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The Quakecast
A new podcast celebrating video games, Quake and the games it inspired. Your hosts are ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds. The first episode is just a chat between hosts but upcoming guests include Ionous and Joshua Skelton. More to come!

Hosted on Podbean and available on iTunes.
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We'll Reach Out 
Spoke with Than a while ago. Will check in. 
Seconded. DM6RMX is one of my favorite recent maps. Would love to hear about it and the rest of THAN's remix series! 
In No Particular Order 
-czg (I know this can't happen)
Great list. FYI 4 of those folks have turned us down sadly. No names.

But I've got many of those on my to-do list. 
Do Tronyn! 
I'll make them an offer that they can't refuse. 
Oooh Guess The Remaining 3 Names. 
Given that 1 is sock.

Actually trickier than it sounds as obvious candidates are negke lun czg kinn. BUT I reckon others could have declined due to language barriers... 
is a common language..., 
New Episode! 
Thanks for the work on this podcast guys, only heard a few episodes (not really into podcasts) but it's cool to heard people's voices.

Madfox, ORL, Tronyn, digs, and necros I'd really like to hear from. 
Agreed with Lane, I've never been into podcasts but this is good stuff. I really enjoy hearing from some highly influential and talented mappers and modders. 
Thanks For The Feedback 
Sometimes we wonder how we are doing. Glad you are enjoying it! 
You're doing well! 
I have listened to few of your podcasts. You are doing a good job. I enjoyed the experience. Interesting facts about your guests. Good atmosphere.
I'm waitnig for an speedrunner to be the guest on your show. 
Throw out some names - we'll get one on! 
jukebox, brainfluid, Elgu, praskOo 
Mandel comes to mind aswell, he is even active here at times. 
Episode 29!!! 
Eps 30 And 31 
Listened to both of them. Very entertaining and informative. Thanks! 
the lunaran one was very cool, his insights are truly golden.
But the Giftmacher one, damn, you mention me so much, i need to get in touch with you guys again to clear some things up, we'll do a cast together soon.
Sorry for putting this off for so long.
Good to hear a Dumbtruck doesn't need to drive to work.
IN LA!!!!! 
:) shoot me an email at gmail 
Episode 32 
Episode 33 
Oh no! It's Qmaster 
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