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SM187 "4h Speed Mapping"
SM187 is finally over and it's got 9 maps that were made in 4 hours or less. Theme wasn't defined so authors could pick ones they were interested of.

Map Authors:

GG Gentlemen 
Favorites are Dante's and Danzadan's although there is something fun in each of the maps. I need to finish NewHouse's and Nait's but the little bit I played wetted my appetite.

Just to be very clear about my map: I hadn't mapped in a few weeks so I did mine as sort of a practice map. At that point, it was just intended as a silly little map and not part of a real pack. So mine sucks and you can skip it. Everyone else's look and play very well.

ing's is very unforgiving. Fun environment, but too easy to die over and over again. Sometime's that's not the best way to treat the player.

GG everyone! 
Cool Maps 
4 hours? Jeesh, sometimes a lay like one brush in 4 hrs...
Good work.
Don't be too hard on yourself, these were 3-4 hours maps and everyone did something interesting with that time. Despite needing maybe one extra shell pack I thought your map had interesting gameplay ideas. Like that teleporting vore at the beginning ^^ 
Nice Maps

Ign, sorry, I was killed many times. So I could not once complete the map 
Good Work 
Nice little maps. I like all of them, but Danzadan's is my favorite.
Ing's map is unfogiving, however, i appreciate the reference to 2d platformers.
dumptruck_ds' map reminds me of e4m8, which is a really cool map despite the simplistic look. Simple visuals is not a bad thing. 
>Simple visuals is
I love short and sweet maps. I was caught by surprise on this event and I think I went too minimal on my entry-- Maybe I'll have a better idea for mine in the future. Great work everyone!

Skill2 Demos

SM187 Playlist 
N1 All 
Interesting maps all around considering the timelimit, favorites were probably dante & danzadan. It's nice to see newhouse & nait improving with each release too. 
Good little set. I like the small semi-normal maps the best. Danzadan with his texture choice and secrets and Newhouse1 with the double underlift secret and cool slime trap. Useful little map sketches, GG everyone.

P.S. I couldn't get through ings even with god mode :P 
forgot i had a bunch of demos (on nightmare? i think?) for these lying around so here you go. good show everyone. special shout out to ing for inducing such a sharp, piercing migraine (fun map btw) 
Cool Maps. 
No demos, sorry. My favorites were Danzadan's and Newhouse's first. 
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