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Q1SP: Trench Foot
Short map for Arcane Dimensions using Koohoo textures.

Primarily done as a means to practice the texture set/theme to prepare for xmas jam 2018.

Sreenshot 1 Screenshot 2
If someone takes screenshots I'll add them to the OP. 
Oh yeah. knew I was forgetting something.

Sreenshot 1

Screenshot 2 
Simple, but well done. I played with pleasure, it was interesting.

The weapon was balanced, there was nothing redundant.

Great Map! 
I love that map. Very "Indiana Jones" and "Tomb Raider" feel. Every detail is perfect. Thanks a lot for this. 
Very cool map, clean and stylish, some tough fights and good pacing all round. Start was very brutal going in blind, the ad monsters were not fucking around.
Died multiple times on first play, here's a single run on skill 2 (half blind) 
I Liked This Map. 
A very nice Map. I had a lot of fun playing. How can i find the Koohoo textures?

And here is my Video for this Map.

Trench Foot

Skill = 1

Kills = 71 / 71

Secrets = 2 / 2 
You can create a wad by dragging the .bsp to bsp2wad 
Top quality stuff. I liked the platforming puzzle and finding the nailgun. Quad damage secret was very nice as well.

Skill2 Demo

Short and sweet, and pretty mean even in normal, I liked it.
The touch of the custom green cultist was neat, two moments that got me good where the pendulum and one of the spider drops.

Here's a demo, got to restart at the first room because I forgot to start the recording, thats why I was savvy about the location of the quad, it wasnt that easy. 
Nice Map 
A well made and balanced map. I like it. Almost died at the end, but that's ok.

my 1st play demo: 
Aw, very nice. Fun to look at, fun to play (skill 2). I very much enjoyed some of the slightly unusual monster-type choices. And in general the monster placement... several spots where the geometry made the fight 2x more entertaining and challenging.

Lots of opportunities to pop zombies, so A+ on that.

A bit of good puzzly routefinding, while still keeping the feeling of a temple/ruin rather than a mazebox. Great overall length (playtime) too.

The only thing that made me frown was the final asshole bossmonster, partly because all sorts of weird damage effects started hitting me before I could see what was there, and partly because I just haven't internalized how that dude works in AD. (It felt quite unfair that I could be set on fire while splashing around in the water!) Got him first try though, so it couldn't have been that bad. 
Stenchfoot More Like. 
Good map, I don't like Koohoo textures but this is a good usage of them. I like some of the blocky designs and the secret area muk made me find on stream. End combat was a bit awkward with flaming cock dude but overall it was pretty fun. 
Thanks for the demos everyone.

Spoilers ahead:

In the first iterations of this, the puzzle bit had no "training moment". A playtester noted having a hard time progressing the puzzle and after talking it was cause they werent aware of the shootable button across the way.

I made a poor decision that "everyone" knows red = shootable but that obviously came back to bite me.

Whats interesting though is that even after introducing the button in the very first room is that multiple people still did multiple jump attempts before finding the shootable button.

This is likely due to the ambiguity of the jump. Its right in between reachable and not. In fact, when I designed/built it I thought it was doable. But, after the first compile I found it wasnt and introduced the little stair lift. I shouldve redesigned it so the protruding pillars were more easily discerned as unreachable. This would've made it easier for the player to understand the existence of a third part to the puzzle.

As far as the final battle, I shouldve gotten rid of the Swamplings cause they, like the Wraith, do "Damage Over Time" and having two sources of it in a small space is pretty mean. 
1st Run Demo 
Liked The Theme 
and overall moody of the map 
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