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Map Jam 9 Released - Contract Revoked Theme
After long weeks of mapping Map Jam 9 is finally released. We have 15 incredible maps from the following authors, including one very special guest:


Download 1
Download 2

Quoth 2.2 is required to play this jam! You can download Quoth here

Don't forget to record demos and share your experience with the authors.
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Skacky's Map Too, Not Loading From Start Map 
And yet, I can load them all from the console.

Wathever the value I'm using for heapsize or other parameters, I'm getting the same results.

I can load about half the maps from the start map, the others give me the same error message :

"Host_Error : Illegible server message 110. Previous was svc_serverinfo"

What is happening here ? 
I honestly have no idea why it's doing this. None of us have encountered this issue.
What's the path to your installation of Quake? Does it have a space? 
Try with the stable release of quakespasm:
or markv. 
Yeah - I can reproduce that with Quakespasm-spike r7. Just use regular Quakespasm or markv 
I confirm that the official "stable" QS solves the issue (apparently), so it appears to be related to the version you gave me by email.

I'll contact you about this (by email). I still have a few tests to do, to try to isolate the cause. 
Pressing The Pale Coloured Demon Head Switches In Jam9_Giftmacher: 
CALL2 596(WriteByte)()
: centerprint
: centerprint_toall
: counter_use
: SUB_UseTargets
: DelayThink
: centerprint
WriteDest: not a client
Host_Error: Program error
Fantastic Work, Guys! 

Seriously, what an amazing turnout this was. There were lots of unique takes on the theme, and I can personally say that this could be another milestone for the community. Congrats to everyone who participated. It's been a hell of a ride.

Favorite maps in no particular order:

@Barnak It's Strictly A Quakespasm Spike Issue (as You're Aware By Now 
Ironically yesterday as I was awaiting the mapjam 9 release I played through Quoth 2.2 and had the exact same error message when loading e1m2; via console or going through the end portal of e1m1.
What's strange is I can load a savegame of e1m2 on Quakespasm spike if I load e1m2 and create the save with regular Quakespasm first. That was my workaround to playing it. 
Having Fun! 
Ok so I've played through 4 maps going in alphabetical order so far. They have all been fun and had some great architecture and gameplay ideas. I have a zip with the first 4 demos if the mappers want to see me play. Played on skill 2.

Bloughsburgh - Jam9_mjb - Very gory and twisted map. I have a sensitive stomach. Loved the spinning blades. Found a few secrets and ended the map without the super secret. Very neat ideas.

Breezeep - Jam9_breezeep - Loved the castle in a canyon idea. Great arena battles here with lots of room. Found all 7 secrets and had lots of fun.

DelusionalBear - Jam9_dbear - A neat little map. Had a hard time with ammo at the start until I got the rocket launcher. Some tough ambushes on this one.

Dumptruck_ds - Jam9_dumptruck - Great creepy music and new sound effects here. An interesting layout with some thinking about where I was to go next. I died so my demo is a second run. Couldn't find that last secret.

That's all for now. Have a crazy work schedule this week, and still working on my own map. Will continue with playthrough later. Thanks all!

Demo zip:

@Redfield thanks for the demo

Seen two playthroughs of my map, not enough for any kind of statistics, but sort of interesting how first secret hasn't been found. I thought connection would be obvious :) oh, well.. next time maybe 
Twitch Stream Play From Last Night

I play pretty much all the maps from the bottom floor except PuLSaR's and I play some of the maps from the top floor. It's a hell of a long stream (5 hours), the first 30 minutes isn't anything so you can skip it. 
Thanks 5th! 
Gonna watch that later since my internet comp is still acting up (or rather, not acting at all) and I can't DL. 
YES! Played Them All 
what other wrote, do not use the heapsize command suggested in readme, some maps do not load with it + do not save/load in Kell┬┤s map to avoid technical problems.

