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Explore Jam 2
Explore jam 2:
No monsters. Instead you can have traps, crushers, jumping puzzles, anything that comes to your mind to entertain a player without monsters.

Not restricted to any texture theme: it may id medieval, runic, base or any custom texture set or mix of them.

Examples: 1 2

Deadline - January 7th

As an experiment you may add monsters to your map on skill 0.
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This Is My Beginning 
i made this today.
i copied the skybox from retrojam6, but i will change it later. 
try a trigger_hurt with a negative damage value and a trigger with a delay that will kill the trigger_hurt after a short amount of time. 
In Hindsight That Is Awful, Don't Do That 
The player makes the pain animation and sound.

Instead do this:

- make a func_wall
- give it a touch property with the value health_touch
- give it a healamount property with the value of health you want the player to heal
- give it a noise property with the value of the sound you want it to use (be sure the have an entity in the level that uses that sound for precaching)
- create a system of delays to trigger each func wall you set up in this manner.

.map and .bsp for inspection:

I used a basic delay with killtargets and alternating func walls to achieve the delay. 
and before you jump in the pool for testing reduce your health otherwise it will do nothing

console command "give health 20" will work just fine. 
Thank you shamblernaut, healing pool will be really important and also the landmark.

I already made my jumping puzzles on retrojam 6, for this I will introduce other puzzles I have to cut off. But still I have to think what is possible in such a tight schedule. It will have the same outer world void theme and teleports, so I don't need to spend time on that part. 
I'm In 
Played with some brushes and just going to have fun with it...nothing grandiose this time!

Also, anyone have any insight on post #17986 in the mapping thread, it is grinding my func_trai--er gears. 
+3 Buttons? 
Hmph. This is harder than i thought! Im giving it my best shot though! 
It Starts To Grow 
Map Hud Almost Done 
Looking Good PulSar~ 
And One More Screenshot 
PuLSaR: Hmmm, lava and dark dungeons... Couldn't be more different from your Explore Jam 1 map. Cool! I mean, not in the sense "I didn't like your XJ1 map", more like "variety of environments is always nice".

NewHouse: Ah, I see you kept the egyptian look of RJ6. Nice! Perfect setting for a puzzle-based level. I'll be curious to see what you can do with a nomonsters map. BTW, hud? Do you mean hub? 
Newhouse: looks nice, I love the water texture

Mugwump: I always try to make something in a different style, especially for map jams. That's why I didn't use sock's texture set for retrojam 6. As for this setting, I always wanted to make a map in this style and it's copypaste friendly which is important when your are limited on time.

The only texture sets that I never get tired from are runic and knave. 
I'm making one part where player has to move really quickly and doing jumping and stuff. Is it fine to use skill levels to specify how fast everything happens? Hard is like the you barely make it, once you know what to do? I will make skill select room to my map and I will state it very clearly what every skill level actually means. 
Topher: Looks very unqiue with all of the floating platforms!

Pulsar: Good stuff man, very HOT!

NewHouse: Looks otherwordly and I love it...nice water! I think that's a good way to introduce skill levels to the map...I think I will stick with no skill levels as I want to focus on gameplay first and foremost. 
Thank you, surely gameplay is the main focus. In my case there will not be much to play, unless I increase difficulty in some puzzles.

What I did with skill levels was, I made different versions of doors and buttons, speed from hard to easy 50/45/40. Something really simple of course. I assume you're focusing on water element a bit, since you're really good at it~ 
Thank you, yes I totally misspelled "hub", in finnish it is just "hud" it sounds nicer. One of reason why I kept the same style, is because in rj6 map I planned there be these puzzles, so this will be a little extra for that. 
Sorry Triple Post 
Don't know why I keep saying "hub", I surely mean "hud". 
Nah, I am not getting too invested with water stuff. I want to use Jams as an excuse to experiment with new ideas.

Instead, I am going this direction! 
That's Cool, Guys 
Bloughsburgh: looks cool, Koohoo style

Newhouse: cool idea with skill settings.

My map will be more slow paced, than my explore jam 1 entry. I will have 3 goals (one main and 3 optional): find the way to exit, find all shootable buttons and find 4 runes. 
It is good to experiment new stuff, and it looks really good so far.

I try to separate two types of puzzles, time based and memory based puzzles. 
This is a very challenging jam because Quake really excels at having monsters to fight!

I'm going with a bit of gimmicks with mine...sorta thinking Mario 64 style where the world holds small sections that oppose a variety of challenges to reach a "cookie"

It seems to fun but who knows! 

I went into this with a completely different mindset. Usually i start my maps with exploring visual ideas, then i sketch some layouts and think about progression etc. then i start to work on the map on trenchbroom. But now I started with trenchbroom just creating brushes after brushes, it's a total mess and i dont know if i can release my map. we shall see. 
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