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The Quake Awards Winners
The Winners have been announced over at You can visit the site for a brief description of each map as well as some judge comments and screenshots. If you'd rather just know the winners they're as follows:

• Best Vanilla Map: Unholy Ossuary by MissBubbles
• Best Expanded Limits Map: The Forgotten Sepulcher by Giftmacher and Sock
• Best Map Visuals: A Warm Welcome Home by Bal
• Best Map Gameplay: The Brimstone Mine by Giftmacher
• Best Oddball Map: Shattered Soul of the Scarabrus by ORL

And last but not least...

• The People's Choice Award: The Forgotten Sepulcher by Giftmacher and Sock

Congratulations to all of our category winners, as well as our People's Choice award winner. Keep your eyes peeled on the site over the next week or so for some new mapper map highlights. Thanks to all the Judges for their hard work and time.

- Shamblernaut
Congratulations to all the winners! :)

I added the tag "quake_awards_2018_winner" for the Quaddicted entries that include winning maps. I elaborated the winning category and, if it was a jam, the winning map and author in the comments section.

Unless most people disagree, I think the database needn't be cluttered with tags/comments for the runners up, let alone honorable mentions. 
Well I must say its an honor to be chosen as a category winner for the first and hopefully many more to come, Quake awards. I knew it would be the oddball category considering almost each map in Ter Shibboleth is very odd by Quake standards, though the map that was chosen surprised me.

If a vote was cast to ask what the players favorite map would be in the pack, they would probably say shib4. When the episode was released I was almost assured of myself that shib4 would be looked down upon least favorably, that or shib1. This isn't because I half-assed the map or didn't put as much effort into it as the others, but it was in my eyes more of a filler map that would lead up to the big finale of shib5.

Seeing the reactions and how most of the community favors shib4 when I thought they wouldn't, tells me what? That maybe in the overall scheme of things I truly don't know what makes a Quake map good or not in the eyes of the players. I thought for sure Blastocyst would be the clear winner for oddball, its just such a startling revelation for me. But a pleasant one nonetheless!

And of course congratulations to all the winners and runner ups :) Don't skip playing a map just cause its a runner up! 
I added the tag "quake_awards_2018_winner" for the Quaddicted entries that include winning maps.
Good call, Esrael!

I knew it would be the oddball category considering almost each map in Ter Shibboleth is very odd
Well, you do have a tendency of making very odd maps, Orl. That's precisely what I love about your work. I still have quite fond memories of Cataractnacon/Zeangala despite them being very tough. 
Thank OTP 
I got the idea for the tagging from otp tagging maps with the tag planetquake-map-of-the-week a little while back. I might not have come up with the idea if it weren't for those tags. 
Congrats to all! I hope to see many more in the future! 
fond memories of Cataractnacon

That sight of one level on the other level is very inspiring. I love strange risky things like this level. 
Thanks to all the judges and organizers, this turned out really well. Each of the winners was deserving I think. 
Also Thanks To Shamblernaut 
For the content created for the website, discovering good maps to newcomers, performing interesting interviews, etc. 
Well Done Everyone. 
Good celebration of some great Quaking. 
Oooh, Dammit, The Interviews! 
I forgot those! Thanks mgtroyas for reminding me... 
SDF Means Homeless In French... 
"Sans Domicile Fixe"

Is this spam or something? 
Hey was the intent to have a separate thread for debrief/postmortem/feedback stuff? 
I'll pop that stuff in the discussion thread, thanks for the reminder about it :) 
WOW! I can't believe I was nominated, let alone won. You guys are awesome :D. I have a big dumb smile on my face and this totally made my day. Thanks Func and fellow Quakers for being so nice and playing my maps! I gotta come back and do some more maps sometime soon! 
Well deserved and YES make more Quake!! :) 
Your Award Was Well Deserved MissBubbles 
I think most modern mappers forget the gameplay of the original game but your maps have definitely embraced classic Quake. 
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