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Quake Upstart Mapping Project - In Beta Release, Link Included!
Update: Current release here:

Playtest and give feedback!

Idea is to encourage newbies to build a quake map, and stick them all together. Anyone is welcome to join, just add yourself in here:

The recent DUMP projects for doom have been good motivation to get people into mapping, or for old hands to do something casual. I started building a quake map and decided someone should start a QUMP project, although I'm a total noob to quake mapping, hopefully I can learn what I need to put this project together over the next few months. If a more experienced mapper wants to take over as organizer, I would be grateful, but I'll do what I can in the interim.
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We're Still Alive! 
Just 2 maps remaining in the later stages of finishing, our start map is coming along too so hopefully won't be long before we release.

We are still alive! and the extra time has allowed some of the other mappers to really do some great work! 
That's great news. If you want a video - you know who to ask. :) 
Hey thanks dumptruck_ds, I did just watch your jam9 video and enjoyed it :)

We have a trailer which I think should be plenty for us:

Cheers for the offer though! 
so how many submissions do you have in this pack? 
Nice! Looking forward to the pack. 
There will be 8 maps and a new start map 
Almost Done! 
We're looking at putting the finishing touches on this project over the next week or two, pretty much all the maps are done!

If you haven't submitted your finished map yet, you have this last week to do so, otherwise you can keep it aside for QUMP2, assuming such a project takes place :)

Great job everyone, some very cool maps made, look forward to getting them out there 
Can't wait for the final release! 
Good Stuff Guys! 
>>> DOOMer where are you?

I suspended my qomp map developing due to lack of time ^^( Sorry, guys. Maybe in the future I will complete this map for next QUMP (if it takes place in the future). 
Good to hear from you DOOMer - all good man. Your map looked great, look forward to playing it someday, maybe on QUMP 2 :) 
I Should Have Joined This... 
If I my schedule wasn't as crazy as it has been... Looking interesting. Looking forward to playing. 
It seems like a lot of people forgot to finish their maps. I think Lane Powell converted his QUMP entry into an AD map. Anyone here still mapping? 
Yes, Me! I'm Finishing In The Next Few Weeks, Then We Relaease! 
Yep we still have one map in the final stages of completion ^^ and then this project is pretty much ready for release! 
All the maps are complete, the start map is done, we're doing a brief alpha/testing stage and then we can release!

Thanks to NewHouse for his help on this project, couldn't have done it without him!

Congrats everyone involved, you should all be very proud of your maps. There is a link to the alpha test in the discord if anyone is interested 
Fantastic. Way to be closers. :-) 
well we've solved some issues and here's our first release candidate:


Once again thanks to everyone who helped out and answered our questions in the mapping help.
I will submit this in the news as well 
News Is For Final Releases Not First Release Candidates Nor Beta Tests 
That's For Maps. 
Obviously tools and in some rare cases on-going mods / map-enhancing tools might be different. 
Thanks shambler, not only are we new to quake mapping, we are new to the specifics of this forum.
You can delete your re-post in screenshots and betas if you like. 
I mostly blame the retarded way DoomWorld does it where every single release begins as an open beta and you don't get the final version until page 8 or something.

I'll try to play the thing today and leave some demos. 
Doomworld also lets you edit the OP, so you can keep the very first thing people see up to date.
Embedding images is also very nice. Walls of text are nice, but images you don't have to click on are even nicer :) 
Not trying to be a dick but I think general players prefer it if they're not inadvertently testing something that's going to be updated a bit. 
Job well done everyone! 
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