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SM185 - 1024 Units
super impromptu speedmapping session hosted by myself on terrafusion Discord.

Not expecting any bites, I posted ad_mountain.wad and Bals DM4 trim wad with a (loose) 1024 unit limit on the 3rd. Got some bites though, so we let it run through the holiday into the 5th.

Final tally of 6 maps:

- jcr
- artistical
- onetruepurple
- draqu
- muk
- wwwwww

Nice Maps! 
Very high-quality maps, I liked everything

ww, I'm very hasty, so I was killed two times. Sorry. Three demos )) 
Demos Of Digs 
Thanks! It seems to me you're not using the progs fix to make fish non-solid on death, though. :( 
Nice Stuff. 
They all had merits and fun. I think my favourites were Draqu's for a cute layout and really nice style, and WW for a generally interesting and suitable set-up. from 3:35 
Great Set 
I just played through these and made comments in the order in which I played the maps. This was a very high quality set especially given the size and time constraint. I think it was a great idea so thanks for making this happen, muk.

muk: very dark map. Small space made for fun fights and some surprises with knights putting Olympic long jumpers to shame.

artistical: real sense of progression in a small space starting out working towards unlocking the armor by pressing the buttons. The rapid teleport sequence with the quad was a cool bit of innovation. I'm always surprised by what people manage to come up with, especially when involved with constraints such as this one.

jcr: good use of verticality. A challenging map especially given the volume of monsters in the allotted space, but it worked out well. I think that you actually hit a sweet spot for me in terms of monster encounters here. Tough but not overwhelming. I liked the effect of the light coming on when the silver key was rewarded - it made the
space feel more dynamic.

purp: this was a surprisingly good looking map. I like how the walls had some contours. I'm guessing you already know
this but it's possible to skip most of the map by jumping over the bars from the lift. I appreciated the instant shambler death at the start but I did not appreciate you making me shoot a lone dog at the end. I somehow missed one monster. End screen was whack.

draqu: This is the first Draqu map that I've played. It was especially good looking. The spaces were tighter than the previous maps but it worked because you provided several escape routes. I only found two of the secrets but they were very useful and placed nicely.

ww: I had a feeling that I was going to be really impressed with this one given the quality of your other maps and you did not disappoint. The only thing I'm unhappy about
is my own fault - I missed 11 monsters but I'm too chicken to go back and tackle this one right now in order to seek them out. Probably the most brutal Quake map that I've played so far but it was unforgiving in the best way possible. The first vore was a real thorn in my side but it was such a great decision to put it there. It reminded me of Doom's e4m2 with some heavy hitters in a relative confined area. 
my favourites were otp, ww, draqu and muk, other two were fun too 
Big Fun 
I enjoyed all of them. Especialy draqus. Hope to see more of them. 
Screenshots ??? 
... please.... ;) 
Thanks for the screenies. They make me want to play the maps NOW :D 
Skill 2 Demos 
Some good fun! Also interesting how unified the maps were in their design style and aesthetics compared to other jams, maybe a consequence of the jam theme?

Here are some skill 2 demos: 
That was a good watch Mclongdong. Thanks! 
Artistical: Well, speedmap indeed! This was short! I must have missed something because I finished the map with only about half the kill count (and secrets)... A bit oldschoolish but nice. 3.5/5

Draqu: Lovely design, I very much like this bent wood stuff like Sock did in his Christmas 2017 jam map. It gives a little Rune atmosphere to the map. Ends too quickly! :_( 4/5

JCR: The longest map so far, yet ends a bit unexpectedly abruptly. Good combat, a bit on the tough side but fair. 4/5

muk0r: Great atmosphere and nice variation on the Shub-Niggurath pit theme. The only downside is that it's much too short! And no secrets! 4/5

OTP: If I thought others were short, this one takes the cake. With only 12 enemies, it was over before I could realize it! Good fun though, and surprisingly the one in which I struggled the most. I wish there was more... 4/5

ww: With JCR's, the only other map that has more than bite-sized gameplay. Great architecture and visuals, interesting combat and exploration. 4/5

Skill 2 demos 
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