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XMAS JAM: 1024^3 *Updated - New Map*
Ho Ho Ho. Much like Christmas season, this jam event concludes with eleven stones around your waist and elsewhere.

The theme was 1024^3 + AD - the goal being maps with the play space restricted to a cube of 1024x1024x1024 game units while utilizing content from the Arcane Dimensions mod.

The resulting pack features 11 highly varied maps that more or less stick to that rule, by the following authors (click names for screenshots):




Arcane Dimensions + AD 1.6 update
Quakespasm 0.93
ad_xmasjam_sock + requires AD1.7

This makes 110 maps total released in 2017.
Congrats to those who actually map!
[Edited by Vondur]
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Thanks Negke! 
More shots for mine :
Can't wait to play the rest when I get back from xmas expediton! 
The screenshots look fantastic, every single one of them!! 
Gonna download it and play them all later. Good job!!! 
Can't wait to dig in a bit later! 
My map was brought to you by Phil Collins Serious Hits... Live! 
It's Like Christmas Morning. 
Great job everyone! 
Screenshots Have Given Me A Massive Erection. 
Great looking maps. Can't wait to play them. 
Damn, Bal! 
Way to bring it (back)! Everything was master-crafted. And that Xmas secret was tops! Cheers! 
Holy Shit 
great shots
especially bal (duh) but just overall, looks very very good! 
Some Ace Shots 
looks like a fantastic pack! 
Btw Welcome Back Bal 
I Too Have A Screenshot-induced Erection 
And I look forward to relieving it by playing the pack later. It's like a later and significantly more exciting Christmas morning! 
Muk Has Made The Most Crowded Map

to be honest most of the maps felt crowded probably becasue of the limitations. hard felt hard. i can recommend, gonna add a link to moddb and try to promote it tomorrow. 
Error Loading Pritchards Map 
host_error: mod_loadmodel:
progs\xmasjam\pritchard_chair.mdl not found

I checked, it's there.

Running QS 0.93.0 on linux 
So I've Played A Few Of These. 
The general result seems to be the themes - and variety of themes - are amazing, the layouts and intricacy are superb for the size, and the cool thematic designs are great - the vibes of some of these places and their surroundings are spot on.

The gameplay however gives the impression that the maps weren't tested for *first time* playthroughs especially with some of the AD monsters in very tight places. I'd rather be having more time pressing the fire button than F6/F9. 
Not that surprising considering how finnicky the paths get in Quake. Maybe try -onlyents with the slashes flipped? 
5th: Really well done map considering how late you started. I played on nightmare, it was tricky but felt pretty well balanced. I kinda felt like it would have been more fun with more boils. Awesome job :)

Bal: Dude, this was probably my favourite map along with ionous' beast. Wonderful detailing. I noticed a bug with quickloads and quicksaves with a wind sound not precached error, weird. Anyway. Nightmare was the skill and the gameplay was indeed a nightmare XD. But in a good way. Ammo was low, but I didn't really conserve it early on, so the fault was my own. Loved the hint of blue you added to the bottom of the pipes and rocks going into the white light, a nice touch. Also, cute mailbox.

Breezeep: Beautiful brushwork. I want this to be a bigger map :( The spaces felt a lot bigger than 1024. Some good encounters there too. Well balanced. Secret finding was fun and tricky too, although I may have had some help from my viewers XD

Dumptruck: Probably the most disappointing map of the bunch, not because of what it was. But because of what it could have been. There were hints of the quality we're used to from you, but they didn't carry throughout the whole map. A big shame. The geometry was fairly basic, and the layout was a little strange. The encounters in places felt untested or unrefined. I wish you had more time to polish this map up.

Redfield: What a pretty map. Interesting encounters, nice scripting and fun concept. The crystals and the castle were really gorgeous. Not much else to say really, thanks :)

Ionous: You are like a scripting god. It was amazing that you were able to fit that much stuff in that tiny amount of space and still have it look so pretty. Great theme, great brushwork and texture choices. Encounters were a little on the tricky side (but not outright unfair), I did play on nightmare after all. A good story to boot. While I thought other maps played a little better, your map is waaay up there in terms of aesthetics and execution, well done man.

Muk0r: Like Ionous, good job on getting so much stuff in such a little space. Great job on the theme and the brushwork. Sorry about missing those shootable shelves. Gameplay was tricky with the amount of ammo you gave. The backpacks were a cool idea, I think you just needed to stuff them fuller XD. There was a lot to love about this map, I kind of thought that the limitations of the size hindered it though. I would have liked to have seen this same map, with the same style geometry spread a little more, it would have felt more city-like and less maze-like.

