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SM189 - Doom / Satanic Mechanism Q1SPs
func_msgboard celebrates Doom's 25th birthday with a pack of 9 zesty Doom textured speedmaps!

Features maps by:

Download the pack HERE.
First Post!! 
Man does it feel good to finally release a map after like 6 months.

I find the pack interesting in how every mapper decided to celebrate a different aspect of Doom (or the major differences between Doom and Quake) in their map. Semi-inspired by quck, I decided to do a tribute to both the dreaded Icon of Sin map and the slaughtermap concept, so popular in custom Doom mapping nowadays.

And, of course, the setting allowed to combine Doom and Twin Peaks in a quirky way. ;-)

Congrats to everybody who made a map! 
30 Maps Released In A Single Day.. 
and I still haven't touched the Halloween pack yet!

Looking forward to blasting through these and the Christmas pack soon. Demos will follow, thank you all. 
Glad To Hear That! 
Had a great time mapping and playing. Great job, everyone! 
Nice Maps! 
Really enjoyed this pack
some real speedmaps in this one.
Fuck ww's map has a great sense of place and strong gameplay
Shamblers was really good too, turned into quite the reliable mapper, always a little twist
nyo map also notable
Others good speedmap slogs! Thanks for coming out! 
Skill 2 blind demos with skill 3 sm189_otp hundredth attempt.
Didn't finish all the maps but included the demos anyway. 
Nice Pack 
Interesting how many authors tried to mimick Doom's layout/architecture instead of just using the textures in a Quake map.

Ing: While I see the humour in making a conversion for such an event, I found this to be a bit lame - because I did this myself just a few days earlier.

Ish: A semi-modern looking level due to the darker setting and partly Freedoom? textures. Some good fights. I blew myself up with the barrels (like I did in Ing's map). Careful: the chain reaction of Quake barrels is instant and more deadly than in Doom.

Nyo: Interesting progression and some puzzly bits. I liked it, though it was pretty fucking purple!

Pinchy: Very cute. Funny tribute to those early abstract attempts at recreating realistic environments in Doom. It looks good in a comicy way. Since the surrounding buildings are all empty, I expect a sepulchered redux version!

oTP: Aw, a love letter to skacky! It looks good, but the gameplay is too unforgiving and trial/error/luck to be enjoyable. Even if one survives the lower part, the upper area will destroy them. I'd prefer some Quad horde carnage over one-mistake=dead.

Rhoq: Very doomish in layout and style, especially with the 'clashing' themes and the fullbright bits inbetween. Quite enjoyable. Died at the end as you witnessed, but the rest was fine.

Shambler: Bunch of prefab platforms boxed as a spacemap?? Well, it sorta works; and I'm glad there's no insta-kill trigger down there. Weird skybox - which, however, is unnecessary. B)

ww: Very cool-looking level, at least from below. I always like green-red combos in Doom. Great setting and could work for a full map. Ammo is scarce, though. 
TBA: Visually nice, very atmospheric. Gameplay is bullshit, though. Even when finding the secret. Also shame how such a small level breaks limits - it's because it's all a giant box (and unvised). 
Time To Run Through This

Starts in fifteen minutes. 
Ing And Ish 
No demos guys sorry. I was on my laptop at work so would not have been a fun playthru for you to watch.

ing -- I actually liked this a lot but there were a lot of construction issues that led monsters and the player to get stuck on the geo. This is always really frustrating for the player. Ammo was pretty scarce on Skill 1. But I still enjoyed playing it.

ish -- Too dark IMO and that almost ruined it for me... BUT I loved the hacks and layout of the level. Clever encounters and had me wanting to go back an play again to find the secrets. GG!

