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The Quakecast
A new podcast celebrating video games, Quake and the games it inspired. Your hosts are ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds. The first episode is just a chat between hosts but upcoming guests include Ionous and Joshua Skelton. More to come!

Hosted on Podbean and available on iTunes.
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Episode 29!!! 
Eps 30 And 31 
Listened to both of them. Very entertaining and informative. Thanks! 
the lunaran one was very cool, his insights are truly golden.
But the Giftmacher one, damn, you mention me so much, i need to get in touch with you guys again to clear some things up, we'll do a cast together soon.
Sorry for putting this off for so long.
Good to hear a Dumbtruck doesn't need to drive to work.
IN LA!!!!! 
:) shoot me an email at gmail 
Episode 32 
Episode 33 
Oh no! It's Qmaster 
Episode 34 
Episode 35 
Episodes 36 / 37 
Episode 38 
Episode 39 
Episode 40 
Latest Episodes 
Dang! Forgot To Post These!! 
Episode 46

This ep showcases a new test server where mappers can upload and test mp maps easily.

You'll need a login available at: Ask for m3ssia! 
Episode 47 Ivar Hill's Core Decay

Dumptruck welcomes Ivar Hill to discuss his in-development, indie shooter "Core Decay". Inspired by games like Descent, Deus Ex and the System Shock series, "Core Decay" promises puzzle solving, satisfying combat and deep storytelling. The project recently has added team members as development ramps up for its beta release later this year. Get all the details of this striking new IP in episode 47 of the Quakecast.

Ivar's website:
Core Decay website:
Core Decay Discord: 
Epsiode 48 Greenwood's Scoops And More

Greenwood is back with more of his Vanilla Scoops! Great maps you may have missed from across the Quake Mapping universe. Also a quick preview of some new projects... both real and rumored! Including Castle Zanthu, Quoth rumors and Jokejam.

Tony "Frogger" Boyer
Staging Point

Benson "El-Magoo" Russell
The Keldjoran Outpost

Peter "Hrimfaxi" Sørensen
Sewage devastation

Greenwood's Castle Zanthu

Jokejam announcement

Quake Mapping Discord 
Episode 49 - Michael Markie - Composer

Yeshche odin otlichnyy podkast! Michael Markie is a composer of game music, a sound designer. a competitive player and a Quake mapper. In this episode, Michael walks us through his journey from dealing with flaky musicians to composing for a multitude of projects including the Quake Champions Pro League. And if that wasn't enough, he's the composer of our new theme song. GG Markie! 
Episode 50 ArrrCee Vs. Doom Eternal

To celebrate episode 50, JCR and dumptruck_ds welcome ArrrCee back to the show to catch him up on recent Quake releases and share a deep dive into Doom Eternal. Also, Greenwood has another Vanilla Scoop from one of the Quake scene's most respected mappers.

ArrrCee on YouTube

JCR on YouTube

dumptruck_ds on YouTube

Scampie's Dead Memories

Map Jam 6

Scampie's Latest Copper Map

Thanks to Michael Markie for our great theme music! 
Episode 50 
What is this thing? 
Quake is popular now!? 
It Is! 
Episode 51 Zigi

Show notes:

This episodes welcomes zigi, Quake mapper, YouTuber, game tattoo aficionado and the owner of two Swedish Vallhunds. zigi's involvement in the Quake community came into focus after some traumatic loses in his personal life. Hear how he's turn loss into creative momentum and much more, including some lawlessness in his early gaming years! Here are some links where you can find zigi:

Youtube -
Twitch -
Twitter -
Discord -
zigi's maps on Quaddicted -

Greenwood on YouTube:
dumptruck_ds on YouTube:
Theme song courtesy of Markie Music 
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