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<Daz_> two minutes until were all DOOMed
<Daz_> and Marty Stratton can let out that huge fart hes been holding in during all the promo spots

Doom 4, aka DOOM (2016), is finally out:

Figured that a clean break might be a good idea, considering how the other thread has became monstrously huge and full of Bad Posting.

The questions at large:

- Is it a success for id, or the bitter end?
- Is the final boss a sprite of Marty Strapon's head? Or is it Willits?
- Will Friction spend another 12 years on a SnapMap?
- How many more words will it make Kinn add to his Trouser Thesaurus?
- Has than's wishlist for DOOM 4 from over 8 years ago come true?

*more enemies active at once
*better, more satisfying weapons
*COOP < most important thing
*larger environments
*more evilness
*more varied environments
*better level design
*no cutscenes
*heavier monsters used early on
*no shitty zombie commandos that can do somersaults and backflip behind cover. I don't mind the mutant ones with whip arms etc. but the regular z-sector ones were so annoying and not fun to fight.
*better AI on the more significant hellspawn creatures.
*mutant owl neck syndrome toned down
*monsters have finishing moves when they kill you, like in the first doom 3 leaked shakycam footage where the hell-knight eats the player's head. That kind of thing.
*the ability to use a flashlight and proper gun at the same time.
* No shit story involving an evil scientist. I can't believe they didn't realise how amazingly cheesy this idea was.
* Don't give it to Raven to develop.
* Properly fucking visceral weapons. Remeber the super shotgun in Doom 2? Fucks sake. Look at the weapons in Half-Life 2. Listen to the sounds they make. Take notes.

Anyway, discuss DOOM 4...
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Btw... Guys... 
Doom 1 and 2 is fucking good on X360. They should port Brutal Doom mod too. 
I Like Killes! 
Ladies, please. We have a beef thread for this.

Also doom 1 & 2 got 360 ports? I'm guessing it's kinda like that Quake 2 port when it comes to availability... 
I See Killes' Point 
Never seen anybody with a controller play a FPS that was mechanically challenging and looking like he'd be able to compete with a mouse player.

Quake Tournaments with gamepads? Not really.

So if I'm into that kind of gameplay, anybody who just told me "this is a great game in that style" and "I played it with a gamepad" at the same time has a high probability to be full of shit. 
I Can Actually Imagine That 
for anything but movement, a (very) high-quality gamepad (i.e. joystick) could be on par. 
Quake Tournaments with gamepads could easily be a reality if Quake's gameplay was as "press the smash brain button to kill" as Doom 2016's singleplayer seems to be.

I'm pretty sure Killes is just angry because Killes is upset with id/bethesda/zenimax for ever releasing the game on consoles in the first place. PC Master Race and all that, y'know? 
"press the smash brain button to kill" as Doom 2016's singleplayer seems to be.

You do realise that you have to shoot the monsters quite a bit before they enter that state? As in, just as much normal shooting - if not more - than as in previous id SP games?

To be honest, I tend to forget how closed-minded this forum is when it comes to anything in the gaming world that's not exclusively for PC gamers, so this is probably as good a time as any for me to bow out. Cheers chaps! 
Lol. I was trying to fuel flame inside Killes.

Xbox Doom ports are ok though:
Doom 2 + "No Rest for the Living"

And they have split screen up to 4 players, co-op and multiplayer, something that Fifth would like to see in Quake. 
Bowing Out Before The Curtain Falls 
Obviously you have to shoot your enemies. But it's not exactly a precise art, is it? If it were it'd suck on consoles and well, it doesn't... So..?

Think of it in a similar way to how the autoaim in DOOM helped out for keyboard and (presumably) console player's. 
Ok One Last Encore But That's It For Reals... 
There's an aim assist feature. It's subtle as hell - a lot more subtle than in games like CoD - but you can also turn it off in the options menu. Guess what? I turn it off - like I always do in these games - because I've been playing FPS games (and at least for some of my career, developing them) on consoles for over 15 years, and I actually prefer that to mouse&keyboard. Even when on PC, I'll plug in a gamepad if it supports it. Dunno if you know that I've always been pushing for gamepad support in the Quakespasm / MarkV threads etc.

Anyway of course you know best. You're a PC gamer and that's the only thing that matters. A proud-chested, goose-stepping member of the Master Race, and you can just have whatever sneering assumptions and myopic opinions you like, and you know they are always going to be better than those of console kiddie bedwetters such as myself.

/ drops mic 
Believe it or not, when I first started playing Doom (downloaded demo from AOL which took all day), I used a Thrustmaster joystick. I just couldn't get the hang of using the mouse.

Eventually, I bought a gamepad and played many hundreds of custom Doom and Doom 2 maps that way.

I didn't switch to using a mouse until Quake came out. 
fukken mlao, console boy logged out and everything, he must be serious

/ drops pants 
Killes Is Angry As Hell.... 
....because Killes.

Kinn might get an extra shiney bellend point for playing on a console, but then he gets an extra cuddly Kinn point for enjoying Doom4 and spreading the love about it. 
DOOM2016 is awesome in single player. Played it first time on medium just going forward not really looking for stuff. Replayed it again on ultraviolence, this time getting the challenges, secrets, etc.

One super-annoying thing I would say are the "point of no return" areas in some levels, like a door closes behind you or you fall down somewhere without the means of getting back - this limits the backtracking and in a lot of levels forces to replay them from the start to grab the stuff you missed and then was locked out of.

I would also love to see more monster varieties within one type - why is there two types of mancubus, but not others? 
"Requires Steam activation and broadband internet connection for Multiplayer and SnapMap"

I have a new video card and should be able to play this game now. I frequently see it on sale for $20, but I'm having a hard time finding out what (if any) DRM is used. Apparently Denuvo was removed.

I don't mind activating and downloading through Steam, but after that Steam can be shut down?

I probably would never bother with it, but why is internet required for Snapmap? 
I'm intrigued, never seen that before for FPSs. Do you have videos/demos handy? 
What bit are you referring to? 
Prefering The Gamepad :-) 
And no, not trolling. I ask because I respect your opinion a lot. 
I wish I had a decent computer to play on but can't afford it. I was gifted an xbox one so played on that. Lots of fun on lower difficulties but I honestly can't aim for shit with gamepads compared to mouse. I don't understand how people do it. So I struggle and don't have much fun in higher difficulty levels, with this game and others. 
I probably would never bother with it, but why is internet required for Snapmap?

Uploading and downloading maps I would expect.

I don't know the exact details of this, but I am aware that there is an online maps gallery that you can browse, vote on, submit maps to, and stuff like that.

Is participation in the gallery mandatory if you're going to use Snapmap at all? Don't know. 
ah right. Well, there will be a ton of Doom4 youtube videos of xbone / ps4 players - and maybe some of those players will be good, I dunno. 
Oh And I Forgot To Say Megaman 
Thanks for the compliment :) 
Is it not time for PC/console multiplatform games to offer a mouse/keyboard(pad) peripheral ?
For MP balance simply force console mouse peripheral users onto PC MP servers and keep regular console gamepad servers as is?

Consoles are a fucking disease. I don"t even see this impacting their revenue, rather boost it.

Could definately harm PC sales of certain games though. 
See This Is Why Killes Is Worth It. 
"Consoles are a fucking disease. " 
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