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Doom 3 Phobos Mod Ep1 Released.
Doom 3 Phobos Mod Episode 1 released:

"Our type of “old school” is a very different breed than the type encountered in today’s “old school”. Yes, there are similarities; We too have upped the action, speed and gore, but not to the extreme lengths seen in the new Doom game. Our levels are built for exploration, progression and environmental puzzles. These are our main qualities. Phobos is closer to games like Half-Life or Dark Forces/Jedi Knight in spirit. Just like Classic Doom, these games are types of First Person Shooters that have all but vanished. We truly are a different kind of oldschool."
Next Time Yhe1 
Please put the tiniest bit of effort into creating an informative news post. 

I'm currently playing a bit this mod, and I'm mixed, slightly towards the negative.

The environments are nice-looking, there's no doubt about that. And for the idTech4, I find it to be quite good, to be honest.

But the game is clearly unbalanced as hell, "oldschool" or not. Far too many enemies spawning at the same time or in scripted waves, chasing you with perfect accuracy... It kills the fun.

Besides, the pistol does no damage and is imprecise as hell, while the SG is far too overpowered -both to you and the enemies-, the machinegun is a pinpoint killer, and the late chaingun is just a truly bad joke. Also the ammo at some point is clearly lacking against a huge horde of monsters. That's why I died so many times at the beginning on chapter 2.

The beginning of the game is also extremely slow and anti-climatic, while also suffering from the "hi I'm amnesia" syndrome, which is so cliché... I wanted action, not to have a slow relationship with a psychotic girl wanting to show us her weird magic world made of legos.

Also, the main character's voice is so depressed and boringly comments things that are unnecessary. I feel sorry, but whoever did the voices... Stop it, or be truly better. (also, the jumping noise sounds far too Duke Nukem Foreverish, which isn't totally a compliment :P )

Also, I managed to spot a few mapping/collision errors, I had the flashlight in hand while having no more ammo in my pistol (early game). AND the Wolfenstein Secret (although Hitler's face... NO guys. Really.)

Overall, I know you guys wanted to make a mod that could be really worthy of Doom 3 and I know you did it with a passion, But... All of this time for this is... Slightly a deception to me. No offense but I expected far more than 3 quick maps. 
what difficulty are you playing on? 
Wow, After So Many Years 
I'd say it's about bloody time.

I suppose even Black Mesa did not take this long.

Unbalanced or not, I will surely find time to give this a swirl. 
Ep2 of the Phobos mod released, check it out! 
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