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Explore Jam 2
Explore jam 2:
No monsters. Instead you can have traps, crushers, jumping puzzles, anything that comes to your mind to entertain a player without monsters.

Not restricted to any texture theme: it may id medieval, runic, base or any custom texture set or mix of them.

Examples: 1 2

Deadline - January 7th

As an experiment you may add monsters to your map on skill 0.
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Looks cool, I hope I'll make it 
my map will be more simple than i tought.
damn, mapping is hard. i need two or three months and play maps with "mapper's eyes" (?) to start grasping things. 
Whoa that looks crazy, please scale back the scope if it means you can finish it!

Are those clouds? :OO 
Its Snow! 
Even Better! 
Nice idea, looking forward to it...

Finish it! >:( 
AD Mod For Future Explorerjam/obstaclejam 
Something to think about for future explorerjams with AD mod, on top of what sock said about complete control of entities you also have the ability to strip the player of all weapons (but the axe)!

This could be awesome for some exploration/obstacle dungeons featuring monsters as traps/challenges, with the breakable system you could spice it up even further, the player must chop his way through some wooden beams before the slowly-rising elevator (containing a monster) comes into play. :)

You just have to make it clear to the player that killing monsters is not the goal for this map, the goal is to make it out alive! Maybe survivaljam? :D 
How Much Time Left In Hours? 
So I can make a schedule when sleep and when map* 
24 Hours For Sure 
maybe a little more 
That should be enough, I really have to finish this one. 
Me Too 
I wont be able to finish :( i havent even compiled once.

heres what i have so far though: 
hey, you still have time. I hope you'll make it 
I Had To Cancel My Entry 
RL got hectic. Looking forward to these guys. I had some ideas but no time. Maybe DLC or the next one. 
Im going to try and put more work in but im not sure itll be enough. 
Deadline extended to Jan 8th 19 pm GMT 
Get To Work! 
Is It Possible To Toggle Lights On And Off (delay How Long "on") 
Random Shot 
I knew it, water element ;) 
trigger_relay maybe?
light with targetname "l1"
trigger_button or trigger_multiple, turns two relays with the same targetname "tr1". one relay with delay 0 (or 1, or 2, etc). the other relay with delay 20. then trigger_button/trigger_multiple will need a wait of 20 at least.

that might work 
omg, pretty epic 
My Map Will Feel Ashamed 
to be seen next to your map

i spent two hours trying to make things rotated 30� without non-integer vertexes. i did eventually, but that time should have been spent more productively 
Another Screenshot 
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