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New Q1SP: Unknown Kadath - Official Release!
Well its been too long in the making but its finally here: Unknown Kadath a classic Quake single player map. This map can be run in stock WinQuake for a retro 90s feel! Quakespasm is also an obvious choice.

Please see the readme redfield.txt in the zip file for instructions, a story and more.

I'd like to thank the whole community for all the support and activity that goes on. Special thanks to Daz and negke for playtesting.

Gallery of screens can be seen here:

Download map here:

Thanks everyone and enjoy!

Going To Be Playing Through This In About Two Hours 
Time Zones? 
It's 19:30 here now, and you'll be playing in about two hours from 23:53. What time will that be here? 
... I guess 20:00 from the timestamp? 
FDA Demo

Great map with a nice old-school flair. Played it on skill 2 with no deaths and 4/8 secrets. 
Congrats on the release and nice work getting this back inside the limits. Maybe you even changed a little too much, some areas feel way simpler than before. But it's good practice for sure and helps with getting a better understanding of the technical side of things. 
Looks Decent... 
....but is there any UNOFFICAL BOOTLEG release I can download instead? 
Enjoyed It 
I was sad to hear you intentionally removed some detail in order to bring the map within classic Quake standards, but I won't dwell on it. I'll let the first run demo do the talking. Nice work :) 
Thnx All 
Glad to see some people have got to enjoy the map.

@Ionous: Took a look at your stream, nice playthrough. Also saw you working on EpisodeJam map I think. Looks like awesome stuff.

@Danzadan: Great demo. You are skilled, even I die at my own traps. Impressive secret findings.

@negke: Thanks. Yeah it was always an intent to make it work for stock Quake. But I did "go nuts" with the delete button. Some areas did not end up exactly as I wanted but I had to put my foot down as enough was enough.

@Orl: Cool playthrough. Yeah, the cathedral area took a big hit and I'm still not totally happy about it. Next time I don't think I will aim for stock Quake limits.

@Shambler: There was a bootleg but Interpol dealt with that matter... 
Skill 2 first run demo:

I liked the map, some nice monster surprises.
Difficulty setting was spot on for me. Enjoyable 15 minutes. 
Nice map. It reminds me more of Quake's official mission packs than of Quake itself. 
#10 the pestilence/death/famine/war stained glass
and the extensive use of rock textures, one of the expansion maps has that

The pestilence/death/famine/war stained glass are from Hexen II IIRC. They're part of the Hexen II plot. 
Pretty sure they first appeared in Quake Mission pack #2, Dissolution of Eternity. I believe the first time you see it is in R1M6 (Temple of Pain), after picking up the gold key, when (I think) you first encounter the wraith.

As for the map, well done. Very much enjoyed the progression descent downward, which feels very Lovecraftian in nature, to secrets buried. Well done.

Oh, and thanks for the kind words. 
Window Textures 
ionous is correct 
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