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New Q1SP (AD): Paradise Sickness
A new adventure for Arcane Dimensions:

"Somewhere far in the eastern desert an ancient necropolis has been uncovered. Now a shadowy organization has begun excavating the site and seeks to control its secrets. Your investigations have revealed that something unimaginable may lie hidden in these ruins, and so you strike out to uncover the truth. Can you solve the riddle of the Sphinx? Are you worthy to find Paradise?..."

This map is for Arcane Dimensions. Ideally you will have the latest version available on Quaddicted already installed. Extract the .zip file into your Quake/ad (Arcane Dimensions) directory. You MUST keep the file structure intact. The map will crash if the models are not installed in the correct folders. After installation, launch AD and choose your skill. Type map ad_paradise in the console and your journey begins...

This map supports Quakespasm v0.92.1, Mark V v1.0, and Darkplaces (2014/05/13 build). Newer builds are untested. Darkplaces users MUST turn off RT World lights. The map can also be played in Quakespasm Spiked.

I want to give thanks to my testers Lane Powell, Ionous, and Negke for invaluable advice and bug finding. Also I have received amazing technical help from EricW and Spike on lighting matters. Also thaks to Sock and the AD team, and all of func_msgboard.

PLEASE see the readme.txt for the map story, credits, secrets and more.



I love the few Indiana Jones parts and music !

Fun and great map. Found half the secrets in a first run. Will replay it this weekend. 
Going To Play Through This In About Two Hours 
Good Map 
Congrats on the release! 
Found The Super Secret. 
Loved that ringing ring !

It shows that you dude had fun doing this map, with all the tricks, and that you're a fan of Dr. Jones ! ;-) 
Amazing Map 
Didn't find much secrets (I think it was 4 or 5 out of 11?), but really loved the visuals and the combat pace.

No overuse of enemies, nice combat pacing, well-made rooms and structures, not too hard to find the way around, really nice to play. Will def replay it later! 
Gave It A Replay 
Found 9 out of 11 (one of them was the Super-Secret and the Sphinx Riddle), really clever and well tought secrets.

The ones i missed was the Extra Grenade Launcher and a few ammo packs on the exit of Dig Site A.

If someone could gimme a light on those i would appreciate. 
Great Work 
Really nicely themed release, tons of great little details, and a bevy of amusing secrets. Well done. 
Great map with neat details. I liked how you turned some tablets into "books" you could read.

Had a problem where a lift inside the "fool me once" secret made me get hurt on nothing, but otgerwise great!

How'd you do the rolling stone? 
Glad People Are Having Fun 
Thanks all,

This map is small AD map, and certainly not the most detailed by AD standards, but one thing I said when making it was: the player is going to have fun and hopefully get some laughs.

Just like an Indiana Jones flick, this map was made to play on a lazy afternoon and have a good time.

@Barnack: Yeah, after making the Sonic ring I sat in that room for like 10min. just listening to it.

@Ionous: Sorry I missed your live stream, I'm guessing I was sleeping. Watched it later, you found way more secrets, awesome! Thnx again for the beta.

@Negke: Thnx, couldn't have done this without your help!

@Matsilagi: You've almost got all the secrets. If you can't find those last two, you can check the README for a full secrets guide, watch Ionous' stream, I think he found them, or just look really closely at the walls near those secrets...

@Qmaster: That lift was the ONLY one I never got the physics glitch on! That thing is a plague. The Indy boulder is a func_rotate_train, with a func_movewall set to kill the player on contact. It is triggered in tandem with delayed breakables to explode the wall and floor on "contact."

It was a massive pain the ass to pull off. Longer than a month working on that sequence. Take a look at the map source if you want to copy it. We need more Indy boulders... Its also hard to light properly. Used minlight, _lightignore. It was just a big ugly hack.

Please feel free to upload demos for me! I will not be offended by your playstyle. I cannot beat the ending myself without dying, and even on my last playtest I was screaming "Where the hell is this last secret, I myself created!?" 
I Found All The Secrets 
Other notes:
•Star ceiling is awesome

•Indy Rock was great, about got me.

•All the little hole in the wall secrets were fun.

•Nice touch with the exploding crate damaging the walkway.

•False paradise concept and how it starts falling apart...great!

•Liked the smoke popping up after you get the artifact key and the fact the key was a globelight tickled me.

And yes, I forget my own secrets too sonetimes. Makes rewatching classics like Indiana Jones enjoyable again when you forget it later. 
I extracted the archive into "ad" directory with preserving directory structure, ran quakespasm (0.92.1) with "-game ad +map ad_paradise".

It crashed with "Mod_loadModel: progs/misc_book1c.mdl not found" message.

This file isn't present in original AD (1.5 + patch1) .zip and in yours.

The Map Requires AD 1.6 
AD 1.6 = Must 
Sorry about the confusion AAS,

I have latest version in the announcement, but some people only have AD v1.5 and haven't gotten Sepulchre yet. Maybe a moderator should AD v1.6 to my original post where I said latest version. 
Great Stuff 
Really enjoyed this one! It felt like a mini adventure starting from the surface and descending down deep into the pyramid, uncovering its mysteries. The rolling boulder is one of the best traps I've ever seen and was proud to be squished by it the first time. And the secrets just put a smile on my face :)

First-ish run playthrough, hard skill.

Great work Redfield, this ones worth going back and exploring! 

- boring boxy room designs throughout
- some inconsistencies in scale and design quality


+ everything else i.e.:
+ good themes throughout with a sensible blend of the two
+ really nice thematic story telling
+ good details within those rooms
+ style balances out Quakiness with "real" concept
+ funny moments i.e. indiana jones
+ some good exploration
+ fun combat throughout
+ arenas pretty well balanced
+ lighting etc well done

I liked it and I really liked the theme combo, I did find it strange how you didn't use your obvious mapping talent for more interesting, convoluted designs. But hopefully that will come! (may have long pauses etc) 

Very solid map, nailed the feeling of adventure.
I'm gonna replay it and give it a thorough playthrough soon.
Looking forward to more from you. 
Awesome Demos All 
Thanks for taking the time to make these. Good to see people having fun finding those secrets.

@Orl: Great playthrough, glad you liked it! The Boulder seems to be hit with most people, I can't recall seeing one other than in Hipnotic's Lost Mine.

@Shambler: Thanks for the demo. Yeah, the box shaped rooms were an initial plan to keep the design simple as I was lacking confidence; this was only my second map. Also, decided to keep things "squarish" to mimic Egyptian architecture. After adding all kinds of detail, the level of detail does seem inconsistent with the shape of the rooms unfortunately. Maybe my next map will fix this. The story, gameplay and secrets were my primary focus.

@huuuuuuuuuuuuuh: Thanks for the demo. You almost got all the secrets. I have a winter themed map "in development", but I can't say what is going to become of it. 
Holy shit redfield... what can I say?

Just a mega mega map.

I streamed this last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I died really close to the end and got stuck in a quickload death loop. I should have made a proper save.

Aside from the obvious fact that it is difficult to make things Egyptian in quake, you did an amazing job. Maybe next time use obj2map for a proper sphinx or something =P

There were no real issues with the map, in one room I had a little difficulty finding a lift. Eh, that's a tiny gripe really.

It is a little strange to see tech hidden inside ancient egyptian stuff, but that's cool. It's like conspiracy bait :)

Great job on the feel and scale of the map, nice big rooms. The best part about this entire map was the rotating bridge thing. I loved it. It's a novel way to reuse the same area.

Nothing really to say except excellent job, look forward to seeing your next map :) 
Well, This Was A Lazy Sunday Afternoon... 
...and I treated myself to this INCREDIBLE effort!
Kudos, Redfield!!!
Lots of plus for the Readme spoilers too (A secret guide should be in EVERY readme!), I would bnever have found the wolf one otherwise(speaking of which, maybe a different textured platform would have helped on that one. I had seen the arrows, but kept confusing the secret platform with the other two...)!
Great, fun map. Thank you. 
Lazy Sunday Afternoon Here As Well 
What a great map. It took me quite a while to complete but it really felt like an adventure. I still have to read the extended story in the readme but I wanted to comment on the map before I forgot some details.

You did a good job at making the map come alive between things like bits of story scattered about, the rotating bridge, and the snake statue glowing red and hissing before one of the fights. Combat was good but I still think that there was room for more fighting to really take advantage of the extra monsters in the mod. I really would've liked to have seen certain monsters earlier in the map instead of saving a lot of them for the end fight. The sacrifice battle took place in an enormous room so that could've used a larger wave of enemies as well in order to add to the challenge, at least on skill 2.

The secrets were awesome and they were genuinely rewarding. A lot of them made me smile like the Indiana Jones secret and the Sonic secret. The rewards were good as was their placement throughout the map progression since I never felt too over- or underpowered. The custom sounds were great too, especially the wolf howl. I like how it was an elaborate secret set up from the very start of the map.

The story itself was pretty interesting too. The warning about the false paradise made little sense at first but when you finally provided context for it, I thought that it was awesome. You usually bring something unique to all of your maps from the very unorthodox Alice map to the custom models for your underwater jam map. This map was no exception with tons of unique elements that were employed really well. Great execution, excellent map. 
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