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Updated Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions 1.7.1 *PATCHED*
Sock has been beavering away behind the scenes to get a fully updated tweaked fixed and finalised version of AD. So here it is. One point SEVEN.

Download (220mb):

V1.7.1 Patch (see recent post below):


Recommended Quakespasm 0.93:

Past versions etc:

In his own words:
"The AD zip file is getting a bit big and inconvenient to download and I think its time to start splitting stuff off into separate files. The AD map source files are not needed or viewed much and if anyone wants to see them, just drop me an email request.

This download contains all the previous maps, some new extra code and features, lots of bug fixes, some new mapper features (check documentation) and as a final bonus, a couple of extra maps hidden away in the main map hubs, good hunting!"

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Reading that sock uses batch files to run his compilers was a nice treat. I do the same - not sure why, it's just a habit I settled into when I first started mapping. 
Golem Crashing QS 
I hope this wasn't because of my "request guys. Sorry if it was...

I was working on a storyboard level and had that happen. It reproduces pretty easily, for me.

Oh btw, Arcane Dimensions is awesome <3 We might have some preview wip screenies :) 
#374 Cont. 
This is the issue in DP's console

Is there a problem with "blockudeath"(self.think)? I mean that's where it stops each time?

I searched through the .qc but aside from the obvious typo or something easily recognizable I'm limited right now to picking up on what the problem is.

Also happened at Gotshun's so it's not just my PC. 
For The Melee Only Golem 
Could be because th_pain is never assigned. 
Here Is Something To Try 
Set the melee only spawnflag but also set the statue spawnflag. If no error occurs, then it is definitely because it doesn't set th_pain. The golem_wakefinished function sets th_pain for you after the statue wakes. 
That's how I am getting this error. I start with those spanwflags(melee only + statue) set!

I think it is when he goes for the "punch" animation that it occurs. Also, maybe, I'm not positive on this, in godmode it doesn't happen?

I'll try one of the AD maps and see if it is specific to ME! Hindsight, I should have did that to begin with :( 
AD 1.5.2 
I'll take a look at the golem crash later when I have some time. In the mean time, are there any other known bugs anyone has found. I don't think Sock or the other mod members would mind if I do an updated code patch for any other loose ends.

(DISCLAIMER: I operate on the principle of improving what is open source for the benefit of the mod community. Any bugs that I claim to fix or any features added are soley the whim of Qmaster and in no way reflect the mod authors intention or approval unless specifically stated by one of the official members. I only offer services purely because Sock has stated he is no longer updating the mod (why would he, maintaining a mod is a lot of work, especially when so many people keep throwing out feature requests (Yes, I may have been one of those people, at least I know how to implement them ;) .))) 
One thing that would be great is that all you AD modders would gather together to implement your stuff into a "main trunk" mod instead of each being a separate fork of the original AD... 
This Is Turning Into Quite An Early Christmas Present! 
I've just finished Leptis Magna with only 1 secret left to find and all but 2 kills on normal -- there are 2 gargoyles that won't wake up. Epic awesomeness! Looking forward to Terror Fuma next, then MFX's and Sock's remixes. Cheers! 
there are 2 gargoyles that won't wake up

They wake up when you get one secret. 
In the mean time, are there any other known bugs anyone has found.

Single-shot weapons (like SSG) have been broken for a very long time. Symptoms: if you release the trigger at the wrong time, the weapon's animation will loop again without actually firing; during continuous shooting the muzzle flash frame comes too early.

My fix redone for 1.5:

Disclaimer redux: I dunno if it will break your mod or blow your house up. The fix Works For Me(TM), but it's probably deficient in some way, because I have little experience with QC or programming in general.