Bloughsburgh jam9_mjb
-this one was disgusting, congratulations, have not finished it yet

Breezeep jam9_breezeep
-superB visuals, had no ammo in the end

DelusionalBear jam9_dbear -nice, short

dumptruck_ds jam9_dumptruck -great horror atmosphere due to new music, some unique tough fights

G1ftmacher jam9_giftmacher
-nice, will play again to find more areas/kill more monsters

Haunter jam9_haunter
-nice, short

Ionous jam9_ionous
-can not wait for the full version

Kell jam9_kell
-perfect, very atmospheric

Mukor jam9_mukor
-was fun

Naitelveni jam9_naitelveni -dark base with q2 feel at the beginning (great lighting), I have not finished it yet

NewHouse jam9_newhouse -fun doomish horde combat

onetruepurple jam9_otp
-the intro reminded me of Interstellar movie

Pulsar jam9_pulsar -top visuals, not huge level in size, intense dark citadel fight

ShoTro jam9_shotro
-I have some more revealing to do

skacky jam9_skacky
-huge library, lots of wandering around, insane battles, one of my favourites

skacky start

Mugwump music
-Sign of Koth is perfect fit, so is the 25min To Infinity and Back track mentioned during development

thank you all 
Sure You Played Them All? 
Thanks For The Feedback 
on my music. Would appreciate a word from others. 
the intro reminded me of Interstellar movie

Thanks for the comment. And yes, guilty as charged, I went to a Nolan marathon (Dunkirk-Interstellar-Inception (all of which are his grade B films imo)) a couple days before the deadline and the idea of recreating the tesselated bookshelf just wouldn't leave my head.

No comments on the rest of the map confirms my worries that the intro was the only good bit... ;) 
Can't wait to see that! Big fan of Interstellar and Nolan in general. 
nah, the rest was good fun too. good sewer/library contrast. sewer part wins second-most-disgusting-place-in-jam9 (pissfalls!) trophy (after Bloughsburgh┬┤s slaughterhouse), lots of deadly traps; upper parts maybe too colorful for me/for quake level tho. discovered only one secret (megahealth)

Naitelveni - some stunning architecture/texturing in the final arena!

skacky - u suggesting some secret level, or just pointing out I have not finished them all to the very end? 
I am certain there's a secret level. Some buttons in the start map. 
Similar Bug As Shambler 
In jam9_kell, if I press either of the blue cross buttons above the bookcases right where you start, I get dumped to console:

CALL2 596(WriteByte)()
: centerprint
: centerprint_toall
: counter_use
: SUB_UseTargets
: button_wait
: SUB_CalcMoveDone
WriteDest: not a client
Host_Error: Program error

I have quoth 2.2 (march 2015 pak2.pak). Happens on various engines (qs, markv, fitz 085)

Awesome pack so far, will post demos! 
Use the Quoth 2.2* from Preach's website.

* - who thought doing an update and not updating the version number was a good idea?! 
Got It. 
The patch and full releases are different. Switching to the full release (november 2016 pak2.pak) fixed it. 
how cool is that? thanks for the tip. additional level was mega, but I somehow missed all of its 8 secrets during first run 
Played 2 Maps 
kell - proper atmosphere and balance, cool idea with low grav. cool to see kell's new creation.

naitelveni - huge, unbalanced, annoying book secret where i sucked to find final book, annoying clipping in bloodroom. and totally unbalanced final battle, died many times and ragequit.

all in all cool to see new maps in this theme! gj everyone!

here are firstplay demos (with alot of death in naitelveni's map ;) 
Went Left In The Start Map And Started With:

What a cool map! Looks simply amazing, an almost dream-like combination of purple fog and yellow lights over a Knave city. Insane levels of detail too, the Silver Key room was gorgeous as was the the main courtyard with the red slime.

I didn't find it unbalanced but still died at the final fight, I think I would have preferred another respawning health pack over a respawning GA...

The starting area was nice but probably unnecessary, IMO.

It definitely didn't seem like it needed to vis for several days, wtf!?

Really enjoyed the underground Vore bits and the use of id1 textures. Did not like the buggy fence textures so much, nor the fullbrights at the final fight.

Basically good map, amazing looking, quite rough around the edges, next map ASAP please. 
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