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Quoth Mini-Episode: Rune Of Blood
Start map, two small maps, final arena. By "MJB".
These were some of my very first maps created, so it's rough around the edges!

I forgot I uploaded it to quaketastic hah. 
I played through this and it was fun. The secrets in particular were great, the first map having an amazing extended secret that gives you a sniping advantage.

As stated some of the stuff is "rough." The tiny foot sized elevators are horrible and almost made the boss map impossible because I couldn't find what to do. These things are really, really terrible... But I figured it out. Also the monster counts seem off.

Some of the details and map ideas were really great, the themed areas in the base map, the curved pipes and all the details on the walls. Also the moving lights down the corridor were awesome and I've never seen that done before. Great stuff.

The start map, well it is what it is... Otherwise some cool stuff here, could have used some more TLC. Had fun. 
Screenshots? :) 
Sure here you go:

Another thing to note is that I did Preach's NM hack to have a different skill level when choosing Skill 3. So if you do try Nightmare, it is intended to be pretty crazy.


Haha thanks for the post! This was simply me testing stuff in Quoth which is why the base map has so many gimmicks. Quoth has a lot of cool stuff to be sure!

The second level is called Incommodious because for some reason I didn't test the map until I had a large layout already finished. I realized how narrow everything was and just went with it.

Start map was just to have something other than bringing down the console for my brother to play.

113 Textures Missing 
I didn't notice any missing textures, although I did see many misaligned. Like id1 misaligned :) Still, it didn't deter me from the gameplay, which was enjoyable. The second map was the best of the three, showing off some nice detail and backtracking.

As others have said, its rough around the edges, but its far from the worse thing I've played. With a little more polish, I'd give it a solid thumbs up. Fine work :)

First run demo, hard skill: 
What Horrors 
Thanks for the demo, it was amusing to watch. Nice job getting the RA secret on the second map!

Even though I never intended to release, I do still enjoy some aspects of these map heh. Maybe I will toss my first id1 episode on quaketastic as well... 
If You Do Make An Id1 Episode 
You have to name it "What Horrors" 

Not much i can say, as i died early, but it was fun. I hope it can help you. 
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