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Halloween / Horror Jam 2018
Halloween/Horror Jam 2018 is finally out*

We celebrated late Halloween by making Halloween or horror related maps.

Thank you all who participated, we received 6 maps in total by authors:

Ad dev kit packaged pack, no need for dropping files over ad folder now. Installation, just read the hwjam_readme.

Download Zip


Happy Late Halloween for everyone~
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I like Xlarve´s. oldschool, brutal 
yes! Im starting it right now 
Great Job! Very atmospheric start map! 
Small Update For Zip File 
There was some bigger issues with one map not having enough ammo and it needed an update. Also start map now should not have flipped "rip" texts on gravestones anymore.

Rest will be as it is for now. Things might be a bit rough around the edges and such but I hope package will give everyone some nice moments* 
It's Still October Somewhere 
A damn good map pack, some definitely put the 'skill' in 'skill 2.' The usual demos.

Start map (Newhouse): That piano is the neatest thing.

Nyo: Slightly confusing or maybe I just those the wrong door to start. It's not svery often a map makes you wish you had the starting shotgun, but this one did.

Pinchy: Loving the visual style, the gibtastic brush combine harvester was excellent along with that satisfying whoosh-whoosh-whoosh. Mostly just happy I didn't back into it myself.

Qmaster: The to-do list is cheesy fun, but a bit buggy- I was able to do some tasks before getting the required items. Thought one of the secrets was a bit late but it might be I broke something.

xLarve: Texture choices are kind of mish-mashy but it works well enough. Using the main menu music in a map always weirds me out, though. Found alternate jumps to a few secrets.

Ing: A properly Halloweeny mansion. Better than the newest Luigi's Mansion, at any rate. Got hit by a trap that I'm sure would have instagibbed me without secret armor. Lods of fun, and I actually found most of the secrets!

JCR: Dark, but not annoyingly so. Additional ambient sounds are neat but loop a bit too quickly. Expected the finale to be more intense than it was, but the circular graveyard romp prior to it was enjoyable. 
start 4
hwjam_pinchy 3
hwjam_qmaster 4
hwjam_xlarve 4
hwjam_nyo 5
hwjam_jcr 5
hwjam_ing 3

I don't know what sounds "02" is menu music. I use to play in ancient time for many quakes 1 and all don't consist music. I know only for 3rd secret 2 jumps... For 1st secret no matter how you will reach this platform (1 jump). tnx for review. 
Video Run. Beware Spoilers! 
My test run showing the balance of items and monsters. no secrets found cause don't have advantage.
Run 100% monsters, no secrets. 
run this map 
P.S. Hwjam_xlarve 
Now this is a jam I've been waiting for. And it was well worth the wait, cause these maps are spooktacular! I especially enjoyed the start map, that player piano was such a novel idea.

First run demos, hard skill:

Great job to everyone! Definitely worth a revisit to find all the secrets. 
Here are some demos below. I liked your map but could not finish it. Maybe missed something but couldn't progress past the second Wizard.

Is this your first Quake map?

Some good traps and encounters and old school vibe to it. 
Mixed Bag But Some Goodies. 
Played and streamed this last night (incidentally "feet" doesn't work to turn footsteps off, need to use Impulse 120 instead).

Qmaster - very cool style and atmosphere. Definitely hit the mark. It felt a bit like a "sketch", but a sketch that was spot on for the theme. The outer edges of the map could have been done better, and as could having the hammer and planks disappear then the ladder actually become whole.

nyoeieoyn - I couldn't play this. I tried one way and died to something I forget, and tried another way and ended up fighting a floating warlock and then a nour in one small room with no health left.

xLarve - good build quality and designs with mostly good fun gameplay, but it is just another xlarve map with no attempt at all to fit the jam. The jam theme was a good one and should have been used. The ending was very easy but the rest was good.

JCR - very nice style to this, hit the theme spot on. The lighting was a bit too dark and gloomy and the outside light should have matched the sky (more lavender than turquoise). Aside from that you nailed it. Gameplay was good fun and quite interesting with lots of axe usage that was well balanced. Ending could have done with more supplies tho.

