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ADSP: Dm2rmx_sham: "Acidophilus"
Another map. This time for Arcane Dimensions, and in honour of dumptruck_ds:

[19:23] dumptruck_ds: even with 46 id1 speed maps AD is getting clobbered.
[21:10] dumptruck_ds: dm2 is best looking stock dm IMO

So there!

(Skybox included, goes in id1\gfx\env)


Requires AD 1.7.0 or 1.7.1

Updated version with exit bug hopefully fixed.
Looks Rusty 
With a delicate slime jus. 
Nice Map.

One of those is bigger than the other because particles, lol. 
Cool Stuff! 
Skill 2 FDA

I accidentally typed "skill 3 at the start, so don't get confused. 
Damn! Another Map Already? 
And a fine one at that. Had lots of fun here, and was frequently low on health. Died twice, once from some sneaky spawn in a secret, and once when I got cocky after I found the quad.

Not in love with poison enemies because the staus effect is annoying, but they fit the theme and I only got poisoned a few times.

Here's a demo. I died near the end and don't know how to continue recording, so the last 10 seconds of me quadding everything into oblivion is cut off. First try doesn't end well, which you can see. 
I love the encounters you set up for this one. I also liked those curvy brushes you used for walkways. Looks way better in game when compared to your screenshots tbh. Great stuff!

Updated Version With Exit Bug Hopefully Fixed. 
For reference: "a bug slipped through testing. When the exit structure is revealed, if you try to impale yourself on spinning spikes, you can trigger the exit prematurely. So don't do that. Sorry about this, it didn't crop up before."

Also the exit barrier was damageable and could be shot open prematurely too. Sigh. 
Can't check demos the now, but...

Otp and Breezeep, thanks.

Than, thanks. At some point people might get used to be putting Spawn in scecrets - but not yet ;). I agree about poison enemy and don't like them myself, but they fitted the map and made it more AD-y. I did, after a tester's suggestion, make sure almost every Fumigator, and most Spitting Swamplings, had a health pack nearby to cancel the poison.

Jcr - thanks, yes it was hard to get good shots of this, but people seem to like the look which is nice as it was a bugger to wrestle into shape. Glad you liked the encounters, I think the base map lent itself to a decent mixture of sneaky little ambushes and a few bigger ones.

Ionous - replying here cos reasons - thanks to you too and thanks for the crazily prompt stream. Glad you liked the designs (for the reason above) and the use of Id textures, I've always thought they had more mileage in them so I'm pleased it's working. If it got a bit tough at the end, well 66% of the testers asked for it to be beefed up :).

Once again sorry for the exit borkage, it's frustrating for me as everything seemed to be working well. I'll learn to triple check any advanced use of AD gubbins! 
It was indeed copper

Got confused about the very final switches there. 
Isn't that skybox already in AD? Or is it modified? 
It Might Be... 
...but it's also on a skybox download site someone linked me and a I think I got it from there, so put it in the download in case. 
Some Of The Switches. 
And indeed monster closets and secrets might be derived from the original DM2. 
Not My Favourite Of Your Maps But Still A Strong One! 
Can't Believe You Fucker Boxed It 
And no mention of GPL (also could have included the map source in the zip for easier compliance).

Copper style looks nice. 
I coulda deboxed, if I had a strong enough microscope to find the shit that I give.

I forgot about GPL. When I asked specifically about using ID maps as a basis, no-one mentioned that.

Thanks though, the copper style was tricky. The main walls are an edited texture that took me a dozen attempts to get right. 
Walkthrough With Secrets And Moan About Textures And Details Here: 
Fun map chambler. Combat was good and I liked some of the cinematic moments, like the final floor opening up. I think that you were a little too generous with the health because I was playing like a total dummy but I felt pretty secure most of the time. That being said, I'm glad that some shortcuts opened to earlier areas in order to stock up on more health and I admittedly did die once to the final boss.

3/8 secrets, 122/136 kills. Saw some weird textures but I liked the copper theme. Good use of space as well, lot of action without feeling too cluttered although some of the ambushes were rough. Overall a very solid map. 
Thanks Man. 
Glad you liked it ;) Yeah health might have been generous, I do tend to err on the side of caution with that. 
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