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Fifteen Years Of Func!
Looking at the timestamp on the General Abuse thread (Dec 23, 2002,) it seems that Func_Msgboard is now 15 years old, which is way longer than I expected it to last. Thanks everyone, for keeping this messageboard and community active and worth participating in over the many years. Every time things seem to ebb a bit, there is a resurgence, new people join and the maps keep flowing. Cheers, and as Vondur says, go map!
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Well done! 
Thanks Metl 
For keeping func_msgboard running. And the cool Dead Space 2 sequences. You made a crate area terrifying. 
Happy birthday Func and a big thanks to everyone who makes new stuff or posts interesting things or just hangs out and adds to the atmosphere. :-) 
X2 What JohnnyLaw Posted ^^^ 
He summed it up perfectly, Thank you all. 
only been here for a year but what a fun year its been.

Thanks for hosting a little corner on the internet for us to hang out, metl. 
Thanks Metlslime 
for creating and maintaining this den for us to lurk in 
Dittos! Thanks METL! 
I find myself checking in all the time. Best game community online for players and creators. Always enjoy seeing the awesome screenshots at break while I'm at work. Never ending supply of fun maps that I'll eventually play. Fun to be able to find answers for everything Quake and also fun to be able to help out where I can.

To another 15 years,
Thanks Metlslime! 
Here's To The Old And The New... 
...thanks metl! 
The contribution of func to keeping this game alive after 21 years ranks up there with anything Romero and Carmack have done since the game was released. Good for you and thanks to you and the moderators for stoking the fires.

Let's hit 200 maps in 2018! 
I know I'm not much of a mapper and just a lowly player on Youtube, but I definitely appreciate the fact that FUNC has been going all this time for everyone to create all of their awesome maps and mods!

Thanks metlslime and here's to more maps and fun in 2018 and beyond! =) 
Merry christmas everyone on HBD func! 
Yay Func! 
(Blows party horn) 
15 Years Flew By Fast 
Thanks to Metlslime and everyone who contributes in whatever capacity. I have slowly devolved to a lurker but I really appreciate this place. Merry Christmas and happy 2018!

PS I was not able to contribute to the awesomely high map count of 2017, but 2018 will be another story. 
Good to hear. Played jam2_tronyn last night and loved every bit of it. 
go map everyone! 
witchcraft on the quakecalendar! 
Happy Birthday Func_ ! 
subj :) 
Well Done! 
Congratulations on building such a robust community! That I spend most of my time slithering through its shadows is down to my general discomfort with social interaction, not any particular distaste for func itself.

As has been said, you've no doubt played a huge part in keeping Quake alive for so many years, and I'm impressed at your staying power. Here's to another fifteen! 
Happy Birthday Func_... 
... and Merry X-Mas :) 
Happy Birthday! 
Let's hit 200 maps in 2018!

I second that. And want to be on this 200+ list.

This humble forum gave me a door to the game industry. I couldn't be grateful enough. 
Congratulations on the sesquidecade.

Can we celebrate by adding some more post icons? There are some excellent candidates over at Discord. 
Nice Work Everyone 
15 yrs, fuck me! 
Thank You Metlslime 
15 years is a long, long time for a website / forum to survive on the internet, especially one with such a niche focus, so thank you metl for continuing to put your time and resources into keeping it going.

Thanks as well to Shambler, Vondur, and nitin for your firm(!) but gentle(!!) moderation

And finally thanks to everyone who keeps putting out custom content for Quake. Even though I don't always play every new release, I'm continuously inspired just seeing screenshots and videos of what you've all been doing.

It's really cool that a place with such a high signal-to-noise ratio still exists where smart, creative, talented people can share their work. I can't remember who coined the phrase "digital folk architecture" but I think there's no better phrase to describe what happens here and I'm glad this website is around to facilitate it. 
Congratulations And Happy New Year 
Congratulations to Metl and everyone, but especially to the mappers and all their creations over the last 15 years! Here's to many more!! 
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