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Q1SP Of Digs09: The Zombie's House
I made this map at the request of my son. It contains my and his ideas. And therefore, perhaps, you will see some awkward things.

The map requires a mod quoth2.2

and an engine with support bsp2 and transparent textures.
For example, quakespasm:

Map here:

Screenshot here:
Halloween Theme Of Digs! 
quite enjoyable, liked the finale 
Screenshot looks cool interested to see what you and your son cooked up!! Will post demo soon 
Cool Map Dude.. 
Quite enjoyable. Didn't see anything that I'd consider awkward.
I'm guessing the black and white photo in one of the houses is your kid? Very cool =) 
Thanks! Yes, It's my kid :) 
What a cool map! Very comfy vibes, especially with the warm lava glow contrasting with the cold grey sky. A perfect map to play when the weather is shitty.

I played on Hard and it was just hard enough for me. Would have liked more ammo though, especially nails (I was a bit careless with shells).

The layout was nice but some more guidance where to go at the start would have been nice. I liked how the cellars were interconnected. The barrier between the start and the rest of the cellars never opened for me, for some reason.

I would have also liked more secrets than just 4! You could have had probably 8 or 10 in a map of this size.

I thought it was oddly normal for a digs map, until the end :)

Here's a demo: 
Very Nice 
Well-made, enjoyable map with a good theme. Village theme seems very neglected these days (or in general). The openess suggests exploration, it feels good despite there being no side areas/routes. Combat is fun, the focus on nail enemies adds a unique touch. The end area could have been prettier. I died in the fight after being cornered by vorelings, but it was mostly my fault. Missed the plasmagun in the mill, because I went downstairs first; it would've made the arena easier, but still succeeded without.

In a way the map is indeed a nice prelude to Halloween style gaming (haunted house etc.) and with the pictures it could just be the start map of or inspiration for some Redfield episode!
Cheers to mapping family of digs.

<a href=">Demo</a> 
Fantastic Details, Fun Gameplay 
good job son! 
Really cool map, congrats to you and your son!
I streamed it just now, video is here if you care to watch another playthrough on skill 2 (starts at around 3 minutes). 
Thank you all for the demo and feedback.

I thought at some point to make more secrets, but then I apparently became interested in detailing, so I just stopped thinking about it.

I also had the idea to smoothly remove the fog for the last hall, but I completely forgot about it and only remembered when I looked at the comments on the video of Bal 
Pretty Cool 
Really like the open village feel and how much exploration is possible early on. The sewers were stylish and some of the details (crane, mill) were really nice. Some areas felt a bit underused for exploration though, like under the bridge supports, the little crate rooms, etc. The building exteriors could have done with a bit more detail in places too. The bit descending to the final arena was lush though.

Gameplay was mostly fun despite Quoth enemy, well balanced until the last arena which was a bit tedious and felt out of place with the rest of the map. 
Thank you! 
I loved this map! It's really amazing! The immersion, the atmosphere, the gameplay. It's all perfect!

My only criticism it's about some not-secret places that you can easily miss if you "follow the rules" when you are playing. I went like this: get the key, go open the door... and when i reached what looked like a "final arena" i thought "wait a minute... i still didn't search the graveyard, the upper level of the mill and under the bridge!" so, i went back and explored these places... i know these places are there to help with the immersion and to reward the player for exploring, but they are really cool places (the graveyard is awesome) and they don't have any importance in the "story" of the map :( i'm talking about simple things like: it would be cool if the "final arena" was closed, and to open it you have to get some rune inside the graveyard, and to open the graveyard you have to go first to the upper level of the mill to get the key or push a lever, something like this :)

But i thing i'm the only one who think like this, since nobody talked about it here :P

I recorded a blind playthrough of the map:

Congratulations for the release. It's really an amazing job =D 
Love the scale and the sense of exploration. I felt that some of the sewer/tunnel areas were a bit samey. I got gug'd at the end, but that was more about me being caught off guard than anything. Great stuff!

On Youtube

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