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New Q2SP Unit By Quakeulf
I know there are some Quake II fans around here.
This is a great 3 map unit. Quality stuff.

Screenshots & Download:
wow, screenshots look really good. 
They Look Very Proper Q2. 
Looks Beautiful 
This was fun.

That rotating sequence made me wish the game would rotate the player along with the floor; which is funny, considering that in most cases I want the opposite.

My only complaint is that the unit is too short. 
looks very nice.
Might just have to reinstall q2 - Think I asked this before somewhere but what is the q2 equivalent of like fitzquake? 
It looks really great, and I wish the gameplay matched.

I am convinced I have done something wrong with playing this. Are you really supposed to start with ~4 HP, and be expected to survive through a gauntlet of infantry before the first health kit? 
It's not that hard, even when the hitscanners show up. 
Yamagi Is Great 
The only thing I wish it had is the faster downloading support and software render. Other than that it's an amazing port (with active development) that is very faithful to the original. 
Is not something I'd want for q2. The game was designed for 3d acceleration.
I'm sure you still can get something similar by changing the texture mode if you like the blocky look 
The qbism super8 dev did some work on a Q2 software renderer:

I haven't tried to play the whole game that way, but at first glance it looks fun. 
A Damn Good Offering... 
..really enjoyable and oozing classic-ness. Good moments all over.

The one thing here you might want to look into may be the mini boss encounters, all taking place in unfitting rooms, the Mega Tank bordering on ridiculous.

Only found a couple of secrets, but I suspect (hope) the "Strogg only" doors have a reason to be.

Strangely, the humorous remarks on items pickup conveyed a retro/doomish feel in my head. These are nice! I always thought that Q2 was a bit lacking in that department.

Gonna dive back in on skill 3... 
Very Nice 
I didn't find it overly difficult, even after years of absence from Q2. The again, went in having read czg's comment, and only on skill 1. 
Going To Be Playing Through This In About An Hour 
I Got Stuck And Gave Up 
On level one, couldnt figure out how to get the blue key, every door I tried was locked. I also found a couple of 'dead man walking' bugs. 
yeah i also spent quite some time looking for that

what i found out was:

- there's adrenaline in one of the corners in the water

- dive under the blue key and look up there's a shootable button on the ceiling which breaks the glass, giving the blue key access 
Finally Completed It 

- Lots of really awesome architecture
- Ammo seemed pretty well balanced (until you get the rail gun and you end up armed to the teeth)
- fights were mostly pretty good
- lots of repopulation and re-use of areas


- important areas don't always look important enough
- convoluted progression
- spent 30 minutes looking for the exit on map 3 because the ladder had zero lighting near it and was shrouded in darkness
- no final fight! 
Just Finished It 
Great level unit. thanks to the author. there were unfair moments in the gameplay though i was trapped in the tight corridor with two mutants and nowhere to run.

btw, is there some q2 compiling guru? i'd like to make a mod with the faster switching weapons 
O-oh My 
Thank you for all the feedback. :3 I hope my next SP-unit will be better. I know I have a lot to adress. You can see some screenshots of it here: 
Yeah those screenshots and the future work all look great. Look forward to playing this (probably won't be till October though). 
I'm Stuck, Hellllllllllllp! 
I just got the Rail, I'm in the room with the Quad and Invincibility, slaughtered everyone, ofc.

Now what :( A small hint would be nice, please :)

Super solid Q2 mapping. The fight setups have been great. Aside from Megatank, as stated above it was meh... total non factor/non threatening. 
It Was A Glitch, No Help Needed. 
One of the baddies didn't spawn but I went back and replayed it to that point, all is good now :) 
I played your unit Quakeulf, and i provide some demos. I recorded them in theoriginal engine, just in case there is some issues with protocols like in Quake, but unfortunately i have not recorded one for your third map and part of the second, and i lost the saves for replaying it. The order goes 1-1b-2-2b-1c-2c-missing one-1d, but you'll probably want to miss the first one after i begin search for the blue key, it took me around 20 minutes to figure it out and i stop recording till i found the way, but even with that, there is a lot o boring searching in the first demo.

About the unit itself, it is very good, fun and well done. The layout is interesting, has a good reuse of areas, the lighting is very good and atmospheric, the combats well planned for most of it, well hidden and with adequate rewards secrets, good placing and choice of ammo, and the rotating part awesome and well planned.

About the more negative part:
- It is not clear where to go sometimes.
- First map: is it possible to get out of the last pond of water? I couldn't find the way. The idea or the button for the blue key is good, but no one would expect it to be where you put it. A better idea would be for it to be a button near the door on the inside.
- On the second: it is nice the first time one drops to the water that it send the player to different area and can go back through the first map, but for accidental falls, that can be frustrating.
- Overall, the third map looks like you wanted to end it soon or it lacks playtesting, as it has more flaws than the rest.
- The bosses are badly placed. It is easy to abuse that, and the worst case with the tank_boss, that never tried to even shot me, because my higher position stopped him from doing so. The flyer one could go with some minions like in the original Id level.
- If the Railgun wasn't in an early secret, then you gave too much ammo before reaching it. I saw around 13 slugs packs when i took it.
- I could snipe without retaliation in several encounters, using the blaster, till i could find the RL and RG for that. It is a bit of a pity.
- Near the end of the third, when the 3 tank are waiting for the player, i took them out from their backs without the others noticing at all.
- I would have liked to see more of the other power-ups this game offers, like the suits for slime and underwater-diving, or armour shards.
- After the rotating part, it would be better if the tank would awake after the player lands on the ground.
- The mutants where nonthreatening where they were placed, for most of the time, and just a waste of ammo. Would be better to put them in the closets that close behind the player or in other panic situation.

I hope i see your next unit soon. 
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