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<Daz_> two minutes until were all DOOMed
<Daz_> and Marty Stratton can let out that huge fart hes been holding in during all the promo spots

Doom 4, aka DOOM (2016), is finally out:

Figured that a clean break might be a good idea, considering how the other thread has became monstrously huge and full of Bad Posting.

The questions at large:

- Is it a success for id, or the bitter end?
- Is the final boss a sprite of Marty Strapon's head? Or is it Willits?
- Will Friction spend another 12 years on a SnapMap?
- How many more words will it make Kinn add to his Trouser Thesaurus?
- Has than's wishlist for DOOM 4 from over 8 years ago come true?

*more enemies active at once
*better, more satisfying weapons
*COOP < most important thing
*larger environments
*more evilness
*more varied environments
*better level design
*no cutscenes
*heavier monsters used early on
*no shitty zombie commandos that can do somersaults and backflip behind cover. I don't mind the mutant ones with whip arms etc. but the regular z-sector ones were so annoying and not fun to fight.
*better AI on the more significant hellspawn creatures.
*mutant owl neck syndrome toned down
*monsters have finishing moves when they kill you, like in the first doom 3 leaked shakycam footage where the hell-knight eats the player's head. That kind of thing.
*the ability to use a flashlight and proper gun at the same time.
* No shit story involving an evil scientist. I can't believe they didn't realise how amazingly cheesy this idea was.
* Don't give it to Raven to develop.
* Properly fucking visceral weapons. Remeber the super shotgun in Doom 2? Fucks sake. Look at the weapons in Half-Life 2. Listen to the sounds they make. Take notes.

Anyway, discuss DOOM 4...
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Some Of Us 
have become console peasants willfully. Doom4 on PS4 Pro rocks. 
Jago You Are A Dick. 
I hope you've got a marble encased controlled with gold inlaid keys for that bollox. 
The Unwashed Masses 
might not have access to video games if it wasn't for consoles.

I may be unwashed but my kids are washed and fed and concomitantly I don't have an approved gaming rig. 
See, why deprive people of mouse and keyboard gaming goodness.

What the fuck is wrong with setting a ps4 on a desk with a HDMI cable to a monitor and m+k, if one wishes to ?

Fucking disease, again. 
Probably having fuck all chance to get key rebinds working??

Convince me otherwise and I will PS4+M+KB the shit out of Bloodborne (until I ragequit) and HZD and more. 
Because that would defeat the purpose of a console, specifically the casual/laid-back mode of gaming it provides, in the sense of being able to play anywhere in the room instead of being locked to a desk or desk-like setup. This is what most people want and most games support which makes additional m+k solutions undesirable financially as well as problematic for balance. They attempted it on the Dreamcast, but it didn't pick up for obvious reasons.

PC gamer butthurt aside, the problem is not with consoles in general, but about the fact that most games are produced for both platforms which, specifically in the case of first person shooters, requires them to be adjusted to gamepad controls which inevitably results in a (perceived/actual) simplification of gameplay/mechanics to varying degrees.

In the case of Doom 2016, it probably doesn't really matter. Not every FPS is, nor needs to be, all twitch reactions/skill shot-based. Though I do agree that the current trend seems to significantly lower the chances for 'delicate' FPS games like Stalker or CS - they come to mind as games that likely cannot exist on consoles the way they are. 
Also Console Exclusive BS Which Can Fuck Right Off. 
Hang on, if I got a PS4 with M+KB to play BB and HZD.....I'm part of the fucking problem. Gonna shit in a sealed bag and post it to Sony and get back to playing PC games instead. 
I Wonder... 
... if one can be arrested for sending excrements by mail. Probably that is settled by the terms and conditions of the post service and/or Sony. 
negke - bollox.

I do mean console K+B for Cross platform FPS's

There is no balance issue or defeating of the laid back mode so long as player bases are separated between M+KB and Gamepad players, platform independent even, all that matters is the input method there.