Naitelveni: This map had really really strong gameplay. The geometry was good, so was the theme, but it was simple and seemed to be more a device for good gamplay than as something to ogle at. Thank you for the fun frag-fest. Those early shamblers were mighty hard on nightmare btw =P

Negke: Great brushwork. Interesting theme. The textures you used are very different from what I probably would have done myself (that isn't to say they're bad). How many textures did you use in this map? I feel like I could count them on two hands. Getting such an interesting theme with so few textures... Crazy. The map had some interesting encounters, probably not the best in the pack, but solid none the less. The exit mechanic was excellent, and took me a little while to work out. One tiny criticism, plz don't stretch textures like that with the windows :(

Pritchard: At the moment your map isnt working for me, I'll get back to you with some feedback once it is.

Tens: What an interesting theme! A fun map too considering how few monsters. Good job getting the crate and snow / caves areas to work with the ornate magical area. well set up boss fight too, especially considering that lack of playable area. was fun :) 
Awesome Pack 
Very cool maps and I really like how varied the styles are. It's like every map is completely different from the previous one. Good job everyone and thanks for participating.
Gameplay-wise, many of the maps are quite crowded and harder than usual due to the restricted space but also the specific use of AD enemies.

Bal: Very pleasant surprise return, hopefully the first of many maps. Impressive brushwork and details. Not too dark for me. Cool secrets.

Breezeep: Always amazes me how well the textures work in Quake despite being the opposite of dark brown. Nice-looking map. Gameplay tough but manageable with plenty of ammo. Would have wished for a more powerful weapon. Well, there's the widow maker secret, but I didn't find it until afterwards - the key can be grabbed through the bars by the way.

dumptruck_ds: Bit of a dungeon crawler. It's nice how at some point the map opens up into the big lava cave and the roof area. I would have wished for just a little more texture variety - some strong detail texture to be used throughout the level on the bigger walls perhaps. The tortured baby sounds (I hope you didn't record them yourself) are creepy as hell. The crib part.. you must really hate the Christmas miracle! :)

FifthElephant: This turned out rather cool, not what I expected from your blockout, even though I do recognize it. It was good fun. Didn't get the SSG, but there are at least two Shambler-style speed tricks to reach it that I spotted but didn't attempt or failed to pull off.

ionous: The style is great and I like the layout and how you progress through it. Maybe a bit over the top on monster density. I didn't check the books, though it seems you have a good story going on there? Visual novel and all...

ItEndsWithTens: Cheers for finishing it. Nice little map on a big scale, or small map with a big scale? Essentially a boss map. Wasn't hard due to LG OPness and respawning ammo, but a good finale to the pack.

mukor: It looks very nice and cozy, and I'm talking about the map, not the statues butt. Very consistent. Gameplay is another thing though, because I found it to be extremely hard and unforgiving due to a high monster count and quite insufficient supplies. I made the mistake of playing hard skill and died like seven times (actually, that's the reason there are no demos - I thought it would have been too painful to watch). Lol intermission.

Naitelveni: A rather intresting-looking level, the color combinations in particular. I didn't enjoy the gameplay much, because it was overly crowded and hard, mostly tight arena fights with obstacles.

negke: Bit of an alibi submission based on an old retrojam2 scrap and rushed to finish. I had started another map originally which was supposed to have an intricate mini layout like ionous' map, but it took too long and I realized I wouldn't be able to finish it in time, so instead I finished this one.

Pritchard: Very atmospheric 'cabin in the woods' realism map, nicely pulled off and good details. Layout feels good and how you deal with each floor. The levers could have been highlighted better. The end fight was too extreme for me and I cheated. Does one get a reward for breaking all crates?

Redfield: Cute and nicely done diorama of Vondur's iceberg Disney's movie. Totally unquakey visuals creating a unique experience. Not sure it's an apt comparison, but it left a Xen-like impression. Yay for the super secret. 
Joke failed: it should read Vondur's iceberg!

Pritchard/Shamblernaut: upon checking the map file, the path to the chair model is all wrong - it uses double backslashes. I did change it so the chair model would be in progs\xmasjam. But I have no idea how the \\ could have happened or if it had been there before. I'm very sorry if it was indeed my fault.
I would have supplied a quick .ent fix, but it turns out Pritchard apparently to BSP2 (wtf?!) so the bspinfo tool can't read it. 
Double-backslashes was a bug/problem in an older TrenchBroom build (rc3 I think?). The map was probably saved in that TB version at one point.

tyrann's and my bsputil has "--extract-entities" which saves out a .ent file and works on bsp2. 
Coverage Of The Pack 
I'm still playing through all the maps, will post more extensively when I'm done, but what I've played so far is great. Good mix of themes!

It turns out my map is a bit too hard (play on skill 1!), and a bit too dark (increase brightness!) Thanks to all the people sending demos, streams and videos, it's very educational and entertaining!

If anyone is interested, I've uploaded the additional cr8 textures I made for the map:
Nothing major, a few new ones, and lots of tweaks of existing textures to make them more versatile, or to remove the dark borders that are annoying when using them on convex edges (mostly with the trims). 
Double backslashes were still affecting me in RC4 but I thought I went back and manually edited them out in notepad...

I'm probably going to upload a new version with some much-needed improvements in about a week and a bit, once I get home from this vacation... Thanks for all the feedback so far, everyone! 
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