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New Q1SP (AD) Forgotten Sepulcher

The next big release for Arcane Dimensions is finally here! This a technical masterpiece and a monster of a map with roughly 60k brushes. All beautifully realized by Simon, and made possible through the engine updates by Eric. Please take note that you need AD 1.5 and the new engine provided in this thread to play the map. I would also recommend reading the ad_sepulcher readme for further information.

** this map requires a new engine and AD 1.5 **

New Quakespasm / Quakespasm-spike Engine

Map file:


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Ok, I Think I Got The Sounds Back. 
WTF happened to my sound files ? I hade to redownload AD1.5... 
No Nightmare Skill In The Chapters Start Map ? 
I'm looking for the nightmare skill in the chapters start map. Even with noclip, can't find any ? FTW ? 
Secret Button For Nightmare... 
Is by ad_zendar entrance, walk up to the non-entrance door and turn around ;) 
Thanks Damage_corp ! 
In the new c
sepulcher map, I love thos exploding balloon-like bastards. Funny as hell !

This map is really awesome.

And the new visual effects are really great too. They add alot to the atmosphere. 
Impossibly Good 
crazy amount of details and as always quakiest atmosphere ever. thanks for this!
looks like i missed alot since i have finished with ~100 monsters alive, need to rediscover ;) 
You Know You Have A Masterpiece... 
...when the size of an uncompressed demo for a single map exceeds 5gb :D

Awesome, as expected. Got 33 or so secrets, missed less than 30 monsters, I guess it's a success... Some buttons behind wooden bars seemed impossible to press, that was confusing, wonder if something was broken. Not completely sure about what did I accomplish by finishing the sacrifice, killing all the kraken children and unleashing the lich fiend :D 
Playthrough - 
It's Pronounced... 

Bloody American Pronunciation 
Latest Quakespasm Can't Run Ad_sepulcher 
Host_Error: Mod_LoadLeafs: 73755 leafs exceeds limit of 70000. 
** this map requires a new engine and AD 1.5"

New Engine Quakespasm / Quakespasm-spike 
I swear, you could keep your credit card numbers in a file named "readme" and they would be perfectly safe. 
I Always Read READMES So Please Actually Leave Your Credit Card Number 
But only if you wish to be robbed by me :D 
I would love to see how you organize your Quake folder(s). I hate having all my maps/mods/engines etc. dumped in the root folder with all the demos, zip files, paks and what not. So hard to understand what is what.

Also, can't get the mod to work. The QSS engine will not launch. I overwrote the quakespasm.pak with the new one. I'm pretty sure I was using a 64-bit QS before. Is there not a 64-bit of QSS? How do I work around this? 
Screw It 
I just overwrote my base QS install in the root Quake directory with the QSS stuff. 
Perhaps An Unpopular Opinion 
But I think the fire particle effects look a little silly, especially when paired with fire models that are just a few rotating polygons. Just doesn't look Quakey. 
The map is excellent. The presence of the exploding boils, which remind me of Dead Space, make the map 10/10 alone.

@sevin. I agree about the Quakespasm Spiked effects. They look overblown and out of place to me. It looks like Darkplaces Epsilon or something. But I guess that's why one can just use Quakespasm.

Thanks for making this SoC/Giftmacher/Eric! 
Agree About The New Effects 
But I think the fire particle effects look a little silly, especially when paired with fire models that are just a few rotating polygons. Just doesn't look Quakey.

They feel very Q3A and out of place for sure. Same with the enhanced explosions. Most of us are playing the game with pixels on. It's a bad fit. I think the boils could be a bit more dangerous when they attack but want to finish the level before committing to that 100%. Other that these small things the map is crazy and inspiring. I don't like being lost in a level at all but I get that that's a conscious design decision so no worries. 
Superb release!
The map full of mystery, magic and secrets as it should in quake universe!
Thank you!

Here is my playthrough on normal: 
Fuck Me This Is Out?? 
Screenies look amazing. Will play soon. 
Amazing map. I loved it.
Usually I don't go back to a map after finishing it but here I reloaded from last save and explored for one more hour.
Played on normal skill which was really relaxing.
Two demos. First ends after I reach the exit. The second one is longer I think and is the exploration and secret hunting.

I still don't have a feeling for the layout. Just running around trying to find new things.
I liked the particle effects and the mysterious atmosphere. All monsters are great too.
Will play again today evening.
Didn't have any problems with installation/launching the new engine etc. 
After Killing The Kraken Children 
The message barely lasts more than one second. I have no idea what I just accomplished. 
@Haunter - pull the console down - you can read it there 
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