nd time was perhaps a bit obscured by the fiend / spawn combat in that area though. Gameplay was mostly rather fun and well balanced, especially with an early RL. I died at the end before I realised you're not suppose to fight the Shamblers, a bit annoying that.

The design wasn't as attractive as your previous maps, some of it was cool on a smaller scale but it was a bit inconsistent, and the coloured lighting was OTT in places. I think the colour-seperation theme was good and could have been enhanced on. 
Thank you, Shambler!

You are the first (from the submitted demo), who has found the secret with RL. Congratulations.

At the end I put a sufficient number of nails to kill all shamblers.

In my life I've only seen two or three times an error when the monster turns into a statue and did not move. In your demo it was twice. Unbelievable. 
With your craziness Digs, I was sure that was deliberate ;) I quite liked them.

Yeah I had loads of nails to kill the Shamblers and Vore, not enough health tho. I should have backtracked I guess but it was a bit complicated for that. 
As far as I know, the standard Quake can not do this ;) 
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