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Explore Jam 2
Explore jam 2:
No monsters. Instead you can have traps, crushers, jumping puzzles, anything that comes to your mind to entertain a player without monsters.

Not restricted to any texture theme: it may id medieval, runic, base or any custom texture set or mix of them.

Examples: 1 2

Deadline - January 7th

As an experiment you may add monsters to your map on skill 0.
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Is It Possible To Toggle Lights On And Off (delay How Long "on") 
Random Shot 
I knew it, water element ;) 
trigger_relay maybe?
light with targetname "l1"
trigger_button or trigger_multiple, turns two relays with the same targetname "tr1". one relay with delay 0 (or 1, or 2, etc). the other relay with delay 20. then trigger_button/trigger_multiple will need a wait of 20 at least.

that might work 
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