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Sm188 "progs_dump" Pack!
Over the last few days a few of us made maps for the progs_dump tools. 8 maps altogether!


Alarming Lack Of Discussion / Promotion.... 
....on terrafusion speedmapping discord channel??

I might have joined in otherwise. Hmmmm. Well done 8 mappers anyway. 
Congratulations everyone, especially Nostalgick for releasing his first Quake map! 
Nice job! Haven't played yet, but screenshots look cool and atmospheric.
It's good, that people releasing first maps in speedmap challenges, it's actually good place for this. Some attention, but not too much attention as in single release.
I' ll probably try to participate mysekf next time, gotta learn basics first. 
Congrats, All! 
It was great to be a part of this 
That pillar texture is getting quite a bit of mileage in this one ;)

I never cease to be amazed by the variety of environments Quake is capable of while yet still being nice and oldschool. 
Congrats To All! 
Nice job everyone. 
Swampy, Cavey, Pillarey 
SM188 Playlist

I'm still working on Yoder's map which will be uploaded to this playlist once finished. I think that the texture choice for the pack helped unify all the entries to a greater degree than prior speedmap events (That I've participated in, anyway). Great work everyone! 
Here's my skill 2 demos.

Breezeep: Very cool little map, reminded me of the very first retro jams with the small squarish layout and classic id textures.

Dumptruck: Clever map with nice watery bits. The puzzle was a bit too "you need perfect timing" for my old bones though.

Ing: Sorry, the difficulty was a bit over the top for me so I didn't finish (despite several attempts), though I liked the unapologetic design of it.

Ionous: I guess true love never dies. Good vibes with the colors until I looked up. Would have been just the perfect length for youknowwhat ;-)

Jazz: Surprising amounts of detail considering the size. Got flummoxed and died to a Fiend early. Good overall, nice work on the textures too.

JCR: Splendid use of gravity triggers, combined with the layout and the unusual texture use it reminded me of hipnotic a fair bit.

Nostalgick: Welcome to Quake. This map has all the markings of the author learning mapping on the go (in a good way). Decent overall.

Yoder: Sorry didn't finish either, didn't figure out the puzzle, especially since I couldn't resist that one secret. Good lost temple vibes. More! 
Really Nice Pack 
Made some demos. Might do 2nd runs in the ones I died as I enjoyed pretty much all of these. So yeah demos soon, thanks for making this! 
One Badly Named 7zip For You 
I think you're all in there.
If not let me know here and I'll record a demo

Didn't end up replaying so some demos are quite short sorry! 
I Am Reviewing This Thread... 
and realized Danzadan was only mentioned in the readme! His start map is a beautiful addition to this and I am sorry he was not mentioned here before. 
ah no biggie about that Dumptruck.
Though I wish I finished it in time for it to be a fully playable map (I blame my procrastination). At least I'm glad it didn't end up among my other map scraps. 
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