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New Q1SP: Baneful Politic Comply
I'm glad I made it to design this level within a little more over 1 month worth of time. So yeah, "Baneful Politic Comply" is yet another Hexcalk map, but the quality escalated as a response to hc0, which is now on Quaddicted. Anyway, hc2 is a e1m2-influenced short burst of 68-71 enemies and 3 secrets with three floors: one underwater; two overwater (ground). Contains curved walls and spiky ceilings.

The name "Baneful Politic Comply" was chosen because I theorized that Quake was a psychedelic anti-authoritarian political FPS. The theory is long and crazy, but the basics go like this: The protagonist is fighting to overthrow the Orwellian regime of Earth president Shub-Niggurath and accompanying vice president Chthon, who seem to only want to abuse the planet with various forms of negativity for profit. I imagine 1984 in my mind as a reference point for this theory. I love Skinny Puppy, who tend to make interesting song and album names such as "Vivisect VI", "The Greater Wrong of the Right", "Left Handshake", and "illisiT", so the title is simply word salad.

Quaketastic download link:

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I made 9 test maps for hc2. One of had curved walls, another one had partially curved walls, and yet another one had a very simplified layout of the map in a mostly flat setting. 
By its look in screenshot this is quite old school.

Oldschool, Yep. 
You're welcome. 
Okay Dude. 
Less time writing political waffle, more time tweaking. The readme doesn't have the following entry:

"Thanks to beta-testers..."

And really, it should. I.e. get it tested well before release, there's a lot of obvious feedback and tweaks that would have been picked up.

I Agree With Shambler 
It's nice that you commented here on beta-testing. I was going to do that, but because I was so centered on completing hc2 the testing phase didn't occur. It will happen though on post-hc2 Hexcalk maps (such as the still upcoming hc1, which definitely needs beta-testers because making a Japanese-themed map is more ambitious than an old school map). 

+ Much better than HC0
+ Consistent theme throughout
+ Mostly good texture choice
+ Much better lighting
+ Having some useful water and 3D sections is nice
+ Curved metal supports, pillars, arches are good
+ Horde combat mid-way is fun
+ Decent size and progression apart from GK

Needs improving design-wise:

- No teleporter texture at end
- Lighting needs a bit more contrast
- Lots of larger brick textures are used a bit illogically, you need to think about coherent 3D structures not just slapping textures on.
- GK room is essentially a box with ledges, not a great design.

Needs improving gameplay-wise:

- Base enemy and medieval enemy together doesn't fit
- Items placed fairly randomly
- Too many armours in a row
- Water areas a bit under-used
- NO endgame after GK door
- Still pretty easy
- Having GK right next to GK door doesn't give much progression


Having said all that, this shows a lot of potential, a lot more than HC0 did! The theme is proper, the core design is mostly good and there are some fun gameplay moments. You just need to keep tweaking and testing extensively to get your maps really polished. 
Demo & Feedback 
Sorry if I sound harsh or something, I know English is not my mother language, but I tried my best to give constructive feedback while playing. Here is demo in normal mode, and giving my personal thoughts and points.

You don't need to take everything literally, since these are just my opinions:

What I liked:
+visuals & contrast
+old-school vibe
Thanks Shambler. 
Indeed, I feel hc2 predicts that my maps would become really polished. The map does shows potential, and this is an acceptable future pathway. 
Also fix the leaks instead of putting a big box around the map! 
You're Welcome Newhouse. 
One of my favorite parts of the demo is that the fiends need to live in more open spaces and higher ceilings. 
Fixing the leaks is acceptable. Thanks for the advice. 
Yeah, What Shambler Said 
I would also add:
- source your lights;
- be mindful of your texture alignments, and pay extra care when you "cut" textures: when you have metal bolts cut in half by the geometry or wrapping around it, that's not good (a bolt head doesn't bend);
- vary enemy encounters. As it is, this map is basically a series of horde fights.

That said, it was pretty fun to mow down bunches of knights and enforcers, and this is a much better effort than the previous. Keep it up! 
I Am 
an authoritarian FPS.

If it's any consolation, Shambler refused to review my first release back in 1999. 
And Then Ur IKBlue Map Was One Of My Favourite Releases In Recent Year 
....go figure :P 
Authority And Anti-Authority 
Being an authoritarian FPS is not a bad thing (and can be a good thing). What was the anti-authoritarian one in the past becomes authoritarian when it gets older, and the inverse of such situation can happen. When I used anti-authoritarian in the main thread post I meant "anti-government/anti-corporation". Tronyn's post is interesting in that respect, and Shambler's one here is just as good. ;) 
Fun map. I was waiting for teleportation shambler once the door is open GC, but he didn't come :(

In addition, "func_door_secret" entity can have different values of "angle" property.

Demo (skill 1) - 
GC -> GK 
Referencing Doomer a bit. You also can add 'angles' key and give there values like -90 0 0 for example for doors to open down to up. You can give 'angles' key for: func_door, func_secret and func_button.

Play around with 'lip', it is basically offset how many pixels it leaves still open, or in some cases -negative lip value tells the door go this much (negative value) inside.

You can also make some doors stay open by using key 'wait' and value -1 there. 
Interesting 'angles' key stuff. 0 -90 0 and 0 90 0 are useful and come in handy. 
Don't Overcomplicate Things 
"angle" "-1" = up
"angle" "-2" = down

Leave messing around with "angles" for when you're more experienced with Quake entities. 
Hey Newhouse Is The Ad_jam Map Ready? 
Any way hexcalk i liked the map
.thats it. 
negke is actually a good person, and he's honest with his comments. The -1 and -2 angles are correct. 
As I said earlier this year with neg2betahc, the reception here is deservedly better than that of hc0. 
Thank you negke, tbh didn't know about those values. 
The Good Interpretation 
I was introduced to Worldcraft by the original CD version, through a friend who was a drug dealer at the time and we were both super young lol. I had previously messed around with Doom stuff but the idea of true 3d really blew my mind. The individual who introduced me immediately moved on to GTA and real jail. Anyway I just want to apologize for my random comment of being a dick: what I wanted to say was that, even if you start with bad feedback, and no chance of catching up to contemporary standards, that STILL doesn't mean you won't get anywhere - I just meant to say that as an example I did, and I think Shambler confirmed that. It depends on what you want to fight for. Spare time which could be used to make Quake maps, is worth considering. 
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