Nothing else need change to the status quo, only more player options with their hardware (or rather their rented hardware, disease I tell you) 
I don't play on consoles because of microsoft and sony. I cannot buy in to the walled off, closed eco-systems these control freak companies offer.

To me, this resembles the classic razor blade/razor concept. Send me my free razor and I will consider trying your blades. Wait. The razor is how much? Sorry, I pass.

I can't speak about sony because I stopped buying anything they offered nearly 15 years ago, but microsoft seems to want anything of mine that they can make a profit off of. Their status with me is now lower even than sony's.

But none of this has to do with Doom. Is there a console vs. pc thread? 
Idea ? 
Is there a console vs. pc thread?

I don't think so... so please create it ;) 
Plz No 
There's no way I would, I know very little about consoles. I haven't bought one since a Super Nintendo sometime around 1990 or 1991 I think. 
PS Forever... 
... got PS1 and PS2 and.... after that I switched to PC... and no I even do not have PC (plugged) anymore (still in box after house change..

Kids have a Wii... quite fun, even for FPS (tried CoD World at War), but lacks of "pixels"..

Tried X-box 1 once... (Halo..) been disappointed to be honest.. 
So, has anyone ever made something with SnapMap that isn't a total joke graphics-wise? I am looking at screenshots and videos and I am struggling to find anything that looks better than very mediocre Quake maps of 10 years ago, let alone the good Quake maps of today. 
Update 6.66 
Fuck yes, finally! This update brings a number of improvements that were sorely needed. My favorite: practice mode. Finally, I can walk around the map alone and just admire the phenomenal art and level design. It's like Christmas. So yeah, that's what I'll be doing all afternoon.

Now if I can just get my hands on a noclip command for SP... 
Finally, I can walk around the map alone and just admire the phenomenal art and level design. It's like Christmas.

I've been wanting this since Doom 3 was released. Awesome news. 
Doom 4 2 Looks Awesome BTW 
It has actual architecture, seriously, look up the recent vids on the youtubes.

Also - they are using good monster designs this time that are completely faithful to the Classic Doom monsters.

Check it out, and make sure you have a towel/pillowcase/sock to hand for spunking into. 
Doom 4 2 
So far looks good.

It is just me that the ''medieval'' parts remind of WoW aesthetics, mixed with a bit of Quake 3? 
Doom 4 2 Looks Gorgeous And Good And Perfect 
It is just me that the ''medieval'' parts remind of WoW aesthetics, mixed with a bit of Quake 3?

It's really just "space medieval", of a style most famously associated with Warhammer 40K.

Take recognisable medieval styles (e.g. Gothic architecture) and instead of fashioning them out of stone, fashion them out of "hi-tech" panels and greebles and whatnot.

It doesn't really make much sense, but I like the fact that the forms resemble nice architecture as opposed to everything being just a mess of pipes and crates. 
In My Eyes 
is far removed from Warhammer40k´s aesthetics, which is grim dark gothic with more spikes the newer, no matter how much back i go into the universe, and this to me looks more like bright clean-looking gothic, but i will take another look to see if i notice the same as you. 
Doom 4 2 
Played it, got used to the faff, marvelled at the graphics and amazing backdrops, wrote a guide to getting used to the bollox:

Yes several months late. Apply for refunds at the usual address. 
"This is not the straight up action shooter you're looking for..."

Alec Guinness couldn't have said it any better.

You'd think a concept like "make a Doom game in a modern engine and add new monsters, environments, and backstory" would be a simple enough task, but no... Mission creep set in, and it became "fill an already cluttered FPS with every non-Doomy idea that comes into our heads."

OCRUD (Obsessive Customization Requiring Upgrades Disorder) is a disease of modern games which has no place in Doom. A Supershotgun should feel like a FRIGGIN' SUPERSHOTGUN from the time you first pick it up, not be nerfed to the point of useless until you purchase upgrades for it (though I did like the grapple hook thingy.) 
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