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QuakeEd 3.2 (build 38)
If it interests anyone, I've resurrected sikkpin's branch of QuakeEd3 from about ten years ago (because I actually still use it...), both to avoid actually mapping and as an exercise in taking very old code and making it worse.

Changelist, light documentation, and source are included. Compilers and wads are not, because you already have those. Windows only.

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Would Love To But... 
The preferences don't save. Textures are all pink. Cannot select palette.

Should I unpack id1 for this to work correctly?

Can exe be in it's own folder under Quake?

My maps directory is QuakeDev. Windows 10. 
So It Begins 
Unpacking id1 not required. Is qe3.cfg being written alongside qe3.exe? Are you running qe3 from a different working directory than you installed it from? Does Win10 impose some relative pathname behavior that Win7 doesn't? 
Yes qe3.cfg is being written but not with the changes I apply in the UI. Looks like the defaults. I'll try and edit them by hand.

Directory is d:\QuakeDev\QuakeEd3

QuakeDev\id1 etc is my setup. 
Forward Momentum 
I redid the cfg by hand. Seems to be working well now. 
Forward Momentum 
I redid the cfg by hand. Seems to be working well now. 
Curious that it reads but doesn't write. I have a Win10 machine arriving Tuesday, so I'll be able to check for sure if it's a 7/10 issue. 
borked in wine :( 
Problem Here 
Required OS version 6.00 
Build 39 
even though everyone is using trenchbroom and honestly that's good and fine

- fixed: qe3 not always reading/writing from its own directory
- wine problem is related to WinGL emulation of handling multiple contexts, don't have a good solution for it yet
- niger: are you ... are you still on winXP?

- added: apply confirmation when closing preferences dialog with unapplied changes, to make it clearer to users that their changes are not applied if they do not press apply
- fixed: brushes that were selected but not physically modified during a vertex manip became crashy
- fixed: V/F/E mode selection box only drawing in vertex mode
- fixed: filters overriding the selection - thought this was a good idea but it made it impossible to box-select with 'World' hidden
- fixed: paint select fragmenting selection order of non-world brushes (noticeable after a clone)
- fixed: crash on exit caused by some? compiler malwizardry in the allocator, in turn caused (I believe) by my upgrading to vs2017 (crash was most common after quitting with large deletes in the undo queue)
- fixed: 'connect entities' not undoable
- fixed: clip points in 3D weren't traced only against selection anymore
- added: preview dot for clip point placement in 3D
- changed 'texture directory' to 'texture wad directory' in project dialog for clarity 
Keep 'em coming. I actually enjoy firing up older editors. This one was on my wish list. I will eventually do a full map with this.

Tho I started Quake editing with DOS Quest... feel free to get that working for Windows 10 when you have a minute :P 
shamblernaut occasionally streams his fruitless efforts to make anything with Stoneless. you two should compare notes/have babies 
oh my!
maybe on someday i will do port (back again) on macOS 
Just Installed Build 39 
I found the same problem as dumptruck, config file not written. (in windows 10.)

Fixed it by moving the install folder out of C:\Program Files (x86) into a folder that does not have special OS restrictions. 
You Buried The Lede 
meltslime is mapping again!?! 
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