What it does is it steers the animation to the idle frame and makes it stay there, unless the player keeps shooting. Or something. I already forgot. 
Elusive Secrets 
To those struggling to find final secrets on various maps even with noclip, here's a last-resort solution: boot up the source map in JACK, pull up the entity report in the map menu and filter the entities by class to "trigger_secret". Then you can go down the lines and hit "Go to" on each one to center yourself on the trigger in the 3D view and see if the surrounding area is one you've been to before. You can narrow it down that way. 
Wasn't logged in. I feel obligated to claim responsibility for my work-around. Please send your e-donuts to me via the teleportation station at Metal Monstrosity. 
Triple Posts 
Speaking of Metal Monstrosity, I downloaded and played the original today before I realized AD 1.5 contained a remixed version. I thoroughly enjoyed the original, though ledge-crawling for secrets was tedious and dodging Bob-fire above the void was stressful to say the least. What's new in the remixed version? 
Better flow overall, just a much smoother and more satisfying experience with better secret-finding, and it greatly benefits from AD's expanded base roster. Though if you don't like fighting over voids that hasn't changed. 
I like the updated azad, BTW. 
This could be useful, thanks. Only in JACK or does TB have a similar feature? 
I could be wrong, but I think only VHE derivatives had an entity report feature. 
Stage Dive Left 
Sock gets trolled
Indeed I did, last time I listen to proxy server trolls! :P

I am the person formerly active in this community as goldenboy. Post #270 was not written by me
I am sorry for the confusion, I did find it strange how you were so angry with me, sorry for accusing you. Lesson learned, always ignore proxy server people, they are a waste of space!

what will happen with ad_sepulcher?
I plan to finish the map next year and release it as something separate using the devkit.

If we could get the monsters that were going to come with it at least
There are only two monsters reserved for the map, boil and boglord. Really want to save them for the map, as the new monsters have special setups and uses.

I don't think Sock or the other mod members would mind if I do an updated code patch for any other loose ends
I am sorry to be the Destroyer of Dreams here, but I would prefer no community patches for AD. The MOD is finished, lets all move on to the devkit and start creating new and different MODs!

Arcane Dimensions was a crazy long two year project and now its time to move on (for everyone). If anyone wants to create more AD style content then please use the devkit! :) 
No problem.

You heard the man

GO MAP! And have a Merry Christmas! 
Bah Humb.. 
Terror Fuma was a great one ... A crazy bastardized base level. Couldn't find my way up top though... might give it another go. 
I do have 2 maps that were about half-finished for AD... I am hoping they will see the light of day eventually. :)

It's a shame that Quake has a directory requirement for mods. I like the named .pak thing that Preach made for Quoth, it's a super neat way of keeping your files under control :) 
what will happen with ad_sepulcher?
I plan to finish the map next year and release it as something separate using the devkit.

Nice one sock, at least another cool map will see light of day. 
Pak Management 
It's a shame that Quake has a directory requirement for mods. I like the named .pak thing that Preach made for Quoth, it's a super neat way of keeping your files under control :)

In the past I suggested the idea that engines could support multiple mod directories. The idea was that someone releases a map pack, let's call it "Empires", which requires AD. You'd install the new map pack into a mod directory called "empires", then run the engine with a new command line like like "-games ad,empires". The new engine feature would mean that the game searches three directories in order, first empires, then ad, then the default id1. Nobody took it up though, although some engines do have the -quoth switch which does this as a special case for Quoth.

If you want to DIY switching map packs with the -game command, here's one way that works with all engines. Make a clean install of Quake into a new directory, then install the AD content into the ID1 directory of that install. The point is to set it up so that AD runs from this installation without any -game command line switches. You can then install new maps in their own mod directory, and switch between them using the -game command.

Bonus commentary: The pak files thing was partially a way to achieve this idea without needing engine support. It was also a way for me to test a clean version of 2.2 with custom content, without having any loose files in the directory - it stopped me forgetting to pack vital things because they were elsewhere on my path. If the idea was popular I thought engines might also add some kind of console command that could load a named pak on the fly - but seeing the download stats for the paks the effort would not be justified. 
I Usually... 
Just unpack everything. 
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