Pinchy - Pretty neat, it sort of half-fitted the theme in a redneck horror film sort of way. Good exploratory layout and progression. Gameplay was partly fun and partly a bit weird, especially with the AD ammo-resistant monsters. I might replay this one and try to kill all the monsters.

Ing-ing- I couldn't play this either, I forget what happened but it didn't seem very balanced and the strobing corridor did my tits in.

Newhouse - worth a mention for the start map as it was pretty cool especially the main area. I wish you'd made this as a proper little SP map. Also there's an issue that when you play a map and it links back to the start map, you have to progress through to the main area again (I had to do a save in there). 
Issue only happens if you load main maps ditectly via console and don't play through start map, because it has a rune that is put in current game memory.. I could have asked everyone to change their changelevel triggers to add flag "start from start2" but it would have taken longer afterwards.

I am not sure does ad handle runes differently than vanilla quake, though in vanilla rune was given in final map always.. 
I played the start map, played, errr, Pinchy's directly from the start map, finished that and reappeared in the start map in the coffin again. Unless I was hallucinating.... 
I was hallucinating. I was in a grave but not in a coffin. Fair enough. My mistake. 
For the next hwjam will remember announce "start from start2" instructions for changelevel triggers ^^;

This ad dev kit packaging was a bit new and even this wasn't shrimmed down the lowest possible size.. for the next time then. 
Thanks everyone for the demos and comments. I think having dynamic skull icons above each portal to indicate how many sorcerers are still alive beyond each portal would alleviate the confusion about where to go (especially since there are 3 behind one portal). Most players are having issues with this.

Thanks for playing! 
Since I helped test these I already knew the layouts. In any case here's are some video playthroughs for everyone. I enjoyed this jam a lot! Also the scragmother is a pretty awesome monster.

HWJam Playlist 
Excellent Stuff 
I meant to comment earlier but kind of forgot, despite being the first one to play (on stream) the pack...

The maps are all good, and some of them do a very cool halloween/haunted house theme. Night setting makes sense, though I found those maps to be just a bit too much on the dark side.
Some good use of AD tech.

ing: Good first? map with some proper weirdness/dimensional twists. All pretty cramped though, and at times oddly colorful lighting (however, one could argue it makes sense in that setting). I ran into a glitch where reloading a savegame caused the modelindex to be messed up so which had me fight invisible monsters. I didn't like that I had to hit the doors too open.

JCR: Nice graveyard setting; mandatory in such a map pack. Fairly dark, and I could imagine the bogeymen (if you pardon the pun) may have gotten to some unexpecting players. The end fight was a bit messy, but I managed to cheese the scrag queen when I was low on health.

Nyo: Another nice first? map, with a bit of exploration required. The corridors do look a bit samey, so I would have prefered if there at least had been a way to tell which areas/teleporters were completed. Bit overwhelming with so many monsters, but it seems the scrag mother had their health reduced?

Pinchy: Not really haunted house, but still felt well halloweenish with the rural-type of setting, a pumpkin farm. Nicely pulled off and I liked the openess of the map. I did have a serious problem with ammo towards the end, though. The pent secret teleporter is bad, because one seems to always fall down.

Qmaster: Great halloween setpiece, unfortunately a bit too dark again. For some reason it reminded me of some BL2 map. Unique puzzle approach. I derped a little there, unfortunately (shut up, otp!). Probably because there are two seperate task lists. Left the map with all zombies alive, and did I actually kill the minotaur or did it get away (can't remember)?!

xlarve: Not halloween theme at all, but I'm not complaining. It's a bonus map, typical xlarve style. Was fun, gg.

Newhouse: Cool start map, proper setting and introduction to the theme. I liked the pictures and the piano. Shame about the initial PIR. Had to replay from scratch a couple of times after hiccups in some maps, but never mind. Apparently AD changed the impulse 11 cheat.

Demos (possibly not playing too well) 
Yes, i made q1 classical map. But i tried to make map more scary... thinking my 1st map still is scariest. 
I really need to be paying attention to this. Next map jam I hope to offer some music! 
Made a small montage on this jam. Hope you'll like it. 
Very Cool @Ch0wW ^^ 
That's a great video. I know how much work goes into this - excellent work. 
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