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Q1SP: Egyptian Thing
A medium-sized Egyptian pyramid level with mostly casual gameplay and dark shadows.

Orginally started for Retro Jam 6, but as usual I didn't finish within the deadline so it's released slightly later. Kind of screwed up and hit several limits which caused further delays and explains a lack of features or details in certain places. Eventually I grew sick of it, admitted defeat, and just released it, so now there are some ugly workarounds to make it work on old ports (check the Readme for instructions).

Best to just use a port with increased limits like Quakespasm, though. Darkplaces is NOT recommended due to massive lighting glitches!

Not much "retro", after all, but whatever.

Id only, does not work with -quoth -hipnotic -yourmum or whatever.

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ID1, Standard Quake, As Should Be Expected 
I thought I already had made the buttons stand out more after some of the testers commented on it. Still not enough apparently. Let me guess, you missed the SK button? Those shells there are just too damn attractive...

The name was a indeed a temporary working title, but then I forgot about it and eventually just kept it. A tribute to jam organizer! (although lacking beard on pharao face and signature butt crack rock) 
Fuck Yeah 
Will install quake on work computer for new negke. Ready for a weirdly painfully satisfying not quite right kind of digressively inspired by first wave custom maps Quake experience! 
Fuck Yeah 
Will install quake on work computer for new negke. Ready for a weirdly painfully satisfying not quite right kind of digressively inspired by first wave custom maps Quake experience! 
Just Want To Reiterate 
Very excited/ drunk 
outside the pyramid: too lo-poly
inside the pyramid: good xploration 
Playthrough Shortly

Probably fifteen minutes. 
According To OneTruePurple... 
This is the 74th map of 2017. Is it the best year yet ? 
It's A Fucking Great Year For Quake. 
Old + new, heavily modded + vanilla, uber-complex + id-level. 
Great Map 
hi negke, congrats on the release. you grew sick of i, but i enjoyed it a great deal. i tested the map with darkplaces and then with quakespasm and everything seems OK to me. no glitches.. no problems. so darkplaces is viable option here. or maybe i just got lucky and used correct version of darkplaces.

regarding the low-polyness of the outside area...'s a pyramid in the flat desert which by definition means pretty low-poly scenery :-)

i played the map with browncloud skybox. it fits perfectly. link -

Good Shit Negke. 
I recorded a few skill 2 demos in the wee hours of earlier today, so some questionable gameplay may follow. Nearly got my ass handed to me by the monsters but then the map itself did it instead.

This map seamlessly merges:

1) the dark and tight feel of the inside of a pyramid, with

2) an inherent "negke-ness" - the architecture being inexplicably mechanical despite its nature, the sense of purpose given to the majority of places, and a clear (and creatively pulled off) goal to accomplish

And it makes for a very well designed map overall. 
No Playthrough Right Now

But probably at some later point! 
Cool Map 
Nice layout, good encounters, cool hacks. I got lost a little, managed to miss the button that brings down the SK (found a few secrets while I was looking for it), had to watch zwiffle's youtube playthrough to find it.


Good job! 
I Played This At Work Today 
but didn't get to finish it. It's fucking fun, spooky and beautiful. I will finish this for sure. Excellent map Negke. Interesting sky texture.. Curious about that. <flipping to readme...> 
The Sky Texture 
Is from ikbase. 
Good Stuff 
People harp on about my episode having so many map hacks, this one single map has more hacks than my entire episode put together. Hacks aside, it was very enjoyable, a very proper Egyptian theme. The ending enemies were bizarre, and I had no idea what that invincible jumping fiend was all about. Good map nonetheless!

First run playthrough, hard skill 
I'm aware the outside area is awfully plain. I held off making it until the very end, but then couldn't do much since I had already exceeded marksurfaces. I wanted it to be a big desert-like area from the get-go and felt like it had to have some event in order to keep the map from feeling anti-climatic. Originally, I had intended some dunes and ruins to break up the flatness, and a little camp for the graverobbers.
Still, I think it's somewhat acceptable the way it is if you consider it's in the desert which normally isn't the most detailed of places. The map does use sunlight2 @skacky, but of course there's nothing to cast shadows and make things more interesting in terms of contrast and varyation. Plus I got fed up experimenting.

The dunes/slopes around the area are outside of the 8192 range, by the way, in case you wondered why there are clipped off.

What I'm most disappointed about is the fact that the SK button is so easy to miss apparently, despite being in plain sight. At first it was on the other side of a stone block, and when testers missed it, I turned it into a floor button with some trim arond it in the hope it would be seen when walking by. Alas, people still tunnelvision toward the shells and then examine/jump down the ledge. This is the type of weird issues that shouldn't happen, but does for some reason...

Fun fact: all of the secrets can be reached in two ways; one that involves shooting (4/5) and one that's jump walking/jumping.

Orl, no idea what happened with the fiend there, certainly wasn't intentional. My guess is the poor guy somehow got knocked out of his functions when the sandball exploded right next to him. 
Good job man. Really sharp in a lot of ways... thumbs up for the non-usual angled geometry and the monster placement (including some stuff like "creepy backlit zombie" that may or may not have been intentional). The map seemed to flow well without feeling linear; good sightlines, e.g. "I'm trying to get back up higher oh I see the staircase", and I liked both where you put the shortcuts and how you drew attention to them.

(Yeah the map hacks are strong with this one. A description of what's going on behind the curtain would be interesting.) 
Thanks for the demo. Did you use any non-standard settings like a higher host_maxfps or something? Because obviously the spawns in the pit aren't supposed to be crushed and the sandballs usually jump down from the sky in a circular pattern. Also it looked like that one lift didn't quite work as intended, either. 
Yeah, host_maxfps 125.
>spawns in the pit aren't supposed to be crushed
What do you mean?
>sandballs usually jump down from the sky in a circular pattern
I launched the map (with default fps) and skipped to the end to check. I think some sort of aggressive audio cue would help a lot. The fight is the same regardless, since they are modified tarbabys(?) 
Never Raise Host_maxfps Beyond 72. 
This will fuck up the physics in a thousand ways, from small innocent bugs to elevators gibbing the player mid-ride. 
The next QS release will have a console warning if host_maxfps is >72, saying that physics will be broken. 
Good That There's A Warning Now But... 
I play at 144Hz - "damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!"

Luckily I've only encountered a few maps (including one of mine) that are affected. As soon as something weird happens I back down to 60. 
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