More playthrus to come. But this is shaping up to be a great pack already! 
Thanks for the critique. Since it's a speedmap it's obviously going to be quite limited in scope, including using a few sections of copy'n'pasted architecture (which I have seen other established mappers do), and given the time constraints I wouldn't do anything different. I came up with the specific idea and liked doing it, the skybox was essential to that so again I wouldn't change it. 
Cool Stuff 
FDAs recorded on skill 2.
I would like to particularly note otp for short but fun combat heavy spin on one of the iconic fights, ing for E2M7 conversion and pinchy for theme pick. 
TBA: Visually nice, very atmospheric. Gameplay is bullshit, though. Even when finding the secret. Also shame how such a small level breaks limits - it's because it's all a giant box (and unvised).

You understand this is a first release? 
First Releases Are Allowed Ammo Though ;) 
Made It Thru These! 
@Sham, now I see what you mean by no ammo. I thought it may have been sparse but hadn't played it.

TBA REALLY? No ammo? Or ammo in a secret? Don't make that a habit please. Weird choice in an otherwise fine little map. Some lovely brushwork.

As for the others:

nyo - is there an exit? Never was able to finish the level. Some cool areas an lighting was interesting. I can see some creative maps coming from you... please keep it up.

otp God mode on this one. Nice looking with your usual attention to detail. A fitting tribute to DooM. But game play was too frustrating for this old man. I played Doom 2's finale when it came out. Probably IDDQD'd that one as well. ;)

Pinchy I liked this one (even the jumping puzzles) but I dunno, I guess I am having a bad day, had to god mode this as well. Too many arena fights in one night I guess.

Rhoq Felt like to to me!!!! 90% of this map was pure joy. I liked the backtracking and the lava secret. (only found the one) Only had to god mode at the end - that was a bit over the top - but I guess I am just a horrible player. On a couple of attempts one of the monsters was inaccessible and I had to quick load to get the trigger_count to finish up. May have been a fluke due to all those monsters in a small area.

Shambler I liked it. Solid execution and the bite sized type of map I really enjoy. A bit easy but was a welcome change from the insanity fo the rest of the pack.

ww Best map in the pack for me. I want to play it again. Sense of scale was cool and I found myself really absorbed in the experience as opposed to having my mapper's hat on the whole time. GG on this map.

No demos... I really am a horrible player. 
Cheers. I find SM packs and some Jams often seem a bit brutal on the gameplay. So I try to make mine more palatable for the horrible players ;) Also without testing I prefer to errr on the too easy side rather than too hard. 
Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the map. The end is a bit brutal, but I've also seen a couple players swim through it on hard without getting touched more than 1-2 times during that segment, so not sure what to make of the balance. I had hoped the difficulty settings were tuned decently (relative to the amount of health and ammo supplied for the end), but if nothing else... I learned more about layout and how to manage a Monster Warehouse :)

Glad you had fun and found one of the secrets. Most players (who shared their results) only found 2 on average so far. 
Excellent work guys, I had a really hard time with TBA143's map, otherwise this was a solid pack.

SM189 Playlist with Commentary 
I have no clue how tba143's troll map made it into the final release, its pulling down the whole map pack, which is decent otherwise 
They're speedmaps, you hoity toity, barrier-of-entry inducing dickwad. 
Fully On Board With Otp Here If Not Elsewhere! 
Wow What A Convenient Appearance 
It's like God has left a sign! Jking but coming on and seeing this back does compel me to post this here for now as there's no playable work yet:

Not onto something that's more on topic, I enjoyed playing this SM. Sure it wasn't perfect, but that shouldn't be expected for this. The point was to honor DOOM's 25th birthday with some quick maps. I really enjoyed most of them, especially TBA143's speedrun. What a challenge!

Other kudos goes to Shambler (jumping maps are so much fun), onetruepurple (though I almost got rekt by the Shamblers due to low health) and ish (sure it's dark in places, but I felt it fit the atmosphere) for their fantastic maps. The only map I felt could've used more work was Ing-Ing's. dumptruck's explanation was solid, but it also felt... off?

It's really hard for me to explain. Maybe your Spawning Vats was too bright? Could have been a little more packed with enemies? Sure it was a speedmap, but I feel like it could've been done better. It's a decent though, and I did like it all in all. Thanks everyone! 
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