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Fifteen Years Of Func!
Looking at the timestamp on the General Abuse thread (Dec 23, 2002,) it seems that Func_Msgboard is now 15 years old, which is way longer than I expected it to last. Thanks everyone, for keeping this messageboard and community active and worth participating in over the many years. Every time things seem to ebb a bit, there is a resurgence, new people join and the maps keep flowing. Cheers, and as Vondur says, go map!
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Vondur Always Knows Best! 
Thanks for running/keeping this alive. A relic for the relics! 
Happy Birthday Func & Metl! 
Congrats Guys 
happy birthday func_ 
Thanks For Running This Forum 
I'm quite new here but my interactions on this forum have been nothing but enjoyable and helpful so far. Thanks for keeping this place running! 
Awesome Metl! 
I wanna put all the icons in my post!

Thanks for running a great resource and being part of keeping a fun gaming scene going :) 
You call a couple years quite new? Man, 'joined five months ago' is the embryonic stage, then. As someone who joined the party really, really late, those fifteen years of posts have proved absolutely invaluable for the learning process of mapping, to the point where the easiest way to find info on a topic seems to be just Googling "<topic>" or "func_msgboard +<topic>".

Here's to you lot for being a fantastic resource of maps, mods and information, and continuing to be such for the foreseeable future. 
Thanks metl for keeping the old girl runnin' all this time :) 
gonna get 25 someday 
Happy Birthday! 
Ditto title 
I say we go back to Qmap or Qboard, and have Peej n Frib post some news. 
Thank you for this unfailing presence. A daily fix of Func (sometimes more, obviously) is required for the well being of my Q-cells. 
Pretty neat. Here's to another 15! 
Happy Birthday Func 
I'm really glad I met all you jerk func_ers. Let's hope we get another 15 out of the ol' gal. 
Thanks metlslime and everyone else for running this community. 
GG, Func! 
Congrats, Metlslime!

Cheers, Everyone! 
I have so many maps to finish, and too much NS2 these days lol...

But I might find the energy soon ;) 
Happy birthday, Thx for keeping it alive all of you 
Thank You Buddy(ies) 
Thanks for making sure the site was set to trigger_multiple and not trigger_once, metl! 
Happy Birthday! 
Happy Birthday!
Now GO MAP!!! 
Well done! 
Thanks Metl 
For keeping func_msgboard running. And the cool Dead Space 2 sequences. You made a crate area terrifying. 
Happy birthday Func and a big thanks to everyone who makes new stuff or posts interesting things or just hangs out and adds to the atmosphere. :-) 
X2 What JohnnyLaw Posted ^^^ 
He summed it up perfectly, Thank you all